Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 24.

It was another busy week with just under 250 million dollars in funding raised by 72 new startup companies.  More than 76% of them launched with a .com address with .co as a distant second with 5.5% of the TLD pie. There are still quite a few questionable naming choices on this week’s list but there’s also a couple of great name + domain combos. First of all there’s Boxful, a startup from my hometown Hong Kong that raised $6.6M for i’ts storage on-demand service. The company bought the matching domain name from Sedo for $4,000. Another name I like is LoanHero, a marketplace lender that closed a 1.7 million Seed round. They acquired the matching .com domain name for just $2,500 in a private transaction last year. I love names ending with Hero and have turned down offers well into the four figures for similar names in my portfolio such as ResumeHero and HomeworkHero. Another company that caught my eye is on-demand laundry startup Rinse, The company owns the exact match domain and according to Namebio it was purchased from Snapnames for only $14,830 in 2009.

Other startups that use domain names acquired in the aftermarket are Alert Media ( went for $3,250 on Afternic) and Jott Messenger which bought from GoDaddy for $42,500.

Here’s this week’s list: 

Name Funding Amount Domain TLD
High Alpha Venture $35,000,000 .com
La Renon Series A $16,000,000 .com
Miura Systems Venture $16,000,000 .com
Luqa Pharmaceuticals Series A $15,000,000 .com
Seven Dreamers Laboratories Series A $12,100,000 .com
Zimmber Venture $12,000,000 .com
Arcadia Data Series A $11,500,000 .com
Phagelux Series A $10,000,000 .com
Rancher Labs Series A $10,000,000 .com
Ansrsource Venture $9,000,000 .com
AppFormix Series A $7,000,000 .com
Boxful Series A $6,600,000 .com
Vinli Series A $6,500,000 .li
illusive networks Series A $5,000,000 .com
Clipp Venture $4,700,000 .co
Clovia Series A $4,700,000 .com
Alert Media Venture $4,200,000 .com
Vogo Sport Venture $4,000,000 .com
Ivideon Venture $4,000,000 .com
Yomoni Seed $3,900,000 .fr
Rinse Seed $3,500,000 .com
Arrowlytics Venture $3,000,000 .com
Picpal Seed $2,500,000 .com
Wacul Inc Series A $2,400,000
Homesuite Seed $2,300,000 .com
DOJO Madness Seed $2,300,000 .com
Ministry of Games Seed $2,000,000 .io
Back to the Roots Seed $2,000,000 .com
Booking Boss Series A $2,000,000 .com
Envelop VR Seed $2,000,000 .com
Local ID Seed $1,900,000 .io Seed $1,700,000 .com
Control Seed $1,500,000 .co
Zane Benefits Seed $1,500,000 .com
KalGene Pharmaceuticals Venture $1,500,000 .com
TaskUs Series A $1,500,000 .com
Winko Games Seed $1,400,000 .com
PredictifyMe Seed $1,300,000 .me
Catalia Health Seed $1,300,000 .com
Symbiont Seed $1,300,000 .io
NeuroLutions Venture $1,200,000 .com
Jott Messenger Seed $1,200,000 .com
Homey Seed $1,100,000 .com
GreenFire Energy Seed $1,100,000 .com
OpenBazaar Seed $1,000,000 .org
PrimaHealth Credit Seed $1,000,000 .com
Wayook Seed $714,700 .es
Virtuous Seed $700,000 .com
NarrativeDx Seed $650,000 .com
YapJobs Seed $614,500 .com
Apped Seed $564,700 .com
Hungr Seed $559,800 .co
Boaterfly Seed $500,000 .com
Snug Vest Seed $404,700 .com
Tiassisto24 Seed $350,000 .it
AdStringO Seed $350,000 .in
Integral Spine Solutions Venture $318,900 .com
Livid Mobile Venture $227,000 .com
Mood Building Seed $200,000 .com
Looklist Seed $174,000 .st
PosterGully Angel $160,000 .com
Nudjed Seed $152,700 .com
Teritree Technologies Seed $140,000 .com
Rx DrugSAFE Venture $55,000 .com
TalentIQ Seed $50,000 .co
Oval Fire Products Series A Undisclosed .com
Guiddoo Tours Seed Undisclosed .com
Kolibree Series A Undisclosed .com
Visiple Angel Undisclosed .com
Spryker Systems Series A Undisclosed .com
Swiftmile, Inc Seed Undisclosed .com
dacadoo Series A Undisclosed .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised a first round round of angel, seed, grant, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds. 

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

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