November domain acquisitions and sales.

Winter is in full swing now here in Hong Kong which means temperatures have dropped to just under 20 degrees (about 80°F). It’s the time of the year when the cities skyscrapers get pimped with Christmas decoration, expatriates are starting to plan their holidays and business starts to slow down a bit. With November behind us it’s time to look back and share some of my acquisitions and sales with you guys again. I invested quit heavily last month by continuing my LLNN CHIP buying spree but also got back into snapping up a few brandables and even one EMD. Here’s a snapshot of my Efty cockpit giving you some insight in my performance as a domain name investor each month.

Efty cockpit November

My Efty cockpit as of December 1

Most of you guys know my interest and passion is with brandable domain names but last summer I made a deal with myself to diversify my portfolio and invest a certain percentage of my budget in liquid domains such as and numerics. I’ve been holding on to those investment (except for 15 LLLL that I sold last month) and I’ve seen the value of these investments increase at a crazy rapid rate.  As always I will be sharing some of this month’s sales and acquisitions with you guys and I hope some of you will do the same in the comments!


  • 100+ – (chips) I started building my portfolio of in October and at the time I was still able to buy some from GoDaddy close-outs or at the drop. Now, only a few weeks later LLNN chips already fetch between $35 and $60 each. As I wrote last month, there are only 25,600 Chinese premium LLNN (without aeiouv and without 04), which is significantly less than LLLL or NNNNN.
  • 200+ –(chips) I registered the 237 last available premium Chinese letter with a pair of double numbers (55, 77 etc) at the end. It’ a bit of a gamble but with the prices of LLNN .com with a pair of numbers going up rapidly (already hovering around $200) I think it’s worth the risk.
  • – Yay, a brandable again! People love science and I thought this name makes for a great brand for an educational site, a research company or even a game. Picked up at GoDaddy’s expired auctions.
  • – This is exactly the type of 6 letter brandable that I love. Easy to pronounce, easy to remember and above all: easy to brand. I’m confident that demand and prices for these type of great CVCVCV combinations will only go up next year. Bought at GoDaddy auctions.
  • – Grabbed this one for development as I think it would make for a much better name for my own domain shop than my current I need to find some time to get a logo done for it before I re-brand. DropCatch helped me get this one.
  • – I rarely buy exact match domain names but I thought this one was quite nice and the competition in auction on it was low. My mother buys her wool online so there’s definitely a market out there. Won at NameJet.


  • – Sold for low X,xxx after an offer and counter offer on brandable marketplace Namerific. I love the combo of Zen and Security and I’m not surprised at all this one sold. Hand registered it in July 2014.
  • – Sold for $1,026 on GoDaddy auctions. One of about 20 numeric domains I acquired last summer. I decided to sell this (I chose this one because of the less desirable 0 in the front) so I could test the water and see what these sell for these days. Purchased for $190 on DropCatch in June this year so that’s not a bad ROI for a 6 month hold.
  • – Sold for low X,xxx on brandable marketplace BrandBucket. I’ve sold 12 names so far on this marketplace and have another 112 listed with them.  I hand registered this name in October 2014.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty and the founder of High West a specialized recruiter for tech and digital talent. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor. He lives in bustling Hong Kong with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

13 thoughts on “November domain acquisitions and sales.

  1. Great work Doron and excellent information on your Domain Newsletter. Also you really have a great handle on running a Domain Name Business — rock on…

  2. I see Macato being spelled many different ways. Makato, Mekato, Mecato, Mukato, Mucato, etc….

    Would love to know your thoughts on why you think this one is better than some other random 6 letter domain.

  3. I like ScienceSpark, well done on the sales and thanks for sharing. I had one sale on BB in Nov, Tumblefeed. I purchased ClearMethod in Nov amongst others.

  4. Thanks for sharing, awesome insight into the true liquidity of the brandable type of domains. Seems the more creative you are with the domain names the better chance you have of selling it. I have a few creative names I was thinking of putting them in brandbucket now I definitely will give it a try.

    – Will

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