The Brandable Insider: Price Increases, the Chinese Market and New gTLD Consolidation

Last week Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire published an insightful podcast with the 2017 predictions from domain industry execs. The predictions were far reaching and gave the big picture of what’s in store for domaining in 2017. Andrew’s podcast included insights from Andrew Rosener, Bill Sweetman, Giuseppe Graziano and a dozen more. I found it a very worthwhile listen and I highly recommend it. However, for those short on time and patience here’s the “Cliff Notes” version.

Andrew Allemann, Founder of Domain Name Wire
Steady growth and consolidation for new gTLDs
More BINs on two/three word dot coms
Long Term, AI devices like Amazon’s Alexis, could lower the demand for domains in future

Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo
Global expansion in India and China including new gTLDs

Brian Cute, CEO of Your Public Interest Registry
The Internet of Things (IOT) will begin to challenge the domain system

Bill Sweetman, President of NameNinja
A Chinese domain company will buy a Western domain marketplace or registrar
A Trump administration will be more hands on with ICANN
Small gTLDs will be bought out by bigger players

Christa Taylor of Dot TBA
IOT will continue to expand but major IOT security breaches will slow public adoption
Increased competition between back end providers and registrars
New gTLDs will be judged more on revenues and less on number of registrations

Giuseppe Graziano, Founder of
Chinese investors will realize the importance of end user demand when valuing domains
The value of 2 character number/letter or letter/number domains will rise

Marco Hoffman of InternetX
Domains will be attached to SSL certificates and encryptions

Jeff Sass, CEO of .Club domains
There will be key moments for new gTLDs via usage by large corporations and marketing campaigns

Scott Reynolds of Escrow Solutions
Premium and brandable dot-coms will continue to rise in value with the potential for strong growth

Mason Cole, VP at Donuts
New gTLD registrations will double and usage by corporations for national advertising will increase

Braden Pollack, Founder of Legal Brand Marketing
New gTLDs will consolidate and grow
Dot AI is going to move ahead of dot IO in the aftermarkets but do-com will continue to be king

Andrew Rosener, Founder of Media Options
Large companies like Go Daddy will acquire more large portfolios of premium quality domains
A big increase in value for 2L/3L and premium one word domains
Chinese market will remain flat due to currency and political issues

Simon Cousins of Allegravita
Corporate usage of government approved Chinese domains will increase markedly
The investment value for non-government approved domains will remain flat

Amanda Waltz of
Corporations will begin selling off unused domains
More emphasis on the packaging of premium domains with exact-match, social media handles

As part of your plans for 2017……..

Take a look at what’s on tap at NameJet this week:

Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a part-time, domain investor with an emphasis on brandable domains. He's a domain industry writer with published content at BrandBucket, DomainShane and NamePros. He's also a brand ambassador for BrandBucket and by day, he works as an Internet consultant.

3 thoughts on “The Brandable Insider: Price Increases, the Chinese Market and New gTLD Consolidation

  1. Don’t know about those predictions…. but what is very clear is that any half decent name showing up on any venue at the moment are going for some big prices in the last 2 months.. Bigger that what I think they are worth and bigger than what I thought an end user would pay.. Not much room to buy and flip in my opinion.

    There are not a lot of good names on the drop and when they do show up there is a feeding frenzy of bidders and prices.. The prices are at $200-$500 days even before the Auctions are starting.. I don’t even get a chance to enter a bid..

    Also.. Why do people bid 4 days out from the start date of some of this Auctions.. Jeeezzzz it just brings more attention to some of these names and is driving up the prices.. Hello, there is a WATCH function on Godaddy Auctions. Your $15-$100 is not going to WIN most of the Auctions on any platform. Some people are shooting themselves in the foot by bidding early and drawing in more eyes, lazy bidders and more bids.. USE the WATCH function people.

    1. Right. The early bidding plays right into the hands of GoDaddy who wants higher prices to line their pockets.
      New domainers coming into the marketplace, in general, is a good thing, as it increases awareness, demand and prices. If the rise in aftermarket prices translates to rising prices for end users then all is well in the land of brands. But if not then we will see an aftermarket bubble that is not sustainable.

      Also as parking and geos have become less profitable many domainers have turned to brandables over the past two years. I think this increase in aftermarket prices is the side effect of that. In recent months the situation has become more acute. Either the end user market expands with higher prices or the aftermarket breaks down and prices normalize due to a lack of end user demand.

      Such is the way of markets 🙂

      1. PS I meant to say the current inflated aftermarket is due to both things: New domainers seeing brandables as the easiest entry point in the marketplace AND veteran domainers who are seeing diminishing demand/returns for parking/geos/two word generics etc.

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