70 newly funded startups and their domain names: GlobalTix.com, ArtFinder.com, Tiz.com

2017 is going to be a lot busier for me than this year has been and I most likely won’t be able to continue publishing this series unless I find somebody to help me with compiling all newly funded startup data and putting the list together once a week. I can try to find someone from Fiverr or Freelancer.com but I prefer to work with someone who understands domains and ideally is passionate about startups too. If that person sounds like you and you can commit ~3 hours/week please contact me. Obviously, this is a paid gig.

Okay, let’s get on with the list: a whopping $429,608,410 in funding was raised by 70 startup companies last week. More than 67% of them launched with a .com domain name followed by the ccTLDs who claimed 14% of the list this week. Last week we had five but this week there’s not a single company that uses one of the many new domain extension.

Some domains I like this week are those of Singapore-based e-ticketing platform GlobalTix which uses the matching GlobalTix.com domain name, London-based E-commerce startup Artfinder which is an online marketplace at Artfinder.com for people to discover and buy paintings from international artists and galleries and last but certainly not least there’s Tiz, a startup from Chicago that makes it easier for restaurants and bars to order alcohol and operates from the 3-letter .com Tiz.com domain name.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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The Brandable Insider: Failing at Domain Auctions

Success often starts with failure and I have failed many times this year. Some of my failures have been in auctions. There are many times I’ve bid and lost. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. It demonstrates my ability to limit my bidding and not go past my limit. Or as Mike Mann says: “If you beat me in the domain auction, congrats, you paid too much.” Well I’m not as cocky as Mike Mann but I do think disciplined limits when bidding is a good thing. Whether the person that outbid you “paid too much” or not is debatable. That depends on, if and when, and for how much they sell it.

On the other hand we’ve all had the experience of getting into a bidding war and letting our emotions run away with us. In those situations we go past our price limit and end up paying more than we thought the domain was worth. I’ve also had the experience where, in hindsight, I was too cheap and failed to step up and pay the price the domain was worth.

In looking back at recent auctions I see all of these scenarios at work.

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87 newly funded startups and their domain names: Boom.tv, Privacy.com, TheMemo.com

Merry Christmas everyone! Despite the holiday season a cool $392,558,280 in funding was raised by 87 startup companies last week. More than 67% of them launched with a .com domain name followed by the ccTLDs with a 17% piece of the pie. We have five startups that went with a new domain extension. Taiwan-based live broadcasting platform Meme uses Meme.chat, healthcare startup Reachout uses Reachout.life, open-source data intelligence platform Siren Solutions can be found at Siren.Solutions, medical device company Keen Eye went with KeenEye.tech and India-based food and beverage company Fresh Food Concepts went with JuiceUp.today

Some domains I like this week include those of Boom.tv which is the first 3D live-streaming platform for watching eSports on any device. Then we have New York-based Privacy, a startup that has created a pretty cool software product that keeps your personal information private when making payments online. They own the ultra premium, category killer Privacy.com domain name. Last up there’s UK-based The Memo, an online publication covering technology, innovation and business which you can find at the matching TheMemo.com address

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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The Brandable Insider: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Domaining

Domaining is a speculative industry. A point that really hit home for me while watching an episode of Domain Sherpa last year. A panel guest and industry icon who appears frequently on the show said: “most of the domains we own will never sell [to an end user] in our lifetime.” That’s just the straight up, unflattering, reality of our industry.

Against all odds
The odds of any random domain being purchased by an end user this year are probably in the same neighborhood as the odds that we’ll be struck by lightning in our lifetime (1 in 12,000).

However, hard work and skill can lower those odds significantly. At least that’s what we think. And so it’s, under that gray veil of potential self-delusion, that we labor and search for those elusive, 50 times investment, end user deals.

Lightning strikes
It’s this kind of business dynamic which creates, for me and others, a roller coaster of emotions as we plunge from a post deal high to the depths of an unexpected dry spell, depression. I had one such experience this fall when I suffered my first dry month in more than a year. Fortunately, my pre-holiday domainer’s funk was obliterated by a recent string of three end user sales – all in one week. (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 50: Arto.com, Cloudo.com, HealthHero.com

Andrei Polgar of DomainingTips.com wrote a book about wealth management for internet professionals. I haven’t had the time to read it yet but it has been getting some pretty good reviews and already made it to the Amazon bestseller list in the personal finance category.  You can pick up a Kindle version for only $2.99 here.

Some great brandable domain name sales this week. The top grossing sale was for Arto.com, a stellar brand name that sold for a fair $12,760 on Sedo. I also really like Cloudo.com, a domain that sold on the new auction platform Ramped.com for $5,500.  Then there’s HealthHero.com. I was bidding for this name up to $2,001 but got outbid and the auction was won by a bidder with the HealthHeroInc alias for $3,005.  I suspect the winner to be the most logical end user, San Fransisco-based health care startup Health Hero which currently is using the GoHealthHero.com domain name.  (more…)

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79 newly funded startups and their domain names: Exclaimer.com, Virteo.com, Pepo.com

A cool $427,869,570 in funding was raised by 79 startup companies last week. More than 63% of them launched using a .com domain name followed by the ccTLDs with a solid 17% of the action. We have three startups that went with a new domain extension: Transportation startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies which raised $30m in funding is using Hyperloop.global and both software development company Jinn Inc and on demand IoT maintenance support platform MapSit Technologies went with a .tech domain.

Some domains I like this week include those of New York-based email software business Exclaimer which owns the matching .com domain (and a large number of matching ccTLD). I also like Belgium-based exchange and management platform Virteo as an example of a good invented name. The Virteo.com domain name sold for a very modest $1,050 at Uniregistry in 2015. Last but not least there’s social messaging platform Pepo. It is a new startup headed by Jason Goldberg, a founder that is most known for previous high-profile startups such as Fab.com and Hem.com. Jason clearly has a good taste when it comes to domain names as he managed to get his hands on the matching Pepo.com domain name for his newest venture.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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November domain acquisitions and sales

One year ago I was on a massive buying spree and was closing in on a portfolio size of 1000 domains. Well, what a difference a year makes. Thanks to dropping a large number of speculative investments that I acquired with the Chinese market in mind, my portfolio has now been trimmed down to 575 domains with an almost 100% focus on brandable .com domains. Instead of the hundreds of domains I bought back in November 2015, I only acquired five domain names during November 2016 and had two end-user sales. The main reason I only managed to add a handful of names to my portfolio is because competition for good (and even half decent) brandables has been heating up and reseller prices have been skyrocketing during the past couple of months. My auction platform of choice this year has been GoDaddy Auctions but it has been become increasingly more difficult to win an auction and still make money on the buy. This well-researched thread by NamePros user Arca might explain what is going on.

Here’s a snapshot of my Efty cockpit giving you some insight into my performance as a domain name investor each month. (more…)

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Brandable Insider: Startup Trends and Industries for 2017

Like it or not brandable domaining is trendy. So what kinds of domains should we be buying and selling this year? What are the trends? According to CIO (Chief Information Officer) dot-com there are several industries that will be dominating the tech landscape in 2017 and beyond. They include everything from virtual reality to recreational marijuana. I’m listing them here along with a description, examples of existing companies and some relevant brands already listed at the BrandBucket platform. This may give some ideas about where we should focus our attention in the coming months and years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) means making computers behave like humans. Plain and simple. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at MIT.

* Existing Startups

    – WayBlazer, UnderArmour and Revuze.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – Intellivus, HighIQ, Thinkgenic and IntelNation.


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Brandable domain name sales week 49: BigBall.com, StormForce.com, Singly.com

Rama.com sold for $25,499 on Sedo this week. It’s a fantastic name and terrific brand but it won’t make my list because it’s also a common name, place and one of the avatars of the Hindu god Vishnu. It sold cheaply in my opinion. As for pure brandable sales, as we’re approaching the holiday season, it was a rather slow week with not a single five-figure sale. The top sale was BigBall.com which went for $9,500 at Sedo.

Some names I like on this week’s list include StormForce.com, Singly.com and DocScan.com  (more…)

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