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Circumstance always plays a key role on price when buying or selling anything. Circumstance + Need + Want + Desire = price.Rick Schwartz

There were continued discussions this past week regarding the perceived rise in prices for brandable domains in the aftermarket. Some industry observers say that prices for brandable domains in the expired auctions have risen markedly over the past year while end user sales and pricing remain relatively flat. This pricing dynamic may or may not be accurate. But if it’s true, it’s not sustainable over time. Market inefficiencies can and do exist. However, the principle of supply and demand always triumphs in the end and buying and selling prices will have to re-balance eventually.

To get a feeling for how this might be impacting brandable sales and pricing in real time here’s my take on some names that were sold on March 11th.

Peoplish ($750) — At first I thought this was a hack of the word people. But Google and Webster tell me that this is an actual English word meaning, vulgar.

MindRover ($380) — Not a bad name. Mind is a strong keyword and the mind does tend to roam so MindRover is a legitimate combo in my opinion for a meditation center, brain training product, tutoring service etc.

GymCore ($330) — Good synergy but the words should be reversed ie CoreGym. This version doesn’t really make sense to me. It also has a narrow industry focus which limits the number of potential end users.

DailyCart ($330) — Cart is a strong, desirable keyword but I don’t see much connection to the word daily.

Securone ($297) — SecureOne would be a great Internet/Data security brand. But this version with the dropped ‘e’ is a wounded bird that may or may not get off the ground. It’s the kind of name that gets used for a product name but is not as often bought as a domain/company name because of the spelling difficulties.

GiveSocial ($290) — Social is a strong keyword and it has good synergy with ‘give’. However, to my eye and ear, this combination is an awkward variation of the sentiment expressed in the phrase, social giving.

Aceflex ($262) — Two strong modifiers looking for a home. AceMedia or LendFlex would be great brands because they contain a strong keyword that anchors the name (Media and Lend). AceFlex is lacking in punch and focus in my opinion.

TasteOfGold ($220) — Gold is not eaten and so having a taste of it is a bit of a stretch. Still, I suppose if people can have a taste of freedom, or a taste of their own medicine, they can have a taste of gold too.

BabyBreath ($214) — A play on the flower, baby’s-breathe. Baby is a very strong, non-tech, keyword and the synergy here is good. I could see this as a brand for baby clothing, bedding, baby care products, baby food or toys.

HealthyChic ($210) — Two strong, but mismatched, keywords. Chic is associated with being fashionable, stylish, hip or beautiful but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it being referred to as healthy.

PerfectJet ($206) — Could be used for an executive travel service or private jet sales and service outfit. Not bad for an opulent but narrow industry niche.

DealsNinja ($205) – I think, deal, is one of those keywords that is past its prime. I don’t see startups using it and even worse it appears here as a plural.

Bonjoy ($166) — This is kind of a cool name. Sort of a mix of Bon Jovi and Almond Joy. Bon means good in French and it’s nicely paired with, joy. I could see this as a brand for a clothing line, gourmet chocolate, a restaurant or a travel company.

GemClinic ($156) — Two good keywords but mismatched in my opinion. So as a brandable I don’t see a lot of potential. However it would be an upgrade for the Glaucoma and Eye Management Clinic that makes its home at Perhaps this domain was purchased with that in mind.

What I see from this limited sampling, is an increased tendency to pay premium prices even for mediocre names.

These are my musings on yesterday’s brandable domains. But brandables, as you know, are highly subjective. What are your thoughts and opinions about these sales? Let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile here are some juicy, brandables for sale at NameJet this week:

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Keith DeBoer is a part-time, domain investor with an emphasis on brandable domains. He's also a domain industry writer with published content at DN Geek, DomainShane and NamePros. By day, he works as an Internet consultant.

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  1. Some of these names like GymCore might be worth something decent, but in the long run, I don’t see how anyone can make money paying this much for average speculative names.. I think in about 1-2 years, some people / companies are going to have a rude awakening…

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