Brandable domain name sales week 28:,,

The top grossing brandable domain name sale of last week was which closed at a whopping $26,722 at GoDaddy’s expired auctions. The whois for the domain name doesn’t show the new owner as of yet.

Then we have and Both domain names are everything a great invented brand name needs. They are short, memorable, super easy to pronounce and very hard to misspell. They are a pleasure to say out loud and also look fantastic in writing. I absolutely love lyrical names like these. They make for terrific brands in my opinion. Although I’d say is the better name out of these two (and also has more obvious end-users) I found it interesting to see that both domain names sold at the same price-range but was purchased by a well-known domain name investor at NameJet and was purchased at Sedo by an end-user as you can see from the already developed website.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 27:,,

The news about the sale of the domain to a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform, formerly known as Monaco shows that claiming the domain name you own is absolutely not for sale is a pretty good negotiation tactic if you want to sell for top dollars. It also shows that everyone has a price. Meanwhile, the brandables had another slow week without any sales in the five-figure range., a domain name that was only registered in February of this year sold for a cool $6,500 at Sedo. It shows that smart investors who closely follow new trends can still turn a nice profit by hand registering domains. XR stands for X Reality with the “X” representing a variable suggesting an open ecosystem that includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and so on.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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The Top 25 Cryptocurrency Domain Name Sales

Financial technology is slowly but steadily disrupting the traditional finance and banking industry with cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it leading the wave of innovation and change.  Naturally, savvy domain name investors with an eye for spotting trends early on registered the best domain names related to these new digital currencies and technologies years ago and we’ve been seeing a steady flow of impressive end-user sales for domain names related to cryptocurrency with the $2 million sales of (which is the acronym for popular cryptocurrency Ethereum) being the most recent reported sale.

In the light of that blockbuster sale, I thought it would be nice to compel a list with the help of the Namebio database of the 25 highest reported domain sales related to cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Update on July 10, 2018: crypto related domain names continue to sell like hotcakes so I’ve updated the list below so it includes all the most recent reported sales. The sale of for a rumored $12 million is not included until the sales price is verified by a reliable source.

Here’s the list: (more…)

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Tech Startup Brands: What’s Hot and What’s Not

“We now live in a world where one-word domains with massively broad use cases and brandable one and two-word domain names have won [the race against product-related domains]. – Morgan Linton, July 2018

In a prior post I talked about 349 recent sales from three brandable marketplaces. I assessed them as a group and analyzed them in terms of length, style and keywords. This week I’m looking for trends in the brand names of 200 tech startups that were recently covered in news reports on TechCrunch.

Let’s see what we can discern from the trends, tendencies and nuances of this random list of 200 names.

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Brandable domain name sales week 26:,,

It was a bit of a slow week for the brandables with just one sale in the five-figure range. That sale was, a domain name from Mike Mann his portfolio. Michael Cyger sold for a cool $6,500 after receiving an inquiry for the domain through an Efty landing page. The domain name sold 29 days after Mike purchased it at GoDaddy auctions. If the domain name sounds familiar to you it’s most likely because it was discussed on a DomainSherpa episode with former BrandBucket Director Michael Krell who previously sold the domain name on That buyer did not renew the domain name which is how it ended up on GoDaddy’s expired auctions where Mike bought it for $627. He talks about purchasing the domain name around the 13-minute mark in this recent DomainSherpa episode.

Another nice sale through an Efty landing page is that of, a domain name sold by Mark Levine who shared all the details behind that sale on the Efty blog here.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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Pricing and Profits; Threading the Eye of the Needle

Everybody knows that if we price our domains too high, they won’t sell and we’ll go bankrupt, right? Well not everybody. As newbies we think we’ve struck gold with hand-regged domains like and we list them for sale at 5 figures. After a year when it hasn’t sold we feel foolish and change it to a bargain price of $50. After a month, when it still hasn’t sold, we’re at our wits end.

The art and science of domain pricing is a crucial factor in the management of our portfolio. It can make or break our business. I feel it’s one of the most under-recognized factors in the, domain profitability, equation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Domain Name

Many of us have the habit of registering a domain name whenever we have a great (or not so great) idea for a new startup company, product, project, blog or side-business. But those ideas often remain just that, an idea. And the domain name will end up sitting dormant in your registrar account for months, years or even decades alongside an often growing family of other, unused domain names.

Other reasons for owning unused domain names could be that you retired from or closed a business, decided to stop updating your blog or personal site or you acquired other companies over the years, with their domains. If so, you’re probably wondering if these domains are worth anything to someone else and if yes, how you can sell your domain names?

How to sell a domain name?

In this post, I will guide you through all the necessary steps in the process of successfully selling a domain name. From valuation to pricing, marketing, listing, negotiating and closing a sale with a safe and secure way to transfer the domain name to its new owner and the seller (that will be you) receiving payment. (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 24 & 25:,,

I don’t know if Rick Schwartz is living under a (golden) rock or perhaps he doesn’t read sales reports (can’t blame him if he doesn’t) but I just can’t agree with his statement that we’re in a “depressed market”. I can’t speak for the early years of domain name investing when investors could simply live off their parking revenues or that time when a lot of VC money started to flow into the world of technology around 2006 but in the ~5 years I have been active in this industry I have only seen prices for great .com domain names move up, year after year. Especially on the auction sites such as NameJet and GoDaddy where most investors do their shopping, prices are through the roof and have never been higher.  Only a very small percentage of my portfolio (less than 10%) consists of GTLD’s and I have to admit I have not had a decent offer on any of them in all these years so I do agree with the rest of Rick’s post that most of the investors who went all in on these new extensions, especially those with the intention to hold on to them for the long-term are very unlikely to ever turn a profit, especially with the silent killer that renewals are. To sum it up, the market for GTLDs is depressed but the market for brandable .com domain names is 🔥🔥🔥 – if you ask me!

I’ll let this weeks list do the rest of the talking:  (more…)

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Domain Renewals: The Silent Killer

If you are buying domains and you say to yourself that you will hold it for a year and then decide to renew, you are buying the WRONG ones.
Rick Schwartz

One of the great joys of domaining is waking up and seeing the words, Your Domain Has Sold!, in your inbox. There’s nothing better than earning several hundred, or even several thousand, dollars while we’re sleeping. But there’s another, more insidious, process that also occurs while we sleep. It’s the silent cancer that eats away at the money in our pocket and it’s called, domain renewals.

Every day the clock is ticking on the hundreds (or thousands) of domains we own. Renewal fees come due night after night. For every thousand domains in our portfolio the annual renewal cost is about $8,000 per year. That’s $666 per month or about $22 a day. Yikes!

With numbers like that we’ve gotta be careful and make sure our portfolio is a clean, lean selling machine with no dead weight. Otherwise renewal costs will eat our profits faster than an African tapeworm. So how do we avoid that?

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What’s Selling at the Brandable Marketplaces?

Do you like data? I do. In fact, I think I’m an information pack rat.

Because every time someone reports a brandable domain sale in a conversation, at a forum, in an email or even on a brandable platform itself, I write it down. I’m keepin’ a list. Checkin’ it twice. And trying to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Over the past several months I’ve accumulated a log of 349 recently reported sales from three different brandable marketplaces. I’ve looked them over and here’s what I’ve learned. (more…)

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