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Right now Doron and I are attending NamesCon 2017 in sunny LasVegas and I’m posting this blog via telepathic artificial intelligence. Yea right! In case you’re not familiar with NamesCon, it’s one of the world’s largest domain name industry conferences and it features presentations by industry experts on a wide variety of relevant domaining topics. It’s also a unique opportunity to network, face-to-face, with the people we communicate with all year long via cyberspace. I’m sure we’ll both be writing about our respective NamesCon adventures next week.

In the meantime, let’s look at some interesting brandable sales, as reported by NameBio, recently: ($1155) – A few years ago app was a very trendy and sought after keyword. However, it’s popularity amongst startups has waned a bit. Still, the keyword has cache today because so many app names are being held off the aftermarket by domainers and this makes them rare. ($715) – The keyword ‘angel’ can create strong imagery in a brand. Paired here with the mid-level valued, keyword, ‘hub’ it’s suitable for a venture capital firm, an incubator or start-up accelerator. ($325) – We’ve talked a lot this year about double letter brandables but I haven’t seen too many viable triple letter brands. But if you were going to buy a triple brand, this would be one of the few instances in which it might work. ($200) – Two first level, tech keywords with mediocre synergy. I could see this as a brain training app or platform, an artificial intelligence program or a smart online payment service. ($101) – A double letter brandable that’s suited for use as an on-demand or subscription based, food brand. It could also be used for a restaurant name, a reservation app or a line of healthy food products. ($193) — Two more top level keywords with very nice synergy. Unfortunately the plural takes a lot of value away from this name. QuickDrone is a much more powerful brand in my opinion. ($868) — Link is a strong tech keyword and it’s paired nicely with ‘vital’ giving it a sense of focus and urgency. I could see this brand being used for a web marketing startup, a computer hardware venture or in the health tech sector. A nice brand with a lot of versatility.

Pioneerly ($154) — Dictionary words with an ly suffix hack have been popular for several years. You don’t see many of them in the aftermarket. This scarcity gives them value. A possible brand for an outdoor sports or clothing company, farm tech or even data analytics and possibly an artificial intelligence startup.

NanoCredit ($399) – Nice FinTech name. Could be used or a peer to peer lending platform or some kind of smart credit card or payment system. ($190) — A playful take on a serious subject. This makes it a prime candidate for marketing to millennials. It could easily be used for an online banking, personal finance and investing software, app or platform. ($675) – Alternate spelling for cantina, which means a bar or wine shop. It has potential as a women’s clothing brand, a restaurant, a beverage or a bar. ($125) – Two strong keywords combined for use as a brandable in the security tech space. I envision it as a crowd sourced cyber-security site, a smart door lock or a home security system. ($1,286) – Nice alliteration for increase memorability and viral potential. It could have use as a hotel reservation service or in the virtual and augmented reality space. One such application might be a service that provides virtual tours of real estate for sale or rent. It could be a gaming brand too. ($960) – Labs has become super popular with startups and it seems you can stick any keyword in front of it and it has branding potential. The keyword ‘titan’ gives it a grand, powerful feeling and lots of room for a wide application of science or tech based ventures. ($259) – Deal is another one of those keywords that is past its prime but is still commanding good prices because of its rarity, even though its popularity with end users is waning.

I hope my musings on some of this week’s sales has provided you with a modicum of insight and value. Till next week…. may all your sales be to end users!

Meanwhile, feel free to peruse these scintillating brandables available through NameJet this week:

Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

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