95 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: LoveSports.com, VitalProteins.com, Endy.com

The total amount raised by 95 newly funded startups this week was just a little more than the total amount raised by 85 startups last week: $587,760,616 USD was raised. The funding round was led by Donahue Schriber Realty Group, a real estate investment group that focusses on developing community-based shopping centers.  73% of our startups chose to launch with a .com domain name, while 24% of them chose a ccTLD, and one organization chose a .net domain.

The first decent domain on this week’s list is LoveSports.com. The company, Love Tennis, is a Chinese tennis platform. Surprisingly, they do not own LoveTennis.com nor LoveTennis.cn. Personally, the term “Love Sports” brings back faint memories of the “GotMilk?” slogan from a couple of years ago.  The second domain, VitalProteins.com is pretty straightforward for a natural protein company. Finally, we have Endy.com, a four letter pronounceable domain used by the Toronto-based furniture company.

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFunding StatusTotal Funding AmountDomainTLD
Donahue Schriber Realty GroupVenture$200,000,000 DonahueSchriber.com.com
ROOT Data CenterVenture$90,000,000 RootDataCenter.com.com
Mahindra LogisticsVenture$37,801,058 MahindraLogistics.com.com
Metropolitan Stock Exchange of IndiaVenture$31,959,632 MSEI.in.in
Kymera TherapeuticsSeries A$30,000,000 KymeraTX.com.com
Vital ProteinsVenture$19,000,000 VitalProteins.com.com
HighLifeVenture$14,347,335 HighLifeMedical.com.com
Silk TechnologiesVenture$11,200,000 Silk-Tech.com.com
Ranger HealthSeries A$10,000,000 RangerHealth.com.com
Maide MagicSeed$10,000,000 MaideMagic.com.com
Aquaro HistologySeries A$9,800,000 AquaroBio.com.com
YugaByteSeries A$8,000,000 YugaByte.com.com
Cikers SportsSeries A$7,600,000 Cikers.com.com
AlfiloSeries A$7,600,000 Alfilo.com.com
RibometrixSeed$7,500,000 Ribometrix.com.com
Wahed Invest Inc.Seed$7,000,000 WahedInvest.com.com
HimsSeries A$7,000,000 ForHims.com.com
Trilio DataSeries A$5,000,000 Trilio.io.io
PassionflixSeed$4,750,000 PassionFlix.com.com
EdGE Networks Pvt. Ltd.Series A$4,500,000 EdgeNetworks.in.in
MeiweishenghuoSeries A$4,500,000 Meiweishenghuo.com.com
Emergence IncubatorVenture$3,800,000 EmergenceBioIncubator.com.com
Maria EmpanadaSeries A$3,500,000 MariaEmpanada.com.com
CollabSeries A$3,000,000 CollabCreators.com.com
Asking DataSeries A$3,000,000 AskingData.com.com
PayQwickVenture$2,900,000 PayQwick.com.com
AIONCO KOREA CoSeries A$2,675,640 Aionca.kr.kr
Eat Your CoffeeVenture$2,500,000 NewGroundsFood.com.com
AGRIMEDIAVenture$2,201,548 Agrimedia.jp.jp
FloreoSeed$2,100,000 FloreoTech.com.com
Realtime Robotics, Inc.Seed$2,000,000 RTR.ai.ai
LALA WORLDSeries A$2,000,000 LalaWorld.io.io
MediafrontSeed$2,000,000 MediaFront.co.kr.co.kr
FinPaySeed$1,900,000 Finpay.net.net
KitchHikeVenture$1,761,238 KitchHike.com.com
Most Mobile and Sensory TechnologyVenture$1,530,150 MobsenTech.com.com
PrimetagSeed$1,516,385 PrimeTag.com.com
Valor PerformanceSeed$1,500,000 ValorPerform.com.com
PandaTreeSeed$1,500,000 PandaTree.com.com
Naked InsuranceVenture$1,391,045 Naked.Insure.insure
Smartr365Seed$1,319,000 Smartr365.com.com
CygnetiseSeed$1,319,000 Cygnetise.com.com
TrolexVenture$1,319,000 Trolex.com.com
CapdeskSeed$1,166,450 Capdesk.com.com
Connext Inc.Seed$1,050,000 Connextapi.com.com
Hevo DataSeed$1,000,000 HevoData.com.com
EndyVenture$1,000,000 Endy.com.com
VagupuSeed$1,000,000 Vagapu.com.com
Cleveland KrautSeed$1,000,000 ClevelandKraut.com.com
AdoirVenture$880,619 Adoir.co.jp.co.jp
AhumVenture$814,193 Ahum.se.se
SHM ControlSeed$800,000 SHMControls.com.com
Wazi VisionSeed$800,000 WaziVision.com.com
SIFT MEDICAL DATASeed$665,000 SiftMD.com.com
AmberSeed$583,225 DriveAmber.com.com
InternsMEVenture$540,000 InternsMe.com.com
OneSoilSeed$500,000 OneSoil.io.io
ZtractorSeed$300,000 Ztractor.com.com
WorkkolaSeed$291,612 Workkola.com.com
hiMomentSeed$291,612 HiMoment.com.com
TalentLyftSeed$150,000 TalentLyft.com.com
NOVIVenture$139,974 Novi.ie.ie
VIVESeed$131,900 ViveWellness.com.com
Trovolone, IncSeed$125,000 Serena-OS.com.com
Zenith RoboticsSeed$120,000 ZenithRobotics.io.io
ArkServersSeed$120,000 ArkServers.io.io
IntersectiveSeries AUndisclosedIntersective.com.com
Ivy Mobility, Inc.Series AUndisclosedIvyMobility.com.com
HalaPlay TechnologiesSeedUndisclosedHalaPlay.com.com
GIZTIXSeries AUndisclosedGiztix.com.com
Zhaoliangji.comSeries AUndisclosedZhaoliangji.com.com
Love TennisSeries AUndisclosedLoveSports.com.com
Designed In ColourSeedUndisclosedDesignedInColour.com.com
A1FoodSeries AUndisclosedA1food.cn.cn
PendanaanSeries AUndisclosedPendanaan.co.id.co.id

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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Candace Cooke

Candace is a researcher & teacher at heart, having been both a Chemistry research scientist and a Chemistry teacher. These passions translated well into researching, buying/selling domain names and blogging about domain names. Candace is currently a broker at Starfire Holdings.

3 thoughts on “95 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: LoveSports.com, VitalProteins.com, Endy.com

  1. Wow! Smartr365.com with $1,319,000 and they didn’t think to buy Smarter365.com for $4,999 only? I guess they know the best for their business or they are going to make a move soon.

    Thanks for list. I’ll not increase my price because of their funding even if it was 100 Mil. It’s not my strategy.

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