Brandable Insider: Startup Trends and Industries for 2017

Like it or not brandable domaining is trendy. So what kinds of domains should we be buying and selling this year? What are the trends? According to CIO (Chief Information Officer) dot-com there are several industries that will be dominating the tech landscape in 2017 and beyond. They include everything from virtual reality to recreational marijuana. I’m listing them here along with a description, examples of existing companies and some relevant brands already listed at the BrandBucket platform. This may give some ideas about where we should focus our attention in the coming months and years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) means making computers behave like humans. Plain and simple. The term was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at MIT.

* Existing Startups

    – WayBlazer, UnderArmour and Revuze.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – Intellivus, HighIQ, Thinkgenic and IntelNation.

Chatbots are automated services that interact with consumers through a verbal interface and can identify the meaning in phrases through natural language processing. AI is one of the technologies that’s helping chatbots reduce expenses for customer service as well as insurance and financial services representatives. Experts predict that by 2020 more than 85 percent of customer interactions will not include a human being. This year messaging platforms like Facebook are expected to begin enacting their chatbot integration strategies.

* Existing Startups

    – WhatsApp, WeChat, HealthTap, Amazon Echo and Sephora on Kik.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – YackBack, ChatBright, CallJoy and Chattitude.

CyberSecurity means helping individuals and organizations reduce the risk of security breaches. This includes data storage, the web, personal devices as well as smart home appliances and technologies.

* Existing Startups

    – TwistLock, PinDrop, SentinelOne, ExaBeam, HackerOne, ZeroFox, Cybereason, Appthority and LookingGlass.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – Securityy, Shieldly, Privasy, Encryptly and ShellProof.

The Cloud is still thought to be the prime medium of digital transformation. Some predict that by 2020 more than 65% of IT and software spending will be on cloud-based technologies. Each company will provide cloud services to their dedicated marketplace.

* Existing Startups

    – BlueMedora, Mesosphere, SpringPath, InfiniteOps and Orbitera.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – CloudTower, RocketCloud, SkyViral, StorageChain and DataDuck.

Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are expected to reach the experimental stage in 30% of the Global 2000 companies this year. As offsite employees and the gig economy grow VR will play a key role in B2B communications.

* Existing Startups

    – enerG, HotBitVR, Occulus, CrowdOptic and Haptical.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – Virtudream, Augmentist, Holsy and CyberBeam.

Marijuana was approved for recreational use in several states this election cycle including Massachusetts and California. There are now 26 states that allow medical marijuana and several have legalized it entirely. Though primarily an agriculture based industry, opportunities for technology abound.

* Existing Startups

    – AcroVape, Gateway, PrintaBowl, FunkSac, PreciseCannabis, GrowBuddy, PotBot and Leafline.

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – PotBoy, Vaporly, Grassly, Weedling, Vapesy, Puffsy and BuzzLeaf.

Wearables are an expanding market that is moving beyond smart watches and fitness bracelets into video recording glasses. Expect to hear more from this sector in 2017.

* Existing Startups

    – FitBit, Apple Watch, GoPro, Xmetrics, Pebble, HaloLens, UnderArmour

* Sample Names from BrandBucket

    – Fitric, SmartyWear, Zmarty, GearDeck and Toyari.

What do you see as the brandable trends for 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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Keith DeBoer is a part-time, domain investor with an emphasis on brandable domains. He's also a domain industry writer with published content at DN Geek, DomainShane and NamePros. By day, he works as an Internet consultant.

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  1. Nice niche breakdown! It helps readers understand and follow the trends when they can translate the target market. Adding educational segments in available lists is definitely a great move. 😉

  2. Great post, Keith.

    The AI and MJ markets experienced lots of boom this year and we don’t see their growth slowing down anytime soon.

    That said, we have and, among other related/potential domains offered on our marketplace.

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