Brandable Trends and The Rise of FemTech

The bottom line is you have to work way smarter and harder now. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can go out and buy a few domains and that’s it.”

—  Tia Wood, Domainer and web consultant 

The brandable domaining landscape is always in flux. It’s an evolving business environment in a slow, but constant, state of change.  New technologies and cultural shifts create and destroy consumer habits, interests, fads, emerging markets and brandable domaining sales trends. 

For this reason, I regularly dip my toes (or is it my eyeballs?) into various tech journals, cultural magazines and the business sections of major news papers in search of trends and new niche industries. 

Gettin trendy

Some trends are clearly called out by astute writers and editors. Others are hidden between the lines or in the shadows. Sometimes I have to search around to find them.

Such was the case with FemTech.  Handicapped by my gender bias, I’d been completely unaware of this quietly robust and emerging market.

Until now

This spring I read a number of articles on DailyDot and TechCrunch which proclaimed that the FemTech market was “exploding.” They said that venture capital in this niche market totaled more than $400 million in 2018 and that the FemTech industry was expected to grow to $50 billion within 5 years.

The scope of the market is wide ranging and overlaps with what some call FemCare and even parts of the SexTech sector.  At the least, the FemTech market is said to encompass fertility, menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, nursing and general female health.

Names of existing companies:

  • Fertility solutionsPrelude, Celmatix, Univfy, Extend Fertility, Dadi, Conceivable, Progyny, Rinovum, FertilityIQ
  • Menstruation and fertility tracking/careClue, Glow, Ovia Health, Ow Health, Natural Cycles, LunaPads, Thinx, Flex, PMS Bites, Kindara, Keela
  • Pelvic healthEvofem, Minerva, Sumbiomix, JoyLux
  • SexualityNuelle, Sustain, Bloom, Crescendo, BlueMotion, Ora, LoveSense, Dahlia, MagicMotion
  • Pregnancy and nursingBloomLife, Naya, Moxxily, Lucina, Obseva, HeraMed, TotoHealth
  • General healthMaven, CelesCare, iSono

NOTE: Many FemTech companies are making liberal use of personal names in their branding. These include:  Nora Therapeutics, Lola, Kasha, Cora, Ava, Athena, Maya, Flo, JimmyJane, Lia and the fictitious, Laura Dicarlo.

FemTech brandable domains

Keyword ideas:

Beauty, Birth, Bloom, Body, Care, Cell, Child, Eve, Extend, Fem, Fertility, Flow, Gentle, Glow, Health, Home, Insight, IQ, Joy, Kid, Kind, Life, Lift, Luna, Med, Natural, Pre, Prima, Pro, Pura, Pure, Smart, Sonic, Spring and Track.

What I own

Brandable domains with FemTech tendencies that I own in dot com are MissFertility, ChickLogic, Rycky, CareMama, Ovux, Stacyy, UltraDiva, Femfina, Silkyy, SofterTouch, SummerDove, SoulBeau and Evlie.

What FemTech oriented domains do you own? Let us know in the comment section below.

From the GoDaddy Closeouts:


Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

17 thoughts on “Brandable Trends and The Rise of FemTech

  1. Eye-opening article, thanks. We have,,,, and we once had an inquiry from a FemTech company on Some other possibilities are,, and

  2. Great post, Keith. I used to own but It sold earlier this year. The domain name hasn’t been put to use but I can imagine this works well as a femtech brand.

    Currently, I own and a bunch of more popular, female names in alternative extensions such as,, and

  3. Thanks, folks.
    I see some nice FemTech domains have been posted in the comments.
    Let’s hear some more! 🙂

    1. I agree the double letter domain trend is waning but I’ve made a lot of end user sales with the ones I own – including one last month. In addition, someone sold for $50k this past week. So the fat lady has yet to sing.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  4. Yes, it’s a good idea to do lots of reading to keep up with future trends. So for example, I just read today the following coincidentally relevant article:

    “Men are a multibillion dollar growth opportunity for the beauty industry”

    “The men’s personal care industry is predicted to hit $166 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research. Just last year, men’s skin-care products alone saw a more than 7% jump in sales and with the category currently valued at $122 million, according to market researcher NPD Group.”

    I try to acquire domains in broad macro themes such as Health and Beauty. So while I hadn’t previously heard of the interesting term “femtech” I do already have a range of appropriate domains such as the following dotcoms:


  5. Some of the few I own (beauty)

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