The Brandable Insider: The Dreaded GoDaddy Email

Alright. We made it! Outbidding our peers at that GoDaddy auction. Our chest is swelling with pride. We can’t believe the deal we got!

We carefully considered our options for selling the new domain at a handsome profit. We identified companies who could use it for an upgrade. If they don’t take it then we’ll wait 60 days and flip it to another domainer. Or…. maybe we’ll just sit on it for a year or two and wait for that righteous offer from a motivated end user.

Truth be told? In our mind, those dang profits are as good as spent!

Then. Seven days later. Suddenly. Without the slightest warning. Our plans are crushed like a grape at a cheap winery.

We’ve gotten the dreaded Go Daddy email:

Your domain is no longer available. Your auction has been canceled.

You’ve had this happen, right? I hate those emails and I’ve had three of them come to me this week. I’m sick with grief. Suffering from a severe case of PTDD (post traumatic domain disorder).

Seriously though, ain’t it funny how registrars can sell us something they don’t own and then take it back?

Welcome to the wacky world of domaining!

Meanwhile, here’s some notable brandables that sold this past week as reported by Namebio.

  • $160 – Brandable hack of a strong keyword and industry. More often you would see the suffix y, ly or sy. But those are all taken so the ‘ie’ will do for a keyword this strong. Last month I bought Screenie dot-com and I’m hoping it’s gonna find a home with an end user at BrandBucket.
  • $493 – The word ‘eternal’ is a popular word for Asian businesses. Examples include Eternal Group, Eternal Trading Company, Eternal Technology Corp and Eternal Optical and Perfumery. I wonder if this keyword ‘ever’ got popular in US brandables because of the Chinese. USA companies using ‘ever’ in their name include EverNote, EverPix, EverLane and EverLaw. Meanwhile sold for $2275 in June and EverGuard sold for $2666 in May. Both appear to be the result of drops at GoDaddy auctions.
  • $1540 – I love fitness names and this is a really good one. Short and sweet, coming in at 7 letters. There’s a hundred fitness centers in cities across the USA that would die for a company name like this.
  • $113 – Luxury is a good keyword and the root ‘lux’ or ‘luxe’ in the right invented/hacked name is also a powerful combination. I sold Acculuxe dot-com to an end user last year. This is a very nice 5L brandable. I could see it going for $2K to $5K to the right buyer.
  • $111 – This is a great DotBong/Green Rush domain. The kind that people should have been regging 3 years ago instead of names like The word ‘grow’ has a lot of relevance on the commercial side of the legal marijuana industry. A marijuana farmer is known simply as a ‘grower’ and their operation is called a ‘grow.’ In addition they use terms like: overgrow, grow out, grow lights, grow house and grow op. So ‘grow’ is a good keyword for all kinds of businesses in the wholesale or B2B services end of the burgeoning marijuana industry. BTW, this domain, GrowPreneur, is also reminiscent of Drew Roesner’s brand,
  • $164 and $250 – As you can see the double-letter brandables are also in the mix this week. To top it off, sold this week for a cool $4400 as reported by Doron in his top sales of the week report.
  • .
    What are your thoughts on this weeks brandable sales? Agree? Disagree? Let us hear about it in the comments below!

    Keith deBoer

    Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

    4 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: The Dreaded GoDaddy Email

    1. Thank you Keith for your great insight. I just now that something end with preneur and ie has a value. I saw a very good one at drop a couple weeks ago and didn’t grab it.

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