51 newly funded startups and their domain names: FastJet.com, MyDevices.com, Colibo.com

I want to thank everyone that reached out to me offering their help with compiling the weekly list. I have found somebody that will work with me on this moving forward so I am happy to share we can continue publishing this series.  Last week we saw 51 startups kick off the year with a combined $426,856,970 in funding. More than 78% of these companies launched with a .com domain name for their website followed by the ccTLDs with more than 15% of the list. There is not a single startup so far this year that went with a new domain extension.

Some domain names I like on this week’s list include those of Africa’s first pan-continental airline, Fastjet which uses the matching Fastjet.com domain name which was picked up for $1,650 on SnapNames back in 2005. Although it;s a little bit descriptive I also like California-based myDevices,  an online platform that provides its users with personalized IoT solutions from the matching myDevices.com domain name. Last up we have Danish social intranet startup Colibo. The company just raised its first major venture funding. It was me who hand-registered the Colibo.com domain name in 2014 and sold it to them via BrandBucket.com a year later for $2,095

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFundingAmountDomain NameTLD
Slayback PharmaVenture$60,000,000Slayback-Pharma.com.com
Chushou TVVenture$57,600,000Chushou.TV.tv
Civi BiopharmaSeries A$40,000,000CiviBiopharma.com.com
OmniActive Health TechnologiesVenture$35,000,000OmniActives.com.com
PVP BiologicsVenture$35,000,000PVPBio.com.com
Anrei MedicalVenture$25,000,000Anrei.com.cn.com.cn
Health WatchVenture$20,000,000Personal-Healthwatch.com.com
Virtual 1Venture$12,280,000Virtual1.com.com
Satsuma PharmaceuticalsSeries A$12,000,000Satsumarx.com.com
eSmart SystemsVenture$11,570,000esmartsystems.comcom
OwlStone MedicalVenture$11,500,000OwlstoneMedical.com.com
ZhaoyouwangSeries A$10,000,00051zhaoyou.com.com
HepaRegenixSeries A$9,410,000HepaRegenix.com.com
Molecular StethoscopeSeed$8,200,000MolecularStethoscope.com.com
Pionyr ImmunotherapeuticsSeries A$8,000,000PrecisionImmune.com.com
Swim LaneSeries A$6,000,000SwimLane.com.com
Shenandoah Valley OrganicVenture$3,700,000SVOrganic.com.com
Weeding TechVenture$3,680,000WeedingTech.com.com
FlytrexSeries A$3,000,000Flytrex.com.com
My DevicesSeries A$3,000,000MyDevices.com.com
Show My HomeworkSeed$2,950,000ShowMyHomework.co.uk.co.uk
Capio BiosciencesSeries A$2,900,000CapioBiosciences.com.com
Henge DocksSeed$1,600,000HengeDocks.com.com
MatriSys BioscienceVenture$1,500,000MatrisysBio.com.com
Otto RoboticsSeed$1,500,000OttoRobotics.co.co
Clear ScholarSeed$1,250,000ClearScholar.com.com
KwippedSeries A$700,000Kwipped.com.com
eRisk ConsultingVenture$600,000EriskCorp.com.com
Retarget LInksVenture$400,000RetargetLinks.com.com
Altima Dental CentersVentureUndisclosed AltimaDental.com.com
Grupo GMIVentureUndisclosed gmi.com.mx.com.mx
LearntronSeedUndisclosed Learntron.net.net
BowmoVentureUndisclosed Bowmo.com.com
Alera GroupVentureUndisclosed AleraGroup.com.com
Yostra LabsVentureUndisclosed Yostra.com.com
DeVilbiss HealthcareVentureUndisclosed DevilbissHealthcare.com.com
Colibo A/SSeries AUndisclosed Colibo.com.com
Bardy DiagnosticsVentureUndisclosed Bardydx.com.com
MobiDentSeedUndisclosed MobiDent.in.in
Zentron LabsSeedUndisclosed zentronlabs.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

3 thoughts on “51 newly funded startups and their domain names: FastJet.com, MyDevices.com, Colibo.com

  1. Congrats on the Colibo sale in the past Doron. I don’t know what I like to enjoy more, seeing my past sold domains becoming a major player in a niche or seeing work trucks all over the area plus some TV of web sites I built from the ground up.

  2. 90-95% of the names in the list are hard to remember or spelled out, don’t know who advices them on branding !!
    MobiDent is actually an on-demand dental care startup, who would have thought 🙂

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