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I haven’t done a recently-sold review in a while so I thought now would be a good time. I’ve picked an array of names, in different styles and genres. All of them sold for under $600. For each one I’ve given my thoughts on why I think the name works and what industries it might be used for.

In most cases, I think these names sold at higher than “normal” prices which is great for the sellers, not so good for the buyers. What’s interesting about that though, is that people like Rick Schwartz and Drew Rosener say that while the low end of the aftermarket is currently way overpriced, many high end domains, particularly 3Ls, are going at bargain prices. Go figure. Here’s the names. $200 – Two strong keywords with mild synergy. Could be an info-tech brand, a startup incubator or accelerator. $131 – A hack of the word cranberry. A good brand for a restaurant or anything food related but probably not a food company itself. But a foodie blog, food service, caterer, meal delivery, food magazine etc. would all fit nicely. Could also be a lifestyle brand or even a women’s clothing line. $398 – Two strong keywords with decent synergy. A good name for an office software, online organizer or office supplies and furniture company. $343 – Two strong keywords with good synergy. I could see this as an alternative energy, green fuel brand or as an energy bar, sports drink or workout supplement. $193 – A couple of medium to high level keywords with good synergy. Could be a web marketing agency, a fitness club, yoga studio, entertainment magazine or even a night club. Anything hip and urban. $196 – Labs is a very hot keyword right now. It seems you can put almost anything in front of ‘labs’ and it looks good. However I’m leery of brands with ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ in them as they can easily be misspelled. But I do own a few. This could be a shipping, delivery or courier service company. Could also be a shipping logistics software/platform for International container shipments going through customs etc. $543 – Really like this hack of the word ‘slink.’ Slink can have a negative connotation but replacing K with Q makes it a bit playful to my eye/ear and I could see it being used for an info-tech startup, a children’s product, gaming software etc. $273 – Home is a super strong keyword and fiber is OK too. This could be anything from an Internet provider to a housewares and furniture brand. $560 – A playful take on the word junky, hunky, gunky and funky. Many startups like brands starting with Z and I could see this name having all kinds of tech applications while still being an option for companies in the youth space such as clothing, education, music, teen social networks etc. $232 – A very popular dictionary word hack. Brands ending in LY have been popular for years. It could make a fine name for all kinds of tech office related products, supplies and services. In business everything has to be confirmed. That includes data, accounting, payroll, appointments, contracts, agreements, meetings and events. So a good B2B brand for someone in that space.

TheLearningSpace $104 – I’m not usually a fan of three word brandables unless they are a popular phrase. However, ‘the’ is a fairly acceptable add on in some instances. This name feels familiar and has echos of the movie The Learning Tree and the company called the Lending Tree. So it could be used for some kind of educational or collaborative facility, software, platform or app.

I hope my ruminations have stimulated some ideas for your next brandable registration or purchase.

Meanwhile here are a few intriguing listings from over at NameJet this week:

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Keith DeBoer is a part-time, domain investor with an emphasis on brandable domains. He's also a domain industry writer with published content at DN Geek, DomainShane and NamePros. By day, he works as an Internet consultant.

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  1. sold for a good price IMO. slightly more than it’s worth, unless there’s a development plan in mind borderline..

    The rest unless there’s a specific reason, I think are all overpriced as wholesale buy.

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