May domain acquisitions and sales.

May is already behind us so it’s time to look back and share some of my acquisitions and sales with you guys again. Last month I shared I wanted to focus on trimming down my portfolio and raise the overall quality of the names in it. It is always easier said then done but I actually managed to stick with the plan and only acquired 14 names this month and made the first steps in working towards a smaller but higher quality portfolio. I sold 10 names and dropped another 25 of them.

Here’s a snapshot of my Efty cockpit giving you some insight in my performance as a domain name investor each month.

Efty cockpit May

My Efty cockpit as of June 1st

Most of the revenue from the month was re-invested but I took a bit of profit to work towards the year-end goal of hitting 65k in total profit. I would almost be there already if it wasn’t for the commission and fees I’ve been paying marketplaces, escrow services and other vendors over the years. I’ve been gradually moving away from high commission marketplaces and had great success selling domains without a middleman after capturing inquiries via my own Efty For-Sale landing pages.

As always I will be sharing some of this month’s acquisitions and sales with you guys and I hope some of you will do the same in the comments!

Acquisitions: – This one might seem a bit long (and it is) but there’s a ton of recruitment agencies that have these two keywords included in their company name or slogan. It was owned by a UK based recruitment software company for over a decade but they let it drop and it went up for auction at DropCatch where I grabbed it. –  Another generic two-keyword domain. Executive transfers are a kind of high end chauffeur services for business executives getting to and from airports. There’s a ton of companies offering these services and most of them use the term in their domain name. The domain name was first registered in 1998 but was dropped and I won it at GoDaddy auctions. – This one is more of a brandable type as the words don’t necessary form a meaning when combined. I do like the sound of it however and it carries very positive connotations. I saw this one on Shane’s daily list and bought it on GoDaddy auctions. – Search Engine Marketing aka SEM is the multi-billion dollar sister of SEO and a industry that employs thousands of people accross hundreds of companies. I love the Ninja suffix in this case and this will be a great name for a SEM agency or blog. Michael Cyger sold for a cool $18,000 not too long ago. – Yep, i bought a .biz domain. Not a big fan of the extension but I do love the keyword. My rules for buying not-com domains are pretty simple: super short and ultra premium keywords. Another GoDaddy auctions buy. – My favorite acquisition for the month. Leena is a hugely popular first female name in countries such as India and Finland. A quick search on LinkedIn alone results in around 20k people. I like it for that reason but also can see this one work well as a great brand for a product or service. Private acquisition.

Sales: – Sold for $3,750 to a buyer in the UK. It sold directly through it’s Efty For-Sale landing page. It was a name I won at NameJet for $102 back in 2013 shortly after I started out domaining. I’ve had several inquiries and offers on the name over the years but this was the first company that was willing to meet my asking price. – Sold for low X,xxx at brandable domain name marketplace My first sale with them this year with around 70 names listed. I won this name at auction on back in 2014 and paid $140 for it. – Sold for low X,xxx at brandable domain name marketplace BrandBucket. My first sale with them this year despite having more than 100 names listed. I bought it from another investor for $166 last year.

7 domain at NameJet – I’ve been listing a number of names on NameJet this month and sold a total of 7 names during May for an average of $143 per name.  I’m happy with the results as most of these were hand registrations or names I picked up on the drop for under $69.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

26 thoughts on “May domain acquisitions and sales.

  1. Nice sales Doron. If you want to stop growing your portfolio, stop buying names. 🙂

    Not the best sales rate considering all the brandable names you have on those marketplaces. They clearly don’t do s#!$ to market and promote. Yet they still expect 30%.

    1. My sales rate on both marketplaces was pretty good (almost 10% annually) in 2015 but I stopped listing new names around November and de-listed some of the better names and as a result my sales ratio dropped significantly. To me it’s proof that great names sell themselves (via a decent landing page) and there’s no need to pay a high commission for selling them via a marketplace that most likely just converts sales via the domain’s direct navigation.

      1. this is something i have been thinking of but have not come to a conclusion yet. Sometimes i think talking with a real person is better and sometimes i think it is useless to use a broker. i think i am gonna give Efty sales pages a try.

        1. I’ve been in sales most of my working live so I never felt the need for a broker as I feel pretty comfortable representing my own domains and closing deals. I understand that some people are less comfortable or capable of doing that and funneling your inquiries and leads to a broker can save you time which is also a valuable asset. If you use Efty you can still feed the incoming inquiries to a broker or you can choose to handle them yourself.

  2. Hi Doron,
    congrats on the incoming and outgoing.

    My main of the month was a HR negotiated via make offer on my site oozel, sold in mid/low X,xxx CleanSport .org an anti-doping interest.


  3. I love 5L brandables too. In May I hand regged There is a plastic brand in Japan uses How much this gem may be sold for?

  4. Nice acquisitions Doron!

    I sold 16 domains in May. Mostly old inventory that went for $25 each or less. However, I also sold two brandable dot-coms: Worthyy and OnlineSentry. Each one selling in the low $X,XXX range.

    My May acquisitions included: SafeCitizen, Geexo, Bioletics, RegenCare, GoldPencil and RealtySentry.

  5. 144 sold names is quite large. I think it’s because you’re selling to investors also. If it’s then really I like to see the % of sales to investor vs enduser.
    Sem Ninja and Leena are great names – good luck with them and congrats on sales. Thanks!

    1. I emailed them a couple of years ago and was accepted right away. They’re looking for sellers that offer both quantity and quality at no or low reserve. If you only have a few names you want to list with them it’s probably not worth their (and your) time because a lot of the listing and payment process is still done manually over at NJ.

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