101 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: Less.com, TransferMate.com, HungryFoal.com

Wow! 101 startups raised a whopping $617,220,738 in funding last week. Shanghai based biopharmaceutical company, Zensun Sci & Tech Company led the funding rounds by raising 507M CNY ($76,837,974 USD). The company is looking for novel ways to cure cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Of the 101 startups, 68 chose to launch with a dot-com domain name while 26 of them launched using a ccTLD. Three (3) organizations chose dot-org domains, while we have a dot-bio, a dot-digital, a dot-online and a dot-tech.

Less.com definitely stands out as the best domain name on this list. The domain was first registered in 1997, but seems to have been bought by the company, Less, last month. Less is a Paris-based ride sharing company. To be honest, I struggled to choose another great domain on the list; until I saw some potential in the two-word brandable domains. First up in this category, we have TransferMate.com. Those who specialize in two-word brandable domains know that ‘mate’ is quite popular as a suffix. Transfer Mate Global Payments is a Dublin-based “B2B payments company seeking to make payments cheaper and faster.” Secondly, in the two word brandable category of domains, we have HungryFoal.com. And this domain is no superstar here, but it does clearly demonstrate what the company does. Hungry Foal is an India based food tech startup.

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFunding TypeAmountDomainTLD
Zensun (Shanghai) Sci & Tech Co.Venture$76,837,974 Zensunus.com.com
United MastersSeries A$70,000,000 UnitedMasters.com.com
InozymeSeries A$49,000,000 inozyme.com.com
TransferMate Global PaymentsVenture$35,799,000 Transfermate.com.com
Halove (hangzhou) TechnologySeries A$31,600,000 Halove.com.com
AtomistSeries A$22,000,000 Atomist.com.com
Built Technologies, Inc.Series A$21,000,000 GetBuilt.com.com
NVXLSeries A$20,000,000 NVXLTech.com.com
LessSeries A$19,000,000 Less.com.com
Locus BiosciencesSeries A$19,000,000 Locus-Bio.com.com
Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd(USPL)Venture$15,491,770 Wrogn.in.in
Pretty GreenVenture$14,669,050 Prettygreen.com.com
WeShareBondsVenture$14,319,600 WeShareBonds.com.com
Critical PressureSeries A$13,335,500 Critical-Pressure.com.com
Medigold HealthVenture$12,668,725 Medigold-Health.com.com
Assemble SystemsSeries A$12,000,000 AssembleSystems.com.com
CarMoneyVenture$10,000,000 Carmoney.ru.ru
WinstrikeVenture$10,000,000 Winstrike.gg.gg
CREDIT CLEARSeries A$10,000,000 CreditClear.com.au.com.au
Arby's FoundationVenture$7,500,000 ArbysFoundation.org.org
PixelzVenture$7,000,000 Pixelz.com.com
CYVisionSeries A$7,000,000 Cyd.tech.tech
At-BaySeed$6,000,000 At-Bay.com.com
AdeptMindSeed$5,500,000 AdeptMind.ai.ai
MedigateSeed$5,350,000 Medigate.io.io
HUM NutritionSeries A$5,000,000 HUMNutrition.com.com
American Center for MobilityVenture$5,000,000 ACMwillowrun.org.org
Batteries 911Series A$5,000,000 Batteries911.com.com
Xtraction ServicesVenture$5,000,000 XtractNow.com.com
ZOLARSeries A$4,773,200 Zolar.de.de
NeoPhoreVenture$4,000,650 Neophore.com.com
GreenrushSeries A$3,600,000 Greenrush.com.com
ProxyclickSeries A$3,579,900 ProxyClick.com.com
Diamond OrthopedicSeed$3,500,000 DiamondOrthopedic.com.com
Loft Orbital Solutions Inc.Seed$3,200,000 LoftOrbital.com.com
WireWheel.ioSeed$3,100,000 Wirewheel.io.io
SunnaTech scientific corporationSeries A$3,000,000 SunnaTech.com.com
GlyCardial DiagnosticsSeries A$2,863,920 Glycardial.com.com
PhyseraSeed$2,800,000 Physera.com.com
Sujimoto ConstructionVenture$2,777,800 SujimotoNiG.com.com
SmartScriptsSeries A$2,500,000 SmartScripts.com.com
GainfullyVenture$2,500,000 Gainful.ly.ly
OptiVenture$2,447,800 Opti.se.se
DisplateVenture$2,386,600 Displate.com.com
Give and TakeSeed$2,200,000 GiveAndTakeInc.com.com
RoxySeed$2,200,000 RoxyDevice.com.com
EasyRewardzSeries A$2,000,000 EasyRewardz.com.com
Rescata, Inc.Seed$2,000,000 Rescata.co.co
Prevision.ioSeed$1,789,950 Prevision.io.io
MorressierSeed$1,700,000 Morressier.com.com
InatoSeed$1,551,290 inato.com.com
Snappy ResearchSeed$1,551,290 SnappyResearch.com.com
HmletSeed$1,500,000 Hmlet.com.com
ReFirm LabsSeed$1,500,000 RefirmLabs.com.com
Scipio BioscienceSeed$1,431,960 Scipio.bio.bio
JustBeagleSeed$1,293,544 JustBeagle.com.com
SpherePlayVenture$1,260,000 SpherePlay.com.com
BaumSeries A$1,013,232 Baum-ds.com.com
SuggestvSeed$1,000,000 Suggestv.io.io
TipigoSeed$1,000,000 Tipigo.com.com
HiveOnlineSeed$952,427 HiveNetwork.Online.online
Base FoodSeed$896,652 Basefood.co.jp.co.jp
EdmitSeed$855,000 Edmit.me.me
PrestioSeed$750,000 Prestio.com.com
I PaySeed$707,012 i-Pay.co.za.co.za
BinaryBotsVenture$666,775 BinaryBots.co.uk.co.uk
CecenceVenture$666,775 Cecence.com.com
Hemex HealthAngel$600,000 HemexHealth.com.com
AVA PropulsionSeed$500,000 AvaPropulsion.com.com
HoofstepVenture$489,560 HoofStep.com.com
BotXOAngel$400,853 Botxo.co.co
SmartbrandVenture$357,990 SB.digital.digital
Tr3dentSeed$350,000 TR3dent.com.com
WaizerVenture$337,260 Waizer.se.se
Myco FoodsVenture$333,388 MycoFoods.co.uk.co.uk
RecoMedVenture$318,156 Recomed.co.za.co.za
Historypin CICSeed$250,000 HistoryPin.org.org
TwiikVenture$244,780 Twiik.me.me
KahaniyaSeed$200,000 Kahaniya.com.com
wheelAIRSeed$133,355 Wheelair.co.uk.co.uk
ViviplanSeed$65,000 ViviPlan.com.com
Fortuna.aiSeed$35,000 Fortuna.ai.ai
TwiggsyAngel$18,000 Twiggsy.com.com
KneronSeries AUndisclosedKneron.com.com
ChainThatSeries AUndisclosedChainThat.com.com
Hungry FoalSeedUndisclosedHungryFoal.com.com
SeemmoSeries AUndisclosedSeemmo.com.com
Giant Box LabsSeedUndisclosedGiantBoxLabs.com.com
Green BasiliskSeedUndisclosedBasiliskConcrete.com.com
Ametros FinancialVentureUndisclosedAmetrosCards.com.com
Shanghai Zelkova Intelligent TechnologySeedUndisclosedAppAdvice.com.com
TRUE JerkyVentureUndisclosedTrue-Jerky.com.com
Amaryllis Payment SolutionVentureUndisclosedAmaryllisPay.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Candace Cooke

Candace is a researcher & teacher at heart, having been both a Chemistry research scientist and a Chemistry teacher. These passions translated well into researching, buying/selling domain names and blogging about domain names. Candace is currently a broker at Starfire Holdings.

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