July domain acquisitions and sales.

July was a slow month for me. It is the second month without any sales on the board since I started sharing this monthly recap with you guys in March last year. The last time a month passed without a sale was August last year. I did had a great month on the acquisition side as the competition in the drops and auctions was also significantly less due to the summer months and I was able to negotiate some good deals with other investors that needed to move inventory. I ended up buying 13 and dropping 39 domains during July.

Here’s a snapshot of my Efty cockpit giving you some insight in my performance as a domain name investor each month.

Efty cockpit July

My Efty cockpit as of August 1st

With no sales, a ton of renewals and a few thousand bucks invested in new acquisitions my overall profit took a bit of a hit and it’s still quite far off from my year-end goal of $65k in profit. I’m currently liquidating a big chunk of my BrandBucket portfolio and plan to do the same with my BrandRoot portfolio this month (contact me if you’re interested). As I commented on TLDinvestors.com, the main reason for selling these names now is that I am much more focused on acquiring higher value names these days and those names don’t need a brandable marketplace to sell. I also have a year-end target to trim down my portfolio to around 500 names. I have sold 16 domains and made more than $33k in sales with BrandBucket so it’s a great platform to sell those type of names. You just need a sizable portfolio to be successful with them right now so this lot I am selling is a great opportunity for somebody to get in quick without spending all the time finding, catching, submitting, paying listing fees and getting names approved.

As always I will be sharing some of this month’s acquisitions with you guys and I hope some of you will do the same in the comments!

FinanceMedia.com – I’ve been wanting to add a Media suffix name to my portfolio for a while but I constantly got outbid in the past. I was happy to win the NameJet auction for this domain as the finance + media word combo is a very strong one in my opinion. I also like the fact that it was a expired auction which means the name has never been on the market since it was first registered back in 1998.

Mumr.com – I love 4-letter brandables but most of the cool ones have been selling for crazy prices lately in the re-seller market which is why I haven’t bought as many of them as I like. Just like FinanceMedia.com, I was able to win this one at NameJet for a very good price. Hooray for slow summer months!

MoralSupport.com – This isn’t the type of name I usually buy because I find descriptive domains like these tend to have limited branding potential but a name like this can surely work for a NGO or some sort of a campaign. The main reason I got it is because I was able to buy it for a very reasonable price via Sedo.

Printerly.com – Not as good as Printly but I thought it was worth a spec when I saw it on GoDaddy auctions. The print industry is alive and kicking again with lots of new technology and innovation during the last couple of years and I think this name could work well for a startup in the traditional or 3d printing space.

NoteNinja.com – A two-keyword brandable just the way I like them. I like the repeating N and I have always liked names ending with Ninja (I sold MadNinja.com last month and Michael Cyger sold SeoNinja.com not too long ago). I won this one at Pheenix and already received my first offer on it via it’s For-Sale landing page.

Lerio.com – I can’t let a month go by without picking up a nice invented brandable of course. My criteria for buying invented brandables are much higher now then they were a couple of years back. I like them really short and there should be no question about how they are spelled or pronounced. This was a expired auction which means the name has never been on the market since it was first registered back in 1996.

LaunchTiger.com – Another two keyword brandable. Exactly a year ago I sold LaunchMonster.com for $3,795 and I reckoned this was a nice replacement. Names with the keyword launch continue to do well. LaunchCapital.com sold for $24,500 last year. Caught with DropCatch

FlowerHero.com – I did not buy any Hero names last month which felt a bit like cheating so I picked up this beauty on the drop. I can see this one work well for a flower delivery service or online florist. DropCatch caught it for me.

SummerHire.com – While b2b business slows down significantly during the summer months, these months are some of the most busiest for hospitality, tourism and retail businesses. These companies all need to temporarily increase their head count and hire more staff. I can see this name work well for a staffing agency specialized in temp staff during the summer months who are advertising summer jobs for people in America or for those who are abroad, in which case it could also help with applying for a J1 Visa to enable them to work here. It has a lot of potential. Pvt sale.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

16 thoughts on “July domain acquisitions and sales.

  1. MoralSupport.com – may be the type of name Mike Mann will only sell for 5-figure….

    I am hoping that you will show patience on this name.

    God luck.

  2. Thanks for sharing Doron. I like printerly.com since online print has been a trend now.

    Your success has inspired me to try your Efty, and I am brave enough now to sell a very lovely domain that I hand register last month to get middle XXX $ cash to finance my new efty platform. I bought 19 new domains to put in my efty including :
    – JointScope.com
    – PickNinja.com
    – FutbolFirst.com
    – PresidentPro.com
    – X-Buzz.com
    – Bedova.com
    – StudyReading.com
    – TonersPlanet.com
    – BestMarbles.com
    – HSENow.com
    – TimelessSEO.com
    – Oswiu.com
    – TotalDevil.com
    – LinkAero.com
    – etc.

    I only buy brandable domains with special prefix or suffix that has google frequency more than 10,000,000 for the 2 words, or has Google introductions in the search results, or many companies use the names. For 5 letters and 6 letters only that has meaning in English or other language or family names.

    Thank you too for Keith regular insight. That’s really a good introduction to brandable domain names. I hope that Keith will share his buy and sell regularly too….

  3. Thanks for sharing, Doron.

    My .com acquisitions for the last few weeks are:

    NB: ‘microcap’ is a financial word. The second to best stock market in a country. Ex. AMX after the Dutch AEX.


  4. Another nice group of acquisitions Doron!

    This month I sold 3 domains on BrandBucket and liquidated several dozen domains on NamePros at bargain prices.

    I must say Doron that I’ve caught the hero bug from you and in recent months have acquired SquadHero, GeneHero, GradeHero and GrassHero. Other recent, dot-com acquisitions include: VeriJet, HappyAbode, TrustKing, BlissBrew, SchoolNerd and WorkTitan.

  5. I like Lerio,
    Because my name is Valery 🙂 This name very popular in some countries.
    5L + clear sounding + 550K Google search results make this name worthy.
    In my turn, I`ve just handregged Amention.com
    Have you any names with article A (an)? And how they are estimated?

  6. Hi Doron,

    Always an interesting read. Just out of interest, how much outbound marketing do you do if any? Or are most of your sales through inbound, brandbucket and NamePros?



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