158 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names: Landline.com, Skew.com, Vested.co

Last week, a cool $728M in capital was raised by 158 new startup companies. They all need a domain name and an increasing number of them is starting out with a non-com these days. .Ai, .Io and .Co remain popular choices among today’s startups and just like a couple of years, there’s a very small percentage that opts for a “new” extension such as .health, .bio or .tech

Companies that caught my attention with their domain name were Los-Angeles based Landline which enables airlines to offer their customers seamless connections to ground transportation. It looks like the company used to operate from LandlineCo.com and recently managed to upgrade to their exact-match Landline.com domain name. DomainIQ shows that the domain name was previously owned by Icapital Holdings, a company that owns a number of premium domain names.

Another company that cleverly acquired its exact-match .com is Skew. A fintech startup that aims to bring institutional-grade data analytics to the digital asset space. Elliot over at DomainInvesting.com has more background on the domain acquisition and the price here.

Last up, there’s Vested. A startup from Boston that wants to make companies, founders, and investors more fair and transparent with their equity towards employees. They launch with what I consider the second-best option domain option when the exact-match .com is out of reach, Vested.co

Here’s this weeks list:

Organization NameWebsiteFunding StatusTotal Funding Amount USD
Mesa Natural Gas Solutions247mesa.com $52,000,000.00
Vianaivian.aiSeed $50,000,000.00
Deeproutedeeproute.aiSeed $50,000,000.00
Boundless Bioboundlessbio.comEarly Stage Venture $46,400,000.00
Arceo.aiarceo.ai $37,000,000.00
LeadMedleadmed.cnEarly Stage Venture $30,000,000.00
D-Fend Solutionsd-fendsolutions.com $28,000,000.00
Vouch Insurancevouch.usEarly Stage Venture $24,500,000.00
Axiom Spaceaxiomspace.comSeed $16,000,000.00
Riverain Technologiesriveraintech.com $15,000,000.00
Crispgocrisp.comEarly Stage Venture $14,000,000.00
TiendAnimaltiendanimal.esM&A $13,753,932.00
Divide and Conquerconquer.bioEarly Stage Venture $12,488,401.00
Spliosplio.com $11,019,587.00
Drumdrum.ioSeed $11,000,000.00
Igentifyigentify.com $10,500,000.00
Firefly Healthfirefly.healthEarly Stage Venture $10,200,000.00
Shopmonkey.ioshopmonkey.ioEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
Quickoquicko.com.brSeed $10,000,000.00
Celonacelona.ioEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
VentriFloventriflo.comEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
Mednition Inc.mednition.comEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
Akseleranakseleran.comEarly Stage Venture $8,500,000.00
Tacalyxtacalyx.comSeed $7,701,752.00
120WaterAudit120wateraudit.comEarly Stage Venture $7,000,000.00
MaxABmaxab.ioSeed $6,200,000.00
Luca + Dannilucadanni.com $6,200,000.00
Amavaamava.com $6,200,000.00
Unnatural Productsunnaturalproducts.comSeed $6,000,000.00
Yaleloyalelo.com $6,000,000.00
Incepto Medicalincepto-medical.comSeed $5,600,000.00
Rob Surgical Systemsrobsurgical.com $5,501,252.00
KannaSwisskannaswiss.com $5,500,000.00
VideaHealthvideahealth.ioSeed $5,400,000.00
Hello Raye Incorporatedhelloraye.comSeed $5,000,000.00
Sexton Biotechnologiessextonbiotechnologies.com $5,000,000.00
Urban Crop Solutionsurbancropsolutions.comEarly Stage Venture $4,826,632.00
Nview Healthnviewhealth.comSeed $4,650,000.00
Cycodecycode.comSeed $4,600,000.00
Scintil Photonicsscintil-photonics.comSeed $4,400,000.00
Kambrkambr.comSeed $4,000,000.00
myDigitalOfficemydigitaloffice.comEarly Stage Venture $4,000,000.00
GK8gk8.ioSeed $4,000,000.00
OpenSCopensc.orgSeed $4,000,000.00
VIVEbiotechvivebiotech.com $3,851,101.00
Landlinelandline.comSeed $3,850,000.00
ShieldIOTshieldiot.ioSeed $3,600,000.00
Finger Food Studiosfingerfoodatg.com $3,500,000.00
Echopoint Medicalechopointmedical.comSeed $3,479,185.00
Cowbell Cyber Inccowbell.insureSeed $3,300,000.00
Planet Oplaneto.cnSeed $3,030,730.00
CyberFortresscyberfortress.comSeed $3,000,000.00
Meddomeddo.inSeed $3,000,000.00
Celera Incorporatedceleratechnologies.comSeed $3,000,000.00
Axuallaxuall.comSeed $3,000,000.00
Cadence Neurosciencecadenceneuro.com $2,999,999.00
Laikaheylaika.comSeed $2,950,000.00
Hangzhou Stupa Network Technologyperfma.comEarly Stage Venture $2,820,000.00
Jorsekeasydita.comSeed $2,700,000.00
Aliro Technologiesaliroquantum.comSeed $2,700,000.00
Wallitwallit.appSeed $2,600,000.00
Tiny Organicstinyorganics.comSeed $2,500,000.00
Hyperia, Inc.hyperia.netSeed $2,500,000.00
Curedcured.healthSeed $2,500,000.00
Mittogetmitto.comSeed $2,200,629.00
Hnryhnry.co.nzSeed $2,150,000.00
Normative.ionormative.ioSeed $2,100,000.00
COVEcoveliving.coSeed $2,000,000.00
Bottle Paybottle.liSeed $2,000,000.00
TNH Healthtnh.healthEarly Stage Venture $2,000,000.00
TelosTouchtelostouch.com $2,000,000.00
FuelFoxfuelfox.netSeed $2,000,000.00
Striderstrider.tech $2,000,000.00
Matter Labsmatter-labs.ioSeed $2,000,000.00
DataSwiftdataswift.ioSeed $1,994,256.00
skew.skew.comSeed $1,955,000.00
Liftedcareliftedcare.comSeed $1,869,857.00
Geras Solutionsgerassolutions.comSeed $1,542,720.00
MYCOPHYTOmycophyto.frSeed $1,532,312.00
Legionfarmlegionfarm.com $1,500,000.00
Belynticbelyntic.comSeed $1,439,610.00
Groovergroover.co $1,436,622.00
Wobianmall.comwobianmall.comSeed $1,414,967.00
BedaKidbedakid.comSeed $1,409,641.00
Outviseoutvise.com $1,320,377.00
Cashbeecashbee.frSeed $1,218,132.00
Vestedvested.coSeed $1,200,000.00
Next Stationnextstation.com $1,107,392.00
KineQuantumkinequantum.com $1,102,263.00
UTIPutip.io $1,102,263.00
Fifty Appthefiftyapp.comSeed $1,100,314.00
Aquaconnectcari.org.inSeed $1,094,516.00
Insurmiinsurmi.com $1,000,000.00
Spacejoyspacejoy.comSeed $1,000,000.00
Liricalirica.ioSeed $1,000,000.00
AGATSAagatsa.com $1,000,000.00
MarketerHiremarketerhire.comSeed $1,000,000.00
OptiFunderoptifunder.comSeed $1,000,000.00
SimplyAgreesimplyagree.com $1,000,000.00
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororityaka1908.com $1,000,000.00
Coadjutecoadjute.comSeed $937,600.00
Minnemeraminnemera.seSeed $776,209.00
PlusPin Healthcarepluspin.comSeed $731,614.00
AdvaRiskadvarisk.comSeed $700,000.00
Bastion Security Productsbastionsecurityproducts.co.uk $623,472.00
Finceptionfinception.inSeed $563,306.00
All Earsallears.aiSeed $517,226.00
Play Businessplaybusiness.mx $500,000.00
Buymedthuocsi.vnSeed $500,000.00
SPORTSIDEsportside.comSeed $498,380.00
Restografrestograf.roSeed $495,112.00
Basset Inc.basset.aiSeed $461,099.00
Acai Activewearacaiactivewear.com $437,094.00
Juncture Mediajuncturemedia.comSeed $400,000.00
Colorfictioncolorfiction.coSeed $400,000.00
Patchell Brook Equity Analyticspatchellbrook.com $360,000.00
CodeOpcodeop.techSeed $352,724.00
Woovlywoovly.comSeed $350,000.00
litnetlit-era.comSeed $330,000.00
Washawaywashaway.seSeed $310,483.00
Fitshikefitshike.comSeed $282,000.00
Stoklystok.ly $250,914.00
Hot Foothotfoot.co.inSeed $250,000.00
Ketofyketofy.inSeed $250,000.00
GreyHounders Glassesgreyhounders.comSeed $221,478.00
TaxDowntaxdown.es $220,062.00
Flanksflanks.io $220,062.00
yieldPassyieldpass.comSeed $100,000.00
Career 180career180.coSeed $100,000.00
Circus Socialcircussocial.comSeed
GWS Tool Groupgwstoolgroup.comM&A
VALFIX Medicalvalfixmed.comSeed
Eleven On The Riverelevenontheriver.comSeed
Fragrance Techfragrancetech.ioSeed
Yebo Freshyebofresh.co.zaSeed
SmartFarms Agritechmysmartfarms.comSeed
Yunzhiyz-iot.comEarly Stage Venture
Istoxistox.comEarly Stage Venture
Go Zayaangozayaan.comSeed
SOMO Techsomo.techSeed
Sealmedsealmed.comEarly Stage Venture
MoneyBabamoneybaba.comEarly Stage Venture
Hot Barhotba88.comEarly Stage Venture

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised their first round of Angel, Seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity, grants, pre-IPO or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

Doron Vermaat

Doron has over a decade of professional experience in marketing and business development for technology startups in both Europe and Asia. He is the product guy behind domain name management software, Efty. In his spare time, he moonlights as a domain name investor or can be seen trail running in one of the many country parks in bustling Hong Kong where he lives with his wife Fay, daughter Isla and their rescue dog Pepper.

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  1. Thank you Doron for the information.I see some good funding but nad names.Definitely raising the price of my names from what i am seeing here and the industry.

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