Post your 3 best brandable domain names.

The weekend is coming up and I thought it would be fun to ask everyone to share their 3 best (or favorite) brandable domain names.  Different people have different interpretations of what makes a domain name brandable so it should be interesting to see what domain names are being shared. Please feel free to comment on domains submitted by others but let’s keep it civilized, constructive and try to add value.  Personally, I will be happy to give feedback on domains if you like that.

Please post your 3 best (or favorite) brandable domain names in the comments. I will start.

Right now, my three favorite brandable domain names are: – I love the uplifting and positive connotations this term has. I have turned down many offers for the domain and I’m patiently waiting for the right buyer to come along. – I love domains ending in Hero and have sold quite a few of them. Considering the popularity of VR I can see this sell for a great price. – An exceedingly fun and playful name that can set a company apart from the bland and unimaginative. I also like the many offers I receive for this domain 🙂

Please don’t post sales prices (but feel free to share how much you’ve paid for a domain) – any domains offered for sale will be deleted. This is not a sales thread. You are free to share domain names that you have developed into active websites.

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

106 thoughts on “Post your 3 best brandable domain names.

  1. Better than “best” you should have said “preferred” because with brandables often there is no consensus if one is better than another. Value is not mainly in metrics like with descriptives. But well as use to worth much more than I will say:

  2. i have my top 3 in this category short and memorable for a fashion store.
    DriverlessLabs: names ending with Labs sell very well coupled with the fact that billions of dollars is being invested in driverless/seldriving industry. i own the singular version as well.
    CureMonkey : one of the best brandable domain for a health website/blog.. i like monkey names

  3. i have my top 3 in this category short and memorable for a fashion store. names ending with Labs sell very well coupled with the fact that billions of dollars is being invested in driverless/seldriving industry. i own the singular version as well. : one of the best brandable domain for a health website/blog.. i like monkey names

  4. I have :

    I like your Doron.

    Hi Francois, I got my account at CAX deleted. I had sold and others there before. Have contacted asking the reason but not answered.

    Thank you Doron and Francois.

    1. Accounts deleted when the associated email nonlonger works. Never received your email btw, go to and contact me to solve this.

    1. Dear Doron,
      Please let me know your views about my 3 names, I am waiting for your esteemed comments:
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Haroon, thanks for sharing. I don’t really see the synergy between the words bitcoin and tole but maybe I am missing something. makes much more sense but I personally don’t classify it as a brandable. Still a decent domain. Payseer might work for a payment app but you need some luck to sell a domain name like that.

  5. My best 3:




    I got so much love for these 3.
    Would welcome your opinion.

      1. Nice doron. I know am not supposed to do this. But.

        What would your opinion be of
        These two :

        2) Crowdbio. Com

  6. We have the following, among many others: — Mobility in terms of disabilities or mobility in terms of technology. A great tagline. “Choose Mobility”. 🙂 — Any parent can tell you that children taking antibiotics for infections can benefit from taking pro-biotics. Perhaps one that tastes good and has good packaging might be easy for kids to swallow…. — We came up with this name over a decade ago. Since then a slew of companies seem to be using the term, some have even trademarked the term for various, different uses, but only one remains “live”.

  7. My favourite three are:

    Like and from the lists

  8. Hi Doron that’s a tough question but right now i would say, my three favorite brandable domain names are: : You are blessed because you got mail. I like the idea that you can wish someone a blessed day by sending him mail from : Do you still remember your first bear. The UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to sell them their first bear via Are you in love with someone but afraid to tell. or do you want to keep your love live hidden. well go to HiddenLove 🙂

  9. Interesting question. I don’t mainly do brandables, but here are a few possibilities in my portfolio. — For a startup or professional in traditional editing, music or video editing, genetic editing and biotech (i.e. CRISPR), etc. — Any kind of design where the emphasis is on flexibility. Great for a professional website. — Nanotechnology (or nanomaterials or nanoscience) from A to Z. It also works as an abbreviation for nanoscience azimuth, finding your bearing in the world of nanotech.

    Thanks for starting the poll. Look forward to see what others post!

    1. I’ve had some luck with .co but what I learned is that they need to be really short to sell (I’ve sold,, and to end-users) but I personally stay away from longer .co domains – the renewal fees for .co makes investing in many of them also a bit of a risk. is nice but I do not have any experience in selling new gTLDs so can’t really say much about the potential in terms of value.

      1. Thanks Doron 🙂
        Yeah, I’m aware of that. It also has meaning in several different languages like in Czech, it’s “sell”. In Danish, it’s “wind”. In Norwegian. it’s “wind”. In Romanian, it’s “sell”. In Swedish, it’s “wind”.

        I maybe wrong, but that’s what I found through Google translate.

    1. Of course, very nice names there, although I suspect their combined wholesale value is higher than the retail value of most other 3-name folios added here. Not a complaint BTW – your names are very much the creme of brandables, and I doubt we’ll see a better mini portfolio than these 3.

    1. Yeah, not easy right? Some great names you have there Michele. I really like the sound of Ambia. I sold a similar domain name a couple of years ago, it was and I still own which I also quite like,

  10. My 3 favorites are:
    1. – just sounds goods, maybe for a travel service
    2. – sounds like a powerful name for a company
    3. – maybe for a track ‘n tracing or blockchain company

    Maybe I will develop them myself if I have a business idea.

    Have a great weekend


    1. Hi Bobby, I don’t really see the synergy between the two words in the first two domains. has some potential considering how hot that space is but is not a brandable domain imo.

    1. Hi Jason, has a really nice ring to it but I don’t see a massive synergy between the two words and how a company might build a brand around it. The other two are okay invented names but you really need a bit of luck to sell these type of names. The issue with them being is that they are not very likely to pass the radio test and are not so easy to say and spell.

      1. thanks for the feedback, blunberry i figured could be a blunt wrap company with flavored wraps i got the idea from the frozen yogurt chain PinkBerry, and kiwib i see your point it would have to be someone who loved the name, as far as Yoovr i see it going to a brandable Virtual Reality Company utilizing it as a brandable as it’s short sweet and ending in VR

    1. Great names Robert. I like them all. Vuya is great and definitely a valuable domain but the issue with V and Y is that they pronounced exactly the same as F and J so when people hear the name they might think it’s spelled for example.

      1. For English natives I don’t think there’ll be too much trouble Doron. Vuya is a really good name, CVCV fetch super pricing, and V is a good letter for tech brands. Super name IMO.

    1. I don’t really see the value in first two – ask yourself what kind of company or organization wants to build a brand around these names? might have some potential considering the hype around bitcoin at the moment.

  11. Big fan of both MovingUp and BadMonkey, Doron.

    I’d have to say my three favs are:

  12. My three fave brandables?

    With tech getting better all the time someone will design a digital lock for waste bins and might need this

    (and if you’re from the uk you’ll understand this –

    Not someone Rodney you Rodney said delboy

    I am an ideas guy I have tech concept ideas etc

    I bought this domain because with the whole world trying to deliver groceries the fastest it would seem etc all people want is to order their groceries and have them delivered as fast as a takeaway eg within 45 mins etc

    A nice short neat brandable with z as the first letter

  13. From my portfolio; …yeah, they are not my best, ..that’s is still in making :))

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