90 newly funded startups and their domain names: iBoss.com, Innit.com, 17.media

Another week and another whopping half a billion US dollars in venture capital flowed into 90 new companies. More than 71% of these businesses chose to use a .com domain with the ccTLDs taking 15% of the pie. I only cover newly funded companies in this series which means that startups that raised a prior round of capital are not included in this weekly list. Many startups look towards the option of a business loan in order to get themselves and their vision off the ground. A significant portion of the companies you see in this list that gain serious traction later on will re-brand or do a domain name upgrade in the future, especially now they have some cash to burn on branding strategy and a better domain name.

Nonetheless there are (almost) always a few companies that have their domain strategy sorted right from the start. Some names I like on this weeks list are those of Florida based cyber-security company iBoss which uses the matching iBoss.com domain name. iDomains are a bit old-school but I personally think it works quite well in this case considering the nature of their business. Second up is food technology company Innit which raised 25M and uses the Innit.com domain name. Innit means “Isn’t it?” in informal British. Last but not last least my eye was caught by 17 Media, a live video streaming and real-time content sharing mobile application which has chosen to use 17.Media for their website.

Here’s this weeks list:

Name Funding Amount Domain Name TLD
Forefront Capital Management Venture $100,000,000 ForefrontCap.com .com
Meili Jinrong Series A $65,000,000 MeiliJinrong.com .com
Evelo Therapeutics Venture $35,000,000 EveloTx.com .com
iBoss Cybersecurity Series A $35,000,000 iBoss.com .com
N3 Venture $35,000,000 N3Results.com .com
Macat Venture $30,000,000 Macat.com .com
Innit Venture $25,000,000 Innit.com .com
Ultrahaptics Series A $15,610,000 Ultrahaptics.com .com
Vascular Biogenics Ltd. Venture $15,000,000 VBLRX.com .com
YUHI Hospitality Venture $15,000,000 YuhiHospitality.com .com
SnapApp Series A $12,000,000 SnapApp.com .com
GTT Venture $10,700,000 GTT.net .net
17 Media Series A $10,000,000 17.media .media
Xometry Venture $8,800,000 Xometry.com .com
Cyteir Therapeutics Series A $5,500,000 Cyteir.com .com
Fuzzy Logix Series A $5,500,000 Fuzzyl.com .com
LifeSupport Medical Venture $5,410,000 LifeSupportMedical.com .com
Sirqul, Inc Series A $5,000,000 Sirqul.com .com
LifeSite Venture $4,500,000 LifeSite.co .co
Hitbox Entertainment Series A $4,000,000 Hitbox.tv .tv
Red River Resources Venture $3,900,000 RedRiverResources.com.au .com.au
Super Seed $3,600,000 HelloSuper.com .com
Luma Seed $3,500,000 GetLuma.com .com
Premonition Seed $3,000,000 Premonition.ai .ai
Solera Health, Inc. Series A $3,000,000 SoleraNetwork.com .com
Vinaya Seed $3,000,000 Vinaya.com .com
Hivemapper Seed $2,900,000 HiveMapper.com .com
Compeon Series A $2,740,000 Compeon.de .de
Qwire Holdings Venture $2,500,000 Qwire.com .com
Quantescent Angel $2,400,000 Quantescent.com .com
AutoLotto, Inc. Seed $2,400,000 AutoLotto.com .com
IRLYNX Series A $2,200,000 irlynx.com .com
Innoup Farma Venture $2,150,000 InnoupFarma.com .com
Perception Point Seed $2,000,000 Perception-point.io .io
The History Project Seed $2,000,000 TheHistoryProject.com .com
Traxens Seed $1,650,000 Traxens.com .com
Tella Firma Angel $1,500,000 TellaFirma.com .com
XOXCO Venture $1,500,000 Xoxco.com .com
Broomly Seed $1,300,000 Broomly.com .com
Emoticast Seed $1,200,000 Emoticast.com .com
Biolytx Pharmaceuticals Seed $1,100,000 BiolytxCorp.com .com
ByeBuy Seed $1,100,000 SayByeBuy.com .com
BigStylist Seed $1,000,000 BigStylist.com .com
iDAvatars Venture $1,000,000 iDAvatars.com .com
Nerd Skincare Seed $1,000,000 NerdSkincare.com .com
Change Labs Seed $800,000 GoChange.co .co
LeafLink Seed $750,000 LeafLink.com .com
Cityflo Seed $750,000 Cityflo.com .com
Carro Seed $716,000 Carro.sg .sg
WIB Machines Seed $671,310 WIBMachines.com .com
Noccela Venture $602,270 Noccela.fi .fi
Art2M Seed $551,800 art2m.com .com
Boxit Seed $500,000 MyBoxit.com .com
YourDOST Seed $400,000 YourDost.com .com
ZapChain Seed $350,000 ZapChain.com .com
Loanbaba.com Angel $320,000 Loanbaba.com .com
Shirsa Angel $250,000 Shirsa.in .in
Welsh ICE Seed $250,000 WelshICE.org .org
MyIndianStay Angel $200,000 MyIndianStay.com .com
Twigly Angel $200,000 Twigly.in .in
Red Thread Games Venture $153,150 RedThreadGames.com .com
Viral Seed $150,000 TheViralApp.org .org
BookMyBai.com Angel $150,000 BookMyBai.com .com
Boibanit.com Angel $150,000 Boibanit.com .com
Teknopilot AS Venture $129,590 Teknopilot.no .no
Ravn Studio Venture $117,810 RavnStudio.no .no
WeWantToKnow Venture $117,810 WeWantToKnow.com .com
Hyper Games Venture $94,240 HyperGames.no .no
The Arctic Venture $94,240 The-Arctic.com .com
Process Venture $58,900 ProcessGames.com .com
Classic Food Seed $54,500 ClassicFoods.co.ke .co.ke
Renuvix Venture $52,000 Renuvix.com .com
Priceinfo Seed $10,000 Priceinfo.com.ng .com.ng
SafeRyde Seed Undisclosed SafeRyde.com .com
ProfumeriaWeb Venture Undisclosed ProfumeriaWeb.com .com
RepUp Seed Undisclosed RepUp.co .co
SparesHub Seed Undisclosed SparesHub.com .com
Quad Technologies Series A Undisclosed QuadTechnologies.com .com
Maideasy Series A Undisclosed Maideasy.my .my
Bobble App Series A Undisclosed BobbleApp.me .me
Bairo Corporation Seed Undisclosed Bairo.co .co
DOVIDEQ Seed Undisclosed DovideqMedical.com .com
PayTunes Seed Undisclosed PayTunes.in .in
FunkSac Venture Undisclosed FunkSac.com .com
Microprogram Information Venture Undisclosed Program.com.tw .com.tw
Parallel Machines Venture Undisclosed ParallelMachines.com .com
Perfant Technologies Venture Undisclosed Perfant.com .com
Scoop Seed Undisclosed TakeScoop.com .com
The SPOT Experience Venture Undisclosed TheSpotExperience.com .com
Mon Purse Seed Undisclosed MonPurse.com .com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised a first round round of angel, seed, grant, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds.

If you’re a company looking for naming or domaining advice, drop me a note as i’m always happy to help.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

9 thoughts on “90 newly funded startups and their domain names: iBoss.com, Innit.com, 17.media

    1. Seed and Angel funding rounds are usually smaller in size and the money that is invested comes from individuals instead of companies most of the time.

      Venture rounds or Series A and up are larger funding rounds against higher valuations and the money comes from venture capital firms in most cases.

  1. Some nice names above like Iboss, Xometry, Snapaap, etc. Thanks for sharing. New theme looks good, but I think needs some more tuning.

  2. read something last week about one of the founders of Ycombinator saying that all 20 of their best performing companies had an exact match dotcom domain whereas almost 50 percent of their worst performing companies did not. not sure if this means dotcom is SUPERPOWERFULL or that if your sloppy at naming your probably gonna be sloppy at a lot of other things too. probably a little bit of both. have you ever looked at your info in this regard?

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