Brandable Insider Domain Review #22 – Featuring Michael Cyger


A wide-ranging, insider discussion with an industry icon who sold his first domain for $7500 and a case of Banana Boat sunscreen. Don’t miss it!


  • How an introvert handles the spotlight
  • The journey from GE to Domain Sherpa
  • How he got $7500 and a case of sunscreen for his first domain sale
  • What’s a domain name worth?
  • The future of the domain market
  • How to get started with Brandable domains
  • The #1 mistake new domainers should avoid
  • How to accelerate your learning curve to maximize profits

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Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

5 thoughts on “Brandable Insider Domain Review #22 – Featuring Michael Cyger

  1. Thanks for having me on your show, Keith. It was an honor. 🙏

    I especially like your tactic to evaluate which similar domain names are on the market and for what price before you make the final decision to buy a domain name. So smart!

  2. Thank you Keith for this opportunity to share in the wisdom and knowledge of Micheal Cyger.
    There is a question i wanted to ask, i don’t know if this is the right platform to ask , but here it is;
    In your experience what do you think is the most over looked strategy by new dowmainers when building a brandable domain portfolio?

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