132 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names Including GoFlink.com, Intrinsic.us, and RTR.ai

Another week, another just mind boggling amount of money invested into companies with some really terrible domain names (because many of them with “get” or “my” or “go” modifiers can’t get their .com because A WHOLE EXISTING COMPANY is built on it. Seems like a questionable move, but what do *I* know?

Average amount of money these companies raised: $12.6 million

Amount of money I raised this week: $0

Some Thoughts:

Flink Food raised $240m but uses GoFlink.com (I tried to see what Flink.com resolves to but my browser warned me away from completely loading that site…)

GoShippo.com owns Shippo.com, but inexplicably redirects it back to GoShippo.

Real Time Robotics uses RTR.ai — a big win for lazy people everywhere.

A .gg in the wild! Been hearing a lot about this extension starting to do well, maybe like .io 6 or 7 years ago. ZLeague.gg, a skill-based tournament platform, raised almost $13.5m

The more-than-2-TLDs breakdown in this week’s list:

  • .com – 83
  • .ai – 8
  • .co – 6
  • .io – 4
  • .health – 3
  • .net – 3
  • .finance – 3
  • .in – 3

.com: Still the winner by a million miles, but .ai continues to be interesting…

Here’s the list!

Organization NameLast Funding TypeTotal Funding AmtDomainTLD
Flink FoodSeries A$240,000,000 GoFlink.com.com
Intrinsic BrandsSeries A$113,000,000 Intrinsic.us.us
ClimavisionSeries A$100,000,000 ClimaVision.com.com
StablixSeries A$63,000,000 Stablix.com.com
ShippoVenture - Series Unknown$50,000,000 GoShippo.com.com
Mensa BrandsSeries A$50,000,000 MensaBrands.com.com
OpenTasteSeries A$50,000,000 OpenTaste.sg.sg
One ConcernVenture - Series Unknown$45,000,000 OneConcern.com.com
BelvoSeries A$43,000,000 Belvo.com.com
MyndVenture - Series Unknown$40,000,000 Mynd.co.co
Ajax TherapeuticsVenture - Series Unknown$40,000,000 AjaxTherapeutics.com.com
SyncteraSeries A$33,000,000 SyncTera.com.com
Realtime RoboticsSeries A$31,400,000 RTR.ai.ai
Jai KisanSeries A$30,000,000 Jai-Kisan.com.com
ComunixSeries A$30,000,000 GetComUnix.com.com
RED 6Series A$30,000,000 RED6ar.com.com
Unchained CapitalSeries A$25,000,000 Unchained-Capital.com.com
Antidote.meVenture - Series Unknown$23,200,000 Antidote.me.me
ShefSeries A$20,000,000 Shef.com.com
PinwheelSeries A$20,000,000 GetPinwheel.com.com
ElectroNeekSeries A$20,000,000 ElectroNeek.com.com
Iterative.aiSeries A$20,000,000 Iterative.ai.ai
HyporiSeries A$20,000,000 Hypori.com.com
TajirSeries A$17,000,000 Tajir-App.com.com
Myra VisionSeries A$17,000,000 MyraVision.com.com
Stellanova TherapeuticsSeries A$15,500,000 StellanovaTx.com.com
BobbieSeries A$15,000,000 HiBobbie.com.com
Sharpen TechnologiesVenture - Series Unknown$14,000,000 SharpenCX.com.com
Z LeagueSeries A$13,478,135 ZLeague.gg.gg
ImaginAbVenture - Series Unknown$12,800,000 ImaginAb.com.com
Foresight DiagnosticsSeries A$12,500,000 Foresight-Dx.com.com
SystemSeries A$12,250,000 System.com.com
HumanFirstSeries A$12,000,000 GoHumanFirst.com.com
LAIKASeries A$12,000,000 LAIKA.com.co.co
OpopopSeries A$11,600,000 Opopop.com.com
Urban JungleSeries A$11,400,000 MyUrbanJungle.com.com
CrowdDeskSeries A$10,300,000 CrowdDesk.de.de
HealthyHealthSeries A$10,000,000 HealthyHealth.com.com
TrellisSeries A$10,000,000 TrellisConnect.com.com
Rae WellnessSeries A$9,500,000 RaeWellness.co.co
XRHealthVenture - Series Unknown$9,000,000 XR.health.health
EtiometrySeries A$9,000,000 Etiometry.com.com
Ultrasolar technologyVenture - Series Unknown$8,968,097 UltraSolar.com.com
Allyx TherapeuticsVenture - Series Unknown$7,581,493 AllyxThera.com.com
AmarthaVenture - Series Unknown$7,500,000 Amartha.com.com
AuthenticxSeries A$7,500,000 BeAuthenticx.com.com
GanazSeries A$7,000,000 Ganaz.com.com
Impossible FinanceSeed$7,000,000 Impossible.finance.finance
Composable FinanceVenture - Series Unknown$7,000,000 ComPosable.finance.finance
AdeptMindSeries A$6,200,000 AdeptMind.ai.ai
WomboSeed$6,000,000 Wombo.ai.ai
Prytime Medical DevicesVenture - Series Unknown$6,000,000 PryTimeMedical.com.com
Euphrates VascularVenture - Series Unknown$5,984,167 EuphratesVascular.com.com
oak9Seed$5,900,000 Oak9.io.io
Good Health Company (Clinic) (GHC)Seed$5,200,000 GHC.health.health
UBITSSeries A$5,000,000 UBITS.mx.mx
BoldVenture - Series Unknown$5,000,000 Bold.co.co
Norbert HealthSeed$5,000,000 Norbert.health.health
Travello appSeries A$5,000,000 TravelloApp.com.com
Lithium FinanceSeed$5,000,000 Lith.finance.finance
PSNGR1Venture - Series Unknown$5,000,000 PSNGR1.com.com
Synthesis SchoolSeries A$5,000,000 Synthesis.is.is
StemmaSeed$4,800,000 Stemma.ai.ai
uLink LabsVenture - Series Unknown$4,777,385 uLink-Labs.com.com
FQXSeed$4,700,000 FQX.ch.ch
Molecule.oneSeed$4,600,000 Molecule.one.one
FamososSeed$4,500,000 Famosos.com.com
Pontem NetworkSeed$4,500,000 Pontem.network.network
GliknikVenture - Series Unknown$4,300,005 Gliknik.com.com
FactionSeed$4,300,000 FactionMoto.com.com
Ventis MedicalVenture - Series Unknown$4,144,003 VentIsMed.com.com
PalomaSeed$4,000,000 GetPaloma.com.com
MosaicSeed$4,000,000 MosaicApp.com.com
Allotrope MedicalSeries A$4,000,000 AllotropeMed.com.com
ReadySeed$4,000,000 Ready.net.net
Arugga AI FarmingSeries A$4,000,000 Arugga.com.com
Stake PropertiesSeed$4,000,000 GetStake.com.com
Ayraa AISeed$4,000,000 Ayraa.ai.ai
InHomeTherapyVenture - Series Unknown$3,750,000 InHomeTherapy.com.com
Ready, Set, Food!Venture - Series Unknown$3,500,000 ReadySetFood.com.com
RecartSeries A$3,500,000 Recart.com.com
SentryHealthVenture - Series Unknown$3,356,636 SentryHealth.com.com
FactalSeries A$3,300,000 Factal.com.com
NUE Life HealthSeed$3,300,000 NUE.life.life
TRACTIANSeed$3,200,000 TRACTIAN.com.com
Navv SystemsSeed$3,200,000 Navv-Systems.com.com
ChronicleSeed$3,200,000 Chronicle.io.io
PalletSeed$3,000,000 Pallet.xyz.xyz
Veloxia TechnologyVenture - Series Unknown$3,000,000 Veloxia.co.co
BerylliumSeed$3,000,000 Beryllium.ai.ai
Deep DAOSeed$3,000,000 DeepDAO.io.io
Odie Pet InsuranceSeed$3,000,000 GetOdie.com.com
prixa.aiSeed$3,000,000 Prixa.ai.ai
VOTIS Subdermal Imaging TechnologiesSeed$2,500,000 VOTIS.net.net
KudosSeed$2,400,000 MyKudos.com.com
HODL MediaSeries A$2,250,000 HODL.mobi.mobi
SimplifiedSeed$2,200,000 Simplified.co.co
Ark SurgicalSeed$2,100,000 Ark-Surgical.com.com
The BeansVenture - Series Unknown$2,000,000 TheBeans.io.io
EMDDIVenture - Series Unknown$2,000,000 EMDDI.com.com
Betagenon ABVenture - Series Unknown$2,000,000 BetagEnon.se.se
AbonesepetiAngel$2,000,000 Abonesepeti.com.com
Solace CremationSeed$1,700,000 SolaceCares.com.com
dittoSeed$1,500,000 DittoWords.com.com
Green Feather SoftwareSeed$1,500,000 GoGreenFeather.com.com
Serpex MedicalVenture - Series Unknown$1,500,000 QualUs.com.com
Tarentum AISeed$1,400,000 S-ancial.com.com
Quicksave InteractiveSeed$1,300,000 QuickSave.fi.fi
RIDDLVenture - Series Unknown$1,300,000 RIDDL.ca.ca
SquadcastVenture - Series Unknown$1,200,000 SquadCast.com.com
CouplenessSeed$1,100,000 GetCoupleNess.com.com
Breathe Well-beingSeed$1,000,000 BreatheWellbeing.in.in
MYBYKSeed$1,000,000 MYBYK.in.in
e-greeSeed$1,000,000 E-gree.app.app
AugmencySeed$1,000,000 Augmency.com.com
appsNmobileVenture - Series Unknown$1,000,000 AppsnMobileSolutions.com.com
LomiSeed$850,000 Lomi.cl.cl
ShuttleSeed$750,000 Shuttlebd.com.com
BundleSeed$600,000 BundleLoan.com.com
ConnectAbility AustraliaVenture - Series Unknown$525,000 ConnectAbility.org.au.au
FalconVizVenture - Series Unknown$500,000 FalconViz.com.com
PropBidderSeed$500,000 PropBidder.com.com
Vendura WellnessAngel$500,000 VenduraWellness.com.com
JIGGY PuzzlesSeed$500,000 JiggyPuzzles.com.com
LambusAngel$400,000 LamBus.com.com
Steel TherapeuticsSeed$378,000 SteelTherapeutics.com.com
Cellebration Life SciencesSeed$285,000 CelleBratIonLifeSciences.com.com
Computational LifeSeed$250,000 Computational-Life.com.com
Klassroom EdutechSeed$200,000 Klassroom.in.in
ThatMateAngel$140,000 ThatMate.com.com
EZaccessMDVenture - Series Unknown$100,000 EZaccessMD.com.com
ChezubaAngel$50,000 Chezuba.net.net

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised their first round of Angel, Seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity, grants, pre-IPO or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

2 thoughts on “132 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names Including GoFlink.com, Intrinsic.us, and RTR.ai”

  1. Amount of money I raised this week: $0,
    number of investors to please this week: 0
    its rare to invest in a preferred domain at this stage as most fail to get to B round.
    If I getcomunix do I need to gettested?
    goflink to some degree makes sense unlike others that use go
    meaning: nimble – being used as a grocery delivery in 10 min.
    Longtails and hyphens creeping into the .com stronghold.
    .ai gaining in the cool, state of the art mindshare.

    Appreciate you posting and comments

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