37 newly funded startups and their domain names: Bumper.com, Hotify.com, Payable.com

It was another quiet week in startup land last week as we saw just 37 companies announce their first funding round. Thanks to a couple of massive Series A rounds by two Chinese companies the total dollar amount raised was still a whopping $200,601,030. The fast majority of companies on this week list launched with a .Com domain name followed by the ccTLD’s with 16%. My own week hasn’t been that quite so far as I got back to Hong Kong Monday evening which gave me exactly one night to prepare for the launch of the For-Sale landing page theme gallery we pushed live at Efty. We had some nice coverage across several of the industry sites and blogs but I’ll leave you with a link to a video in which Michael Cyger explains everything you need to know about this awesome new feature.

Despite the short list of start-ups this week there’s a couple of name + domain name combos I like. The first one being Bangalore based Car Repair & Service App Bumper which uses the exact match Bumper.com domain name. I also like Hotify which is another India based startup that launched a mobile app which understands you and helps you stay updated with the latest and the relevant news and info across the globe. Last but not least there’s Payable, a US based company that offers a SaaS solution supporting independent workers and the companies that pay them. There are companies out there that work along side companies like Payable, the saasy digital agency helps grow SaaS companies into greater heights, allowing people to discover software to make their businesses run smoother. They use the Payable.com domain name which NameBio reports as sold for just $5,000 back in 2011.

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFundingAmountDomain NameTLD
HuitongaSeries A$77,000,000htd.cn.cn
WeijinsuoSeries A$46,000,000Weijinsuo.com.com
UniEnergy TechnologiesVenture$25,000,000UeTechnologies.com.com
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsVenture$10,000,000Fao.org.org
Think Food GroupVenture$9,250,000ThinkFoodGroup.com.com
SevenFifty TechnologiesVenture$7,460,000SevenFifty.com.com
Terra DottaVenture$,6,000,000TerraDotta.com.com
Tangen BiosciencesVenture$2,000,000TangenBio.com.com
Raw ShortsVenture$1,270,000RawShorts.com.com
Invenio ImagingVenture$1,000,000Invenio-imaging.com.com
Town EssentialsAngel$1,000,000Towness.co.in.co.in
Click & BoatSeed$,546,440ClickAndBoat.com.com
Cosine AdditiveAngel$500,000CosineAdditive.com.com
Happy CoupleSeed$114,640HappyCouple.co.co
Globe Icons CreativeSeed$5000GlobeIcons.com.com
HealProsSeries AUndisclosedHealPros.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised a first round round of angel, seed, grant, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds.

If you’re a company looking for naming or domaining advice, drop me a note as i’m always happy to help.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

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