Online printing startup Printful invests $100k to upgrade from to

California-based online printing dropshipping startup Printful reached out to me to share they have upgraded their domain name, going from to, in a transaction that cost $100,000 USD. Formerly Idea Bits LLC, the print-on-demand dropshipping company is now also incorporated as Printful Inc in the state of Delaware.

“Incorporating Printful is a step toward our goal of going public on the U.S. stock exchange by 2020 and will help us raise investment capital. We decided to change our domain to better build our brand – we’re Printful, not The Printful, and our domain name needs to reflect that,” says Davis Siksnans, CEO of Printful.

When I asked them how they acquired their exact match .com name the company shared with me they purchased the domain name directly from the previous owner with the help of GoDaddy’s domain name buying service. The company tried buying the domain directly in the past but was unable to reach a deal. This time, they decided to use GoDaddy to help broker the deal, which they successfully did.

Printful is a leading print-on-demand dropshipping company that prints and ships print products for ecommerce retailers. It features a custom API and direct integrations with popular ecommerce platforms to automate the order process. Its fulfillment centers are in California and North Carolina, and its head office is based in Latvia, Europe.

The startup was founded in 2013 and has grown exponentially every year since. In 2017, it has over 11,000 active users, 200 product variations, and more than 300 employees across all locations.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

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  1. Almost 2 years ago BrandBucket accepted the name Talentful for the princely listing price of $795 USD. Of course I never listed it, and have turned down multiple high X,XXX offers.

    I have to agree with Abdulbasit above – this was an amazing sale.

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