102 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: Handful.com, Akiri.com

This post covers new startups funded during Week 52 of 2017 (December 25th – 31st), and Week 1 of 2018 (January 1st -7th).

A whopping $2,173,997,144 in funding was raised by 102 startups on our list. Suning Finance,  one of the top leading financial groups in China, led the rounds by raising almost $827M in venture funding. Seventy four (74) of the 102 startups on this list chose to use a .com domain name, representing almost 72% of the list; a percentage greater than we’ve seen in past weeks. We have 1 .net and 1 .org domain each, while 24 startups chose a ccTLd. Two new gTLD domains also graced our list: 1 .events and 1 .tech.

First up, we’ll highlight the 20-year old one-word domain, Handful.com. Though not super premium, the domain is decent. Given the comparative prices of similar domains, I won’t be surprised if this company paid 4-5 figures to upgrade from their initial Handfulinc.com. The company, Handful, is an activewear company “that supports you grabbing life by the handful.” However, in my opinion, the correlation between the name ‘Handfu’l and activewear is a little blurred. Next up, we have Akiri.com. The name itself makes a really nice 5L brandable domain name. And, the company works on building trusted networks for health data.

Here is our list:

Organization NameLast Funding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
Suning FinanceVenture$826,925,000 SuningHoldings.com.com
BioNTech AGSeries A$270,000,000 Biontech.de.de
Huaqin Communication TechnologySeries A$134,763,000 Huaqin.com.com
Gossamer BioSeries A$100,000,000 GossamerBio.com.com
KBP BiosciencesSeries A$76,000,000 KPBBiosciences.com.com
Expansion TherapeuticsSeries A$55,300,000 Expansionrx.com.com
NeurogastrxSeries A$45,000,000 Neurogastrx.com.com
Le CesarineSeed$41,218,770 Cesarine.it.it
Stoke TherapeuticsSeries A$40,000,000 StokeTherapeutics.com.com
Radana Bhaskara FinanceVenture$40,000,000 RadanaFinance.co.id.co.id
Elstar TherapeuticsSeries A$39,000,000 ElstarTherapeutics.com.com
Alveo TechnologiesSeries A$38,000,000 AlveoTechnologies.com.com
CMAB BioPharmSeries A$38,000,000 CMABbio.com.com
AlgosecVenture$36,000,000 Algosec.com.com
HaploX BiotechnologySeries A$32,000,000 Haplox.com.com
Caret GamesVenture$28,000,000 CaretGames.com.com
Generation BioSeries A$25,000,000 GenerationBio.com.com
YabuliSeed$23,000,000 YBL-Group.com.com
AprilaVenture$21,569,600 Aprila.no.no
DeepCamSeries A$20,000,000 DeepCam.com.com
MJardin GroupVenture$20,000,000 Mjardin.com.com
Every(Delish Kitchen)Venture$18,560,600 Every.tv.tv
Zailouxia TechnologyVenture$15,500,000 Zailouxia.com.com
AiparkSeries A$15,490,000 aipark.com.com
Black Sesame Intelligent TechnologySeries A$15,000,000 BST.ai.ai
Find Intelligent PianoSeries A$15,000,000 FindPiano.cn.cn
GonbikeAngel$15,000,000 GonbikeSharing.com.com
Shihou TVSeries A$15,000,000 Shihou.tv.tv
MuscleFoodVenture$13,795,000 MuscleFood.com.com
AkiriSeries A$10,000,000 Akiri.com.com
StrongAuthSeries A$10,000,000 StrongAuth.com.com
ComforsaVenture$8,585,290 Com-forsa.com.com
ProFindaVenture$6,620,160 Profinda.com.com
SIA EducationSeries A$6,000,000 SIAedu.net.net
Nano InteractiveVenture$4,828,250 Nanointeractive.com.com
BDi Biotechnology GroupSeed$4,783,506 BdiBiotech.com.com
Gael FormVenture$4,000,000 GaelForm.com.com
Cloudprinter.comSeries A$3,680,760 CloudPrinter.com.com
WasteZero, Inc.Venture$3,111,930 WasteZero.com.com
TolemiSeed$3,055,000 Tolemi.com.com
FalconAI Technologies, Inc.Seed$3,049,125 Falconai.tech.tech
Blockchain FoundryVenture$2,648,580 BlockchainFoundry.co.co
XR GamesSeed$2,600,000 XRgames.io.io
Beta BionicsVenture$2,400,000 Betabionics.org.org
Filoo Licenciamento de Software S.AAngel$2,000,000 Filoo.com.br.com.br
Any Time LoanVenture$1,965,000 AnytimeLoan.in.in
MicroBioSensorVenture$1,931,300 Microbiosensor.co.uk.co.uk
BuzzkitoSeries A$1,700,000 BuzzkitoNetwork.com.com
JumpstartSeed$1,600,000 JumpStart.me.me
FundPlacesVenture$1,512,740 FundPlaces.com.com
TiledmediaSeries A$1,349,513 TiledMedia.com.com
HandfulSeed$1,200,000 Handful.com.com
DinghySeed$1,200,000 GetDinghy.com.com
RevioVenture$1,009,360 Revio.no.no
PixoSeed$1,000,000 Pixo.ph.ph
nOCDSeed$1,000,000 TreatmyOCD.com.com
ElucdSeed$1,000,000 Elucd.com.com
iagreeSeed$1,000,000 Iagree.co.il.co.il
MY CHIRAAG CABSeed$1,000,000 MyChiraag.com.com
TekkrediSeries A$985,000 Tekkredi.com.com
Agribody TechnologiesSeed$900,000 AgriBodyTech.com.com
Castle Information SystemsVenture$800,000 CastleInfoSys.com.com
9signalsSeed$609,385 9Signals.com.com
tiimoVenture$327,380 Tiimo.dk.dk
TicketCoVenture$317,175 Ticketco.events.events
AbodooSeed$245,366 Abodoo.com.com
Starting 11Seed$225,000 Starting11.io.io
TendedSeed$165,540 Tended.co.uk.co.uk
Int3Venture$136,829 int3software.com.com
TimetomeetSeries A$124,230 TimeToMeet.com.com
TrySomeSeed$61,000 GoTrySome.com.com
RiseFiSeed$55,000 Risefi.com.com
MoveinCatSeed$21,000 MoveInCat.com.com
Leela Labs Inc.Seed$16,500 LeelaLabs.com.com
MoneryAngel$5,000 Monery-App.com.com
SettrxSeed$1,500 Settrx.com.com
Billy Inc.SeedUndisclosedBillyApp.com.com
Plex-VRSeries AUndisclosedPlex-VR.com.com
The CarShare GuySeedUndisclosedTheCarShareGuy.com.com
Infinity MobileSeedUndisclosedInfinity-Mobile.io.io
Alter PharmaVentureUndisclosedNeogen.be.be
Globe SoccerVentureUndisclosedGlobeSoccer.com.com
KingFocus Biomedical Series AUndisclosedKing-Focus.com.com
Trilliant HealthVentureUndisclosedTrilliantHealth.com.com
Prisma SystemsAngelUndisclosedXspaceapp.com.com
Fastway Plan Logistics,IncSeedUndisclosedFastwayPlan.com.com
One Click Delivery ServicesSeedUndisclosed1click2deliver.com.com
Yimi StationSeedUndisclosedYimiGreat.com.com
Sierra TurbinesSeedUndisclosedSierraTurbines.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Candace is a researcher & teacher at heart, having been both a Chemistry research scientist and a Chemistry teacher. These passions translated well into researching, buying/selling domain names and blogging about domain names. Candace is currently a broker at Starfire Holdings.

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