How Whistle got its (domain) name

After covering how both Yelp and Agoda got their matching .com domain names my eye was caught by San Francisco based pet company and internet of things startup Whistle. Whistle has developed an activity tracker and app that helps you stay connected to your dog and monitors your pet’s activity and health. The company launched in 2013 and has raised $21 million in funding to date.

In an interview with Shoplocket, CEO and co-founder Ben Jacobs shared how they came up with the name Whistle as well as how they managed to get the matching domain name.

“We were able to figure out that Whistle was owned by a large corporation because it had been acquired in a very different, non-competitive, non-pet business 15 years ago. It was a company called Whistle Communications. The domain name was just redirecting to IBM was the owner of the business.”

Most entrepreneurs would look for an alternative name or domain extension knowing that their desired domain name is owned by one of the largest technology companies in the world but Ben and his co-founders showed some real out of the box thinking and actually reached out directly to the entrepreneur who started that business and said, “Can you please help a couple young founders and help us try to get this domain name out?” At the time the domain name was just redirecting to IBM was the owner of the business.

“It was a really fun thing to see him dive in and help us and we were able to manage to get From there, we were off and running.”

I reached out to Whistle CEO Ben who told me that they recently acquired pet wearable competitor Tagg thus adding a couple more interesting domains to their companies portfolio such as and


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