78 newly funded startups and their domain names: Soldo.com, WonderSchool.com, CleanCapital.com

Last week, a whopping $502,733,190 in startup capital was raised by 78 new companies. Over 73% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a strong second again with a share of more than 19%.  For the third week in a row, there is not a single startup on the list that decided to use a new domain name extension. In fact, more startups launched with a .ai domain in Q2 this year than all new domain name extensions combined. Just think about that.

Not many great domain names on the list this week but some I do like include those of UJ-based fintech company Soldo which operates from the matching .com. A nice, short and memorable invented name. I also like California-based Wonderschool which offers a platform where people can start infant and toddler programs and preschools out of their own homes. The startup purchased the matching .com domain from BuyDomains for $1,900 earlier this year. My favorite name this week is that of CleanCapital, a financial technology company from New York that makes it easy to invest in clean energy.

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFundingAmountDomain NameTLD
NFPNoble Four Partners (NFP)Venture$150,000,000NobleFourPartnersllc.com.com
Repare TherapeuticsSeries A$68,000,000RepareRX.com.com
Eton PharmaceuticalsSeries A$20,000,000EtonPharma.com.com
VinetiSeries A$13,750,000Vineti.com.com
Misty RoboticsSeries A$11,500,000MistyRobotics.com.com
Soldo LtdSeries A$11,000,000Soldo.com.com
Alight, IncSeries A$11,000,000AlightInc.com.com
SenseSeries A$10,000,000SenseHQ.co.co
ShieldX Networks, IncSeries A$9,000,000ShieldX.com.com
Acudeen Technologies IncVenture$6,000,000Acudeen.com.com
AproPLANSeries A$5,580,000AproPlan.com.com
Now Healthcare GroupSeries A$5,110,000NowHealthCareGroup.com.com
BlockFraudSeries A$5,000,000BlockFraud.com.com
Centriq Technology IncVenture$4,800,000CentriqHome.com.com
Julia Computing, IncSeed$4,600,000JuliaComputing.com.com
Grow FitSeries A$4,500,000GetGrowFit.com.com
MindBridge AISeed$4,300,000MindBridge.ai.ai
MKA CyberSeries A$4,100,000MKACyber.com.com
The Edge PropertyVenture$4,000,000TheEdgeProperty.com.com
CloudPost NetworksSeries A$4,000,000CloudPostNetworks.com.com
Digital Golf TechnologiesVenture$4,000,000DigitalGolfTechnologies.com.com
Z-WorksSeries A$3,610,000Z-Works.co.jp.co.jp
Fuzic MediaSeed$3,520,000FuzicMedia.com.com
BcompSeries A$3,080,000BComp.ch.ch
Milk VFXVenture$2,560,000Milk-VFX.com.com
Verso LearningSeries A$2,000,000VersoApp.com.com
KisshtSeries A$2,000,000Kissht.com.com
Elevate SecuritySeed$2,000,000ElevateSecurity.com.com
Xpertdoc TechnologiesSeed$1,740,000Xpertdoc.com.com
Precise Real Estate SolutionsSeries A$1,500,000PreciseRes.com.com
E Table grSeed$1,120,000e-Table.gr.gr
Pine BiotechSeed$1,030,000Pine-Biotech.com.com
Chaos SumoSeed$1,000,000ChaosSumo.io.io
Lambda Health SystemSeed$769,910LHS-sa.ch.ch
Prime PilotVenture$570,600PrimePilot.com.com
Digital RevisorVenture$525,670DigitalRevisor.nu.nu
Elemental SoftwareVenture$383,110ElementalSoftware.co.co
Sally RVenture$114,120Sally-r.com.com
Dealer RelaySeedUndisclosedDealer-Relay.com.com
Quantta AnalyticsSeedUndisclosedQuantta.com.com
Havson GroupSeedUndisclosedHavsonGroup.com.com
Westwell LabSeries AUndisclosedWestwell-Lab.com.com
Drive RevenueAngelUndisclosedDriveRevenue.net.net
ZtudeSeries AUndisclosedZtude.com.com
Deerland Enzymes & ProbioticsVentureUndisclosedDeerlandEnzymes.com.com
CleanCapitalSeries AUndisclosedCleanCapital.com.com
Always AppsSeedUndisclosedAlwaysApps.com.au.com.au
DesoraSeries AUndisclosedDesora.co.co

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty and the founder of High West a specialized recruiter for tech and digital talent. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor. He lives in bustling Hong Kong with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

6 thoughts on “78 newly funded startups and their domain names: Soldo.com, WonderSchool.com, CleanCapital.com

  1. Most of the domain name i see usually has .com TLD extentions. And I think no matter what other nTLD’s are up on sale, buyer or companies are always on lookout for .com domain names. The funding raised is really too big from startups.

  2. DigitalGolfTechnologies.com – What ? Raise 4 million and you get this domain. Instantly that fails on every level and NobleFourPartnersllc.com with 150 M, who is advising these people , plus last but not least any name with inc in it is a waste of time. Happy 4th to all these companies that will have to change their names

  3. I do not understand how entrepreneurs can be so clueless about their name space. Likewise their backers.
    PineBiotech·com is available at Huge for $3595. At least it was 7/4/17
    ForeverShop·com is at Sedo with an asking price of $7500
    SallyR·com is at Huge for $2195!
    Valuer·com is at Sedo with an asking/minimum 10k Euro
    A couple on the list have their .com forwarding to their hyphenated page.

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