November domain acquisitions and sales

One year ago I was on a massive buying spree and was closing in on a portfolio size of 1000 domains. Well, what a difference a year makes. Thanks to dropping a large number of speculative investments that I acquired with the Chinese market in mind, my portfolio has now been trimmed down to 575 domains with an almost 100% focus on brandable .com domains. Instead of the hundreds of domains I bought back in November 2015, I only acquired five domain names during November 2016 and had two end-user sales. The main reason I only managed to add a handful of names to my portfolio is because competition for good (and even half decent) brandables has been heating up and reseller prices have been skyrocketing during the past couple of months. My auction platform of choice this year has been GoDaddy Auctions but it has been become increasingly more difficult to win an auction and still make money on the buy. This well-researched thread by NamePros user Arca might explain what is going on.

Here’s a snapshot of my Efty cockpit giving you some insight into my performance as a domain name investor each month.


My Efty cockpit as of October 1st

Since we’re nearing the end of the year I have been looking more closely into my performance and doing some number crunching to calculate my portfolio’s sell-through rate and other important metrics. I’m planning to publish a standalone post with an extensive breakdown of all my sales and the overall performance for 2016 later this month but I can already share my sell-through rate for just my brandable domains is around 5% when I look at end-user sales only. Something else I noticed is that quite a high percentage of those sales came from BIN listings while I only have a small percentage of my domains listed with a BIN price. I still believe that you should never stick a price on higher value domain names so that you can maximize the deal size in an “offer, counter offer” type of negotiation but I did decide to run an experiment for the rest of the year with exactly 200 of my lower value (acquired for $25 or less) domain names by pricing them with a $888 BIN on both the For-Sale landing page plus the Afternic network and see what will happen. This experiment has been off to a bad start as it cost me $689 in profits (read on for the details) but I am curious to see what the results will be in the longer term.

As always I will be sharing some of this month’s sales and acquisitions with you guys and I hope some of you will do the same in the comments!

Acquisitions: –  The only name for which I wasn’t facing steep competition this month on GoDaddy Auctions.  I guess it’s because a raptor isn’t as popular an animal as a panda or monkey is. Received a $300 offer for the domain via it’s landing page several days after the domain was in my possession which I rejected. – Since I sold one of my Talent suffix names this month I was on the lookout for a replacement. This one showed up on the drop and I caught it with the help of –  I wasn’t entirely sure how this domain could be used when I placed my proxy bid for it but my gut feel was that this would make for a fun brand for someone somehow. To my surprise, I received the first offer on it within the first week of having the domain in my possession. Won at GoDaddy Auctions. – Fintech is booming and there are hundreds of established and startup companies that are competing for talent in this niche. There already are a couple of specialized job boards out there for jobs in fintech and I expect this number to increase soon. I sold a similar domain, for $3,500 last year. Caught with

Sales: – Okay, so here’s the story of how I missed out on $689 in profit. I received a $100 openings offer for this domain via it’s landing page on the 1st of September and more than 20 emails and 10 weeks later I settled with the buyer on a $1400 price. A couple of days after agreeing on the sales price the buyer informs me they purchased the domain via instead since it was listed there for $888. What happened obviously is that in the meantime, since the negotiation for this domain took so long, I had added a BIN price for this domain on Afternic as part of the experience I mentioned earlier. I bought the domain for $59 back in 2014 at NameJet. – Sold for $500 to a good friend of mine in the talent acquisition space who was looking for a domain name for his new Vlog. He had his eyes on which is being offered for sale for $2195 via but thought that was  a lot of money for a domain name. After explaining to him that $2k for a good .com domain isn’t a bad investment at all I offered him some similar names out of my portfolio for a heavily discounted price of which he chose I caught the domain in 2015 at Pheenix for under $20.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty and the founder of High West a specialized recruiter for tech and digital talent. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor. He lives in bustling Hong Kong with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

8 thoughts on “November domain acquisitions and sales

  1. AdRaptor is a strong brandable, despite the slightly negative sound of ‘raptor’.

    My acquisitions for november are:

    – Jan

  2. November was a very, very poor month for me – both in sales and acquisitions. So far December is the same 🙁
    The holiday season is not the best time for brandable sales. To make matters worse I turned down a $1,000 offer for a domain, that in hindsight, I should have accepted. The good news is that despite the slow ending, my total sales in 2016 have been very good. This was my second full year of domaining, and year over year, my sales increased by 550%. My goal is to double my 2016 sales volume in the coming year.

  3. is a nice name.
    My acquisitions is –
    How can you buy domain under $25 what are you looking for at domains to buy.

  4. Here is a small part of the domains that I bought in the last 45 days.

    For the same period I have three sales, two short brandable .com’s and one 2 words .com from a specific niche, not a 5 figure sales, but with good ROI and I’m happy.

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