The Brandable Insider: What’s Going On at the Pheenix Marketplace?

To be successful I need an edge over the mob of domainers that are scanning the drops at Go Daddy every day. For that reason I like to snoop around the non-mainstream marketplaces in hopes of finding an overlooked, brandable gem. One such marketplace is

Last year DNgeek reported on the drop catcher’s new policy of sending all domains with multiple backorders to public auction. But this week Pheenix released some better news. Tan Tran, the CEO at Pheenix, sent an email to account holders announcing that Pheenix had partnered with He said that this alliance will now allow Pheenix to turbo charge it’s marketplace with new benefits like free escrow service, same day payments, and automatic domain transfers.

What does this mean for buyers?

* Pheenix says its new system automatically pushes sold domains to the new owner. This is a huge time saver for both parties. Pheenix says the transfer process now takes place in a matter of minutes.

* Buyers can also opt for automatic notifications of new listings by their favorite sellers. A list of Member Auctions can be found by going here and looking under Auctions > All Auctions > Members.

What‘s new at Pheenix for sellers?

* Well firstly, domainers will be able to list and remove names directly from the marketplace without any pre-approval process.

* Secondly, Pheenix says that payments generated from sales will proceed directly to the seller’s account and can be withdrawn at any time. No waiting for payouts.

* Third, each seller will have their own dedicated auction page that they can bookmark and distribute to promote their sales. Here’s a sample seller page.

Pheenix as a brandable marketplace

* At present Pheenix features only a small selection of brandable names. Although I have an account at Pheenix I have yet to purchase a domain from the platform because, so far, nothing has caught my eye. However, DNgeek founder, Doron Vermaat, has had good success with the platform. This fall Doron reported a couple of nice sales that originated at Pheenix.

* One was which he obtained on Pheenix for $19 and sold a year later for $275. The other was which Doron purchased at a Pheenix auction for $42 and sold a few months after for $2275.

If you have any questions about the new Pheenix platform or need help setting up your sellers account you can contact Pheenix at:

Meanwhile let’s look at some recent brandable sales as reported by Namebio

  • ($511) and ($37) — One of the longest running and most valuable keyword hacks is the ly suffix. This is a trend that has been in place for several years and there are hundreds of start-ups using brands ending in ly. Examples include,,,, and which sold for $110 on Namebio this week.
  • ($510) – The io suffix is another popular keyword hack. It’s sometimes accomplished by using the .io domain extension as in and
  • ($393) – Go is a very powerful keyword and has a wide variety of words it can empower. It’s such a desirable keyword that it can overshadow a mediocre synergy between the words. Better pairings include brands like: GoPro, GoTravel, GoTransit and to some degree GoDaddy based on the phrase ‘go daddio.’
  • ($1100) – Peer to Peer fundraising, shopping, lending, investing etc. are trendy, new market modalities. Hence the high price for this domain. PeerPay would be immensely better but also immensely more expensive.
  • ($195) – Job is a very strong keyword but it doesn’t pair well with ‘rock’ in my opinion. I picked up J/o/b/S/p/i/k/ this week in the GoDaddy closeouts for a much lower price. I think it’s superior to JobRock as a brandable. However, the owner of JobRock may do very well if he/she can sell their domain to the Australian company currently using

Some nice brandables for sale this week at NameJet:

Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a part-time, domain investor with an emphasis on brandable domains. He's also a domain industry writer with published content at DN Geek, DomainShane and NamePros. By day, he works as an Internet consultant.

8 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: What’s Going On at the Pheenix Marketplace?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Keith. I sold quite a few names that were caught using Pheenix. for $4250 and Jetse, MadNinja, SchoolPanda and a couple of other Pheenix names I all sold on BrandBucket.

    The issue with Pheenix lately however is that they don’t catch much, if anything..

    1. Thanks for the additional sales reports. Rockin!!
      I agree, that their pickins are slim even in the auction section. I’m hoping this new partnership will expand their marketplace.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Keith.

    Last week I opened an account with Pheenix to catch a dropped domain. Unfortunately their systems were not able to catch it. Not what I expexted from a premium drop catch service.

    I decided to claim a refund of the deposit.
    This far, my experience is not good. Better luck next time..

    — Jan

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