Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 34.

The global stock-markets might be in turmoil but that didn’t stop 76 new startup companies from raising a cool $235 million dollars in funding last week. More than 70% of them launched with a .com address with the ccTLD coming in second again and .Co proving once again to remain a popular choice among startups with 6 entries in this list.

I would love to tell you which names I like on this list but besides perhaps social map application which is okay there isn’t really much to like this week.  A great example what not to do when your company name is taken in .com is from invoicing and payment solution company Business Box (great name) which is using the typo domain (not so great) for their site. The correct spelling of the domain is listed for $45,000 on Afternic. I hope the company is wise enough to spend some of that funding on acquiring the right domain for their business.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
First Light Fusion Venture $35,500,000 .com
Orbus Therapeutics Series A $32,500,000 .com
Telesta Therapeutics Venture $28,600,000 .com
Marilyn Monroe Spas Venture $20,000,000 .com
Sovrn Holdings, Inc Series A $18,000,000 .com
castAR Series A $15,000,000 .com
Healthcare Interactive Series A $10,700,000 .com
Evolve BioSystems Series A $9,000,000 .com
Rgenix Venture $8,000,000 .com
Thrive Bioscience Seed $4,000,000 .com
YourStory Series A $4,000,000 .com
Synpromics Ltd Venture $3,300,000 .com
Adherium Venture $3,000,000 .com
Primal Space Systems Venture $3,000,000 .com
Fit4D Series A $2,800,000 .com
Away Seed $2,500,000 .com
AppInside Seed $2,300,000 .co
11 Health Seed $2,000,000 .com
Synap Seed $2,000,000 .com
Eco Wave Power Seed $2,000,000 .com
Guideline Technologies Seed $2,000,000 .io
Snapask Seed $1,800,000 .co
BlueStrata  Seed $1,700,000 .com
SmackHigh Seed $1,700,000 .com
Mawdoo3 Series A $1,500,000 .com
Avatech Seed $1,400,000 .ir
Souktel Series A $1,300,000 .org
Solu Seed $1,300,000 .co
Vet24Seven Seed $1,200,000 .com
Immuno Gum Angel $1,200,000 .com
NextHealth Technologies Seed $1,000,000 .com
HyperVerge Seed $1,000,000 .co
Stylyze Seed $890,000 .com
Mapstr Angel $800,000 .com
Wake Seed $750,000 .io
Capital Match Series A $710,900 .com
Cardinal Spine Venture $650,000 .net
Whoop Wireless Venture $550,000 .com
ePoise Seed $500,000 .com
Business Box Ltd Seed $500,000 .com
EmployUs Venture $500,000 .co
GraftWorx Seed $500,000 .com
Bitsbox Venture $420,000 .com
CloudDesk Seed $418,000 .io
Altitude Angel Seed $380,000 .com
Receptiviti Venture $347,400 .com
Shadowfax  Angel $300,000 .in
Snappii Venture $275,000 .com
Apptegy Venture $250,000 .com
Third Eye Diagnostics Venture $250,000 .com
Edu4Share Seed $210,200 .com
LabsAdvisor Angel $183,000 .com
ProMIS Neurosciences Venture $150,300 .com
Learn to Live, Inc Venture $120,000 .com
Bodyport Seed $120,000 .com
VisitDays Venture $115,000 .com
Artistiya Angel $100,000 .com
You Chews Seed $45,000 .com
Ganja Boxes Seed $20,000 .com
OnOnPay Venture Undisclosed .com
CaseHub Seed Undisclosed .co
Classical Diary Angel Undisclosed .com
Moneytis Seed Undisclosed .com
Anpac Series A Undisclosed .cn
Leaseonline Venture Undisclosed .se
Fixy Seed Undisclosed .in
IDfy Venture Undisclosed .com
MSM Box Seed Undisclosed .com
Twyst Seed Undisclosed .in
Paratus Clinical Seed Undisclosed .com
GetLook Seed Undisclosed .in
Proxibid Venture Undisclosed .com
Split Metrics Seed Undisclosed .com
SiDLY Venture Undisclosed .pl Venture Undisclosed .pl
Mfind Venture Undisclosed .pl

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised a first round round of angel, seed, grant, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds. 

If you’re a company looking for naming or domaining advice, drop me a note as i’m always happy to help.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

20 thoughts on “Newly funded startups and their (domain) names – week 34.

  1. Nice list of startups with bad naming. Anyway, wondering why is appearing here! Its ‘about us’ page shows ‘ started in October 2008’.

  2. I like to keep things positive… However… The BusinesBox name is almost unbelievable! “Go to our website,!…. Heyy, butt be shoor u onlee yuse wun ledder Ess!” 🙂

  3. Another junk list of handregs. It is interesting that these startups would rather pick a bad .com then a good .co, etc……. is hands down the best on the list. A great .com instantly gives any business credibility.

  4. Just curious, does Crunchbase verify the funding that is said to be received? It sure seems like an easy way to get your company on the map by saying you got millions in funding when in reality it could just be a ploy to get your company in the spotlight.

  5. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Some of those names are truly terrible. “”? Who gives $500,000 to a startup with a name like that?

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