103 newly funded startups and their domain names: Privacy.com, Uptake.com, Modsy.com

I’ve been writing this series for almost a year now and we never had a list that exceeded 100 newly funded startups before. There seems to be no slow down in VC funding this last quarter, especially not with all the recent venture money flowing into Indian tech, food, transportation and pharma startups at the moment. With 77 startup using a .Com for their domain name it is once again clear who’s the undisputed king of TLDs. The ccTLDs come in second a usual with about 12% of the pie.

There’s a few startups this week with stellar domain names like secure online card payment provider Privacy which uses the ultra premium Privacy.com domain name.  The domain name was first registered in 1996 and was most recently in use by a company named Brierley+Partners which was acquired earlier this year.

Another great name + domain combo is from Chicago based data analytics software provider Uptake that announced a cool $45M round of financing and is using the Uptake.com domain name. The domain name was purchased for just $10,000 back in 2011 at Sedo.  Others I like on this list are Modsy (Modsy.com) which allows you see and shop design possibilities in the context of your own home as well as Toronto-based homeware design company Umbra (Umbra.com).

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Netmeds.com Venture $50,000,000 Netmeds.com .com
Litmus Series A $49,000,000 Litmus.com .com
Uptake Series A $45,000,000 Uptake.com .com
Qvella Series A $20,000,000 Qvella.com .com
Cato Networks Series A $20,000,000 CatoNetworks.com .com
Cardionomic Series A $20,000,000 CardionomicInc.com .com
Exostar Venture $15,000,000 Exostar.com .com
MabSpace Biosciences Co. Series A $15,000,000 MabSpaceBio.com .com
Leafline Labs Venture $14,950,000 LeaflineLabs.com .com
Turnstone Biologics Series A $11,300,000 TurnstoneBio.com .com
Origene Seeds Venture $10,300,000 OrigeneSeeds.com .com
Zebit, Inc Series A $10,000,000 Zebit.com .com
EndoSpan Venture $10,000,000 EndoSpan.com .com
GEV Global Venture $8,260,000 GEVGroup.com .com
InteliSecure Venture $8,120,000 InteliSecure.com .com
Flex Logix Venture $7,400,000 Flex-Logix.com .com
Open8 Seed $6,600,000 Open8.com .com
Two Bit Circus Series A $6,500,000 TwoBitCircus.com .com
Summa Health Venture $6,000,000 SummaHealth.org .org
Inov8 Seed $5,400,000 inov8.com.pk .com.pk
APL Software Venture $5,200,000 APL-Soft.com .com
Brainwell Seed $5,000,000 Brainwell.com .com
HYPR Seed $5,000,000 HyprBrands.com .com
SIGNALSENSE Venture $4,500,000 SignalSense.com .com
Verge Genomics Seed $4,000,000 VergeGenomics.com .com
Invixium Series A $4,000,000 Invixium.com .com
SmartZyme Venture $4,000,000 SMZyme.com .com
Commerce Signals Series A $4,000,000 CommerceSignals.com .com
Qvinci Venture $3,400,000 Qvinci.com .com
Umbra Series A $3,400,000 Umbra.com .com
Mologic Venture $3,310,000 Mologic.co.uk .co.uk
FILLD Seed $3,250,000 Filld.co .co
Modsy Seed $3,000,000 Modsy.com .com
OpsDataStore Series A $3,000,000 OpsDataStore.com .com
IPV Venture $2,760,000 IPV.com .com
Min Doktor Venture $2,600,000 MinDoktor.se .se
Reforged Studios Seed $2,500,000 ReforgedStudios.com .com
Convoy Seed $2,500,000 Convoy.com .com
Fulgent Therapeutics Venture $2,260,000 Fulgent-Therapeutics.com .com
Aquarius Spectrum Series A $2,200,000 Aquarius-Spectrum.com .com
Sochat Seed $2,000,000 Sochat.com .com
Tunepics Angel $2,000,000 Tunepics.com .com
gr8 People Venture $2,000,000 gr8people.com .com
GoCo.io Venture $1,810,000 GoCo.io .io
Mozambi Resources Seed $1,750,000 MozambiResources.com.au .com.au
Kickoff Seed $1,600,000 KickoffApp.co .co
NED Biosystems Venture $1,510,000 NEDBiosystems.com .com
Wade & Wendy Seed $1,500,000 WadeandWendy.ai .ai
Alpha UX Seed $1,430,000 Alpha-ux.co .co
Paid Seed $1,400,000 PaidAPI.com .com
Renoviso Seed $1,400,000 Renoviso.com .com
Kontainers Seed $1,300,000 Kontainers.co.uk .co.uk
Moving Authority Series A $1,300,000 MovingAuthority.com .com
Car Next Door Series A $1,300,000 CarNextDoor.com.au .com.au
Healthspek Seed $1,250,000 HealthSpek.com .com
Privacy Seed $1,200,000 Privacy.com .com
Splittable Seed $1,200,000 Splittable.co .co
Wide Open Spaces Seed $1,100,000 WideOpenSpaces.com .com
Localize Seed $1,100,000 Localizejs.com .com
ArtLifting Seed $1,100,000 ArtLifting.com .com
Origa Seed $1,080,000 OrigaLeasing.com .com
Tradiv Seed $1,000,000 Tradiv.com .com
Open Listings Seed $1,000,000 OpenListings.com .com
Koukoi Games Seed $1,000,000 Koukoi.com .com
BKON Connect Seed $995,000 BKON.com .com
BizGround Venture $823,710 Bizground.co.jp .co.jp
Aira Seed $790,000 Aira.io .io
CommunitySift Seed $750,000 CommunitySift.com .com
SimpleCitizen Seed $700,000 SimpleCitizen.com .com
Patients’ & Consumers’ Pharma Venture $505,000 PandCPharma.com .com
Call Levels Angel $500,000 Call-Levels.com .com
Apptuto Seed $500,000 Apptuto.com .com
Flexing It Angel $500,000 FlexingIt.com .com
MetroButler Seed $460,000 MetroButler.com .com
zophop Seed $450,000 zophop.com .com
VersionPress Seed $400,000 VersionPress.net .net
AlmaMapper Seed $400,000 AlmaMapper.com .com
Care24 Series A $350,000 Care24.co.in .co.in
Melephant Angel $300,540 Funch.me .me
Medical Engineering Partners Venture $250,000 MedicalEP.com .com
Desmotec Seed $236,890 Desmotec.com .com
Kleeto Seed $229,000 Kleeto.in .in
Smartivity Seed $200,000 Smartivity.in .in
LiftO Angel $130,000 Lifto.in .in
Mysource Seed $107,240 Mysource.io .io
Go Club Golf Venture $100,000 GoClubGolf.com .com
Happitoo Angel $77,000 Happitoo.com .com
A Class Limos Seed $45,000 aclass-limos.com .com
Thinking Robot Studios Seed $35,000 ThinkingRobotStudios.ca .ca
FlossTime Seed $13,340 FlossTime.com .com
Africa Talent Management Seed Undisclosed Africaisready.com .com
Revfluence Seed Undisclosed Revfluence.com .com
Rent Like a Champion Seed Undisclosed RentLikeAChampion.com .com
Niki.ai Seed Undisclosed Niki.ai .ai
Lifetrack Medical Systems Seed Undisclosed LifetrackMedicalSystems.com .com
Moglix Seed Undisclosed Moglix.com .com
Jazz & Bluess Television Angel Undisclosed JazzandBlues.tv .tv
edtwist Seed Undisclosed edtwist.com .com
Aznog Technologies Seed Undisclosed Aznog.com .com
Tavaga Seed Undisclosed Tavaga.com .com
UrDoorstep Series A Undisclosed UrDoorstep.com .com
Digital Currency Group Venture Undisclosed DCG.co .co
Jombay Venture Undisclosed Jombay.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised a first round round of angel, seed, grant, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds. 

If you’re a company looking for naming or domaining advice, drop me a note as i’m always happy to help.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

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