July domain acquisitions and sales.

As expected July was a lot less active then the last couple of months but despite spending a couple of weeks in Europe for the holidays I still managed to make 26 acquisitions and 2 sales.  My purchases this month mainly consist of drops and a couple of private acquisitions as I got outbid on most auctions for which I had proxy bids in. As a result of this I actually had a very profitable month and still managed to add a bunch of cool names to my portfolio.

I know many of you guys appreciate transparency so I decided to step things up a notch and moving forward I will also share a snapshot of my Efty cockpit with you giving you exact insight in my performance as a domain name investor each month. 

july efty cockpit

My Efty cockpit as of August 1.

As you can see I’m closing in on 100k in revenues since I started dabbling with domains around 2.5 years ago which will be a great milestone for me as a “hobby” domainer.

As always I will be sharing some of this month’s acquisitions and sales with you guys and I hope some of you will do the same in the comments!


  • TalentBite.com – Because of my professional background in the online recruitment space I am quite heavily invested in job search, recruitment and staffing related domains. There’s a ton of new startups trying to disrupt the hiring and job search industry every month and I think TalentBite will make for a great brand for a company tapping into the recruitment software market. Grabbed with Pheenix.
  • VerySpooky.com – A common phrase with a high number of matches in Google. I thought it would make for a nice brandable name that is perfect for a Halloween themed site, store or business.  Bought from the NamePros auction section.
  • Graffiti.tours – Yep, that’s a new gTLD and I can hear you think, wth is a graffiti tour? Well, graffiti tours are organised and offered in many of the worlds metropolises such as New York, Melbourne, Amsterdam and London and having been an active graffiti artist during my teens and twenties I enjoy these graffiti tours when i’m visiting new cities. This isn’t really an investment but more a nice to have and a domain I might develop one day.
  • StatsOnly.com – I like names that include the word Only when it adds a positive meaning and I have several in my portfolio such as OnlyJobs.com and OnlySunny.com. I think this name can work well for a company that focuses on big data or analytics.  A Godaddy closeout buy.
  • MonetizeFast.com – Funded or not, monetizing your product or service is a challenge each and every startup company will face at some point and who doesn’t want to monetize fast? Pheenix caught it for me.
  • MetaRush.com – Another two keyword brandable. I think it’s pretty obvious what my focus was this month. The keyword based brandables have been outselling the MUPs (made up pronounceable’s) for a while now and I believe the demand for these type of names will only continue to increase. Also caught with Pheenix.



  • Vitah.com – Sold on  BrandBucket in the lower X,xxx range. A Pheenix catch from August 2014 and listed on BrandBucket since September 2014.
  • LaunchMonster.com – Sold on BrandBucket in the mid X,xxx range. Hand registered in October 2014 after it dropped and listed on BrandBucket since December 2014

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

13 thoughts on “July domain acquisitions and sales.

  1. hello,

    thanks for great self reporting,,…,helps everyone.

    fyi…..i looked at EFTY and you cant signup…blank page.

    keep up the great work.


  2. Also like “StatsOnly.com” Great name !!!
    Thanks for sharing your stats and tips …
    The net benefit is before or after TAX ???
    How do you manage to pay taxes over
    domain sales in HongKong ?
    Here in SPAIN it´s a steal … over €30,000
    in sales you have to pay 56% TAXES …

  3. Doron,

    Thanks for sharing. They’re all great but the one I love the most is VerySpooky.

    That’s getting me thinking…what’s at the end of that domain? I’m curious.

    My best buy this last while was MyZip.com. Not been on the drops for the last few weeks.

  4. Very interesting – thanks for sharing stats. Questions:

    1. What does ‘sales costs’ mean on your dashboard? That’s the commissions you’ve paid to various brokers or marketplaces?

    2. “Investment” equals the cost of acquiring names and also renewing them?

    Looks like BrandBucket is working well for you. I’ve always been turned off by their listing fee, but I suppose I should look into it again.

    1. Sales Cost is broker fees, marketplace commission and other costs such as listing or auction fees accumulated. Total Investment does include your renewal fees yes.

      I’ve had good experience with both Brandbucket and Brandroot. There are pros and cons including exclusivity, listing fees and high commissions compared to other marketplaces but for me it works well for a certain type of domains.

      There was an issue with the Efty beta signup form but this has now been fixed.

  5. No sales for me this month but I’ve acquired a number of new domains. Some samples:
    HandReg: SilentFuse.com, ReadyDesigner.com and RecruitSignal.com.
    GD Drops: GetPicky and ProfitFuse.com ($11 each)

  6. Hi Doron congratz for your sell!!
    I wanted to ask you if you know where “your watched” domains go in Pheenix, I can’t found watched section


    1. Check the “My Auctions” tab and there you can see domains you are bidding on, domains you’ve won and domains you’ve lost. I dont think you can “watch” domains without back ordering them and even then Pheenix have to catch them first otherwise they wont be listed under this section at all.

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