74 newly funded startups and their domain names: Dave.com, Me.me, WorkToday.com

I’m writing this post from the Happy Forest which is the name of the kid’s playground in our hotel in Hualien, Taiwan where we arrived yesterday evening after a five-day road trip throughout the north of the country. I just finished a 3-month consulting project with online fashion retailer Grana so this is our first holiday as a family this year. It’s nice to take a break from it all except of course from publishing this blog. I want to give a shout-out to Candace Cook, a fellow domainer from New York who has been doing a fantastic job helping me compile the weekly list of these startups and their domain names. Thanks to her help I am able to keep publishing these post for you guys.

$301,011,220 in funding was raised by 74 startup companies. Almost 69% of them launched with a .com domain name followed by the ccTLD with a strong showing of just under 23%. There’s not a single startup this week that went with a new domain name extension.  After a couple of weak lists we have some stellar domain names this week led by Los Angelos-based app Dave that predicts upcoming expenses and alerts users if their balance is at risk. The fintech startup managed to acquire the ultra premium Dave.com domain name for their company. James Iles over at NamePros spoke with founder Jason Wilk about the acquisition of the domain name here. Another startup that caught my eye was Me.me, a meme search engine, which raised $1.5 million in funding and can be found at the matching, super-short Me.me domain name.  Last up we have California-based Work Today, which describes itself as the world’s largest labor marketplace for blue-collar workers. The company uses the matching WorkToday.com domain name which currently still list GoDaddy’s NameFind LLC as the owner.


Here’s this weeks list:

NameFundingAmountDomain NameTLD
Singapore LifeSeries A$50,000,000SingLife.com.com
Traditional MedicinalsVenture$30,000,000TraditionalMedicinals.com.com
Epimab BiotherapeuticsSeries A$25,000,000Epimab.com.com
WeiyangSeries A$23,000,000Weiyang.cn.cn
Amicus SAVenture$20,000,000AmicusPharma.eueu
Pulse Cashflow FinanceVenture$17,910,000PulseCashFlow.com.com
Shadow CreatorSeries A$14,520,000ShadowCreator.com.com
Eastern Wholesale FenceVenture$11,000,000EasternFence.com.com
Doc HaloSeries A$11,000,000DocHalo.com.com
Avalanche StudiosVenture$10,000,000AvalancheStudios.com.com
Deep SentinelSeries A$7,400,000DeepSentinel.com.com
802 SecureVenture$6,000,000802Secure.com.com
PostProcess TechnologiesSeed$4,000,000PostProcess.com.com
Buster + PunchVenture$3,730,000BusterAndPunch.com.com
Top DoctorsVenture$3,270,000TopDoctors.es.es
WiBotic, IncSeed$2,500,000Wibotic.com.com
Damae MedicalVenture$2,180,000DamaeMedical.fr.fr
DipatSeries A$2,160,000Dipat.de.de
Redwood MaterialsVenture$2,000,000RedwoodMaterialsInc.com.com
Heartland Water TechnologySeed$2,000,000HeartlandTech.com.com
Deck CommerceVenture$2,000,000DeckCommerce.com.com
Lightbulb CrewVenture$1,810,000LightBulbCrew.fr.fr
Exonar LtdSeed$1,600,000Exonar.com.com
MobenziSeries A$1,230,000Mobenzi.com.com
Work TodaySeed$1,100,000WorkToday.com.com
Patch HomesSeed$1,000,000PatchHomes.com.com
CLOP TechnologiesSeed$1,000,000ClopTech.com.com
BeamLine DiagnosticsSeed$837,920BeamLineDiagnostics.com.com
Cohort, IncAngel$575,000Cohort.is.is
The Wine GallerySeed$500,000TheWineGallery.com.au.com.au
Zyyx 3D PrinterVenture$448,350Zyyx3DPrinter.com.com
Mamma M'AmaSeed$402,710MammaMama.it.it
The Office PassSeed$245,000TheOfficePass.com.com
Olivine TechnologySeed$50,000OlivineTech.com.com
Ananas AnamVentureUndisclosedAnanas-Anam.com.com
Surf Shop BoxSeedUndisclosedSurfShopBox.com.com
Liveo WaySeedUndisclosedLiveo.me.me
VR Front DeskSeedUndisclosedVRFrontDesk.com.com
Plurilock Security SolutionsSeedUndisclosedPlurilock.com.com
Allotrope MedicalSeedUndisclosedAllotropeMed.com.com
Visionary RealmsSeries AUndisclosedVisionaryRealms.com.com
ZipGoSeries AUndisclosedZipgo.in.in
LizhiweikeSeries AUndisclosedLizhiweike.com.com
MyraSeries AUndisclosedMyraMed.in.in
Niramai Health AnalytixSeedUndisclosedNiramai.com.com
KSK DiagnosticsSeries AUndisclosedKSK-Diagnostics.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty and the founder of High West a specialized recruiter for tech and digital talent. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor. He lives in bustling Hong Kong with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

4 thoughts on “74 newly funded startups and their domain names: Dave.com, Me.me, WorkToday.com

  1. Thanks Doron and Candace for your dedication and effort in compiling these lists. They are very valuable in helping create a picture of industry trends and directions, and the startup space seems to be one of the most dynamic.

    It doesn’t matter how many of these lists I read, I’m always astonished by the amount of funds raised. If you divide that total by the number of players identified, the average is more than four million dollars.

    Just supposing each company’s domain budget was just one percent of that (to paraphrase a recent post by Media Options), that would be a little more than $40,000 available for an acquisition. Seems reasonable.

    Just had a look at the company (Grana) that Doron said he did some work for. Very impressive.

    It’s always interesting to hear about how people decide on a domain, and their site explains it:

    “With no remarkable name coming to mind, Luke’s mom suggested he go with the family heritage – his last name Grana.”

    1. Most of these startups had to pick a name for their company long before they raised their first funding so the budgets for a (matching) domain name were most likely small. Chances are you will see those companies that gain traction and continue to raised additionl rounds of capital will rebrand or do a domain name upgrade down the line.

      Fun fact, Luke Grana, the CEO at Grana purchased the Grana.com domain name for only ~$5,000 a few years ago!

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