Cashing In on the eSports Craze

“[The] booming eSports space….. I think that is going to be the next ‘crypto wave’ for domains. I’m seeing so much action in that area.” Drew Rosener on Domain Sherpa, Oct 2018

One of the fastest growing industries of our day is eSports. Startups in this space are spawning faster than Fortnite warriors and, more importantly, established corporations like Google, Sony, Microsoft, Doritos and Coca-Cola are investing at an increasingly rapid pace.  Money is on the move. Just this week Epic Games announced it’s putting up $100 million dollars in prize money for competitions in 2019. The July, World Cup alone, will include $30 million in total prizes.  But it gets better…..

According to the 2018 Global Esports Market Report  and other sources:

  • A 100,000 sq ft eSports stadium is being constructed in Arlington, Texas
  • Tournaments can last up to 12 hours and are like marathon-style, pop concerts
  • The eSports economy will grow 38%  in 2019 to $905 million.
  • The global audience will reach 380 million this year
  • The industry is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2020
  • Brands and branding are expected to make up 77% of this financial growth

I smell opportunity here as some of this investment capital has got to be spent on domains. 

Recent domain sales from NameBio:

  •  sold for an undisclosed number of millions in 2018
  • $50,000 – 2017
  • $45,000 – 2018
  • $40,000  – 2018
  • $24,470  – 2016
  • $12,510 – 2017
  • $5,580  – 2018
  • $7,986  – 2018
  • $7,848 – 2019
  • $5,000  – 2017
  • $4,050 – 2019
  • $2,288 – 2018

Existing eSport industry brands include:

Activision, Akamai, AstroGaming, BlizzCon, Caffeine, CodeRed, CriticalForce, DraftKings, DreamHack, DreamTeam, EdenGames, EngineShop, EpiCenter, EpicGames, eSportsHQ, eSportsify, eSportsMogul, eSportsOne, EvilGenius, FanAI, FemaleLegends, GameDigital, GameForge, GameInformer, GameLynx, GamerSensei, GamerWall, GamesBeat, GameSpot, GamesRadar, GameWorks, Glory4Gamers, GlobalGaming, GoodGame, GosuGamers, GreenManGaming, HackaDay, HackerBot, Hive, HiRez, Hyperice, HyperX, HyPixel, Newzoo, OverWatch, PopDog, RiotGames, SkillShotMedia, Smite, Steam, SuperLeagueGaming, TopGolf, Twitch, Ubisoft, WarCraft, WeAreNations and Zowie.

Some slang words and phrases from the eSports community:

Ace, Aggro, AutoAttack, Blink, Brush, Buff, Build, Burst Damage, Carry, Caster, Channel, Cheese, Clan, Cool Down, Dennis, Dive, Farm, Feeding, Flaming, Fog of War, Frag, Gank, Griefing, Inting, Juke, Jungler, Kiting, Laning, Meta, Minions, Nerf, Rekt, Rush, Salt, Shot Caller, Shutout, Skins, Smoke, Snowball, Spawn, Squishy, Strat, Streamer, Tilt and Zerg.

My dot-com acquisitions for the gaming and eSports space:

Rousted, Simucast, Certasport, Combatica, StreakLabs, InventCraft, Powerator, RivalChamp, PlayBrook, BattleKill, Fortifyy, Acticraft, ZenStrike, SquadGo, RivalPower, TeamReboot, TurboCrest, UserSkill, RivalShield, AstroChamp, Stealthish, GiantHit and SwiftAxe.

I’m also in the process of acquiring a sports betting domain that I have high hopes for. The deal is not complete so I can’t reveal it just yet. 

Meanwhile, what gaming and eSports related domains do you own?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

16 thoughts on “Cashing In on the eSports Craze

  1. Hey Keith,

    Agreed- eSports looks about ready to explode.

    I have,, (decentralized apps) and (for betting on esports or any sports).



  2. Greetings,

    We own these:-

    And 10 other sports domains. We see more bright future in the marketing ads, online streaming traffic and bigcompanies are acquiring more valuable domains to their portfolios.


  3. Here are some gaming domains that I own:

  4. Thanks for all the research you put into this fine article Keith. The roundup of sales, brands and “slang words” is very comprehensive and useful. Especially like your “RivalPower” name, I feel like playing it straight away.

    I had previously thought that esports was yet another domain boat I had missed :-[

    So it’s great news to see that the keyword “game” seems to be more common that “esports” itself :-]

    So luckily I do have a bunch of “game” related names:

    Brandable styles:

  5. Great post and completely agree. Own a couple of great names in this category:


  6. We’ve got 2 domains that relate to both crypto and online gaming. They are namehacks:

    Since we believe that Tronix is the blockchain with the fastest developments and a steadily increase of its users base and Dapp ecosystem, ‘Tron’ could be the one leading the next cryptocurrency craze.

    In addition, ‘PKR’ and ‘Pokr’ obviously refer to ‘Poker’ which is one of the most played games online. Now picture that in the blockchain where cheating (might) not be possible anymore.

  7. Hey folks,
    Thanks for reading and for sharing your gaming, and eSports related, domains. Looking forward to some sales reports from you in the future!

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