62 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: BlueWorkforce.com, SuperMetrics.com, CircleLoop.com

Last week, 62 startups raised a sum of $197,176,137. The funding round was led by Cambridge-based biotechnology company Base4, who raised a huge £21,300,000 ($28,698,555 USD) in venture funding. Among other R&D work, the company is working to develop new DNA sequencing methods. Of the startups on this list, 68% chose to launch with a .com domain name, while 27% of them launched using a ccTLD. Representing the new gTLDs, we have a .network, a .health and a .money.

Honestly, I didn’t love any of the domains on this week’s list. Nevertheless, first up, we have BlueWorkforce.com, belonging to a Danish company that makes industrial robots. It seems that the domain name was hand-registered by the founder of the company in 2012, and it actually works decently for them. Next up, we have SuperMetrics.com, belonging to a Finish company that provides tools for monitoring web analytics etc. Clearly, the domain works well for this company in terms of communicating its mission. However, from a domainer standpoint, although ‘metric’ and ‘metrics’ domains remain popular among the brandable domain crowd, the past data shows that there aren’t many high profile sales in these categories. Finally, we have CircleLoop.com, a British company offering cloud-based phone software, as an alternative to the likes of Vonage and Voipfone. Personally, the combination of ‘circle’ and ‘loop’ gives the idea of connectedness, even as ‘loop’ in telephony is the physical connection circuit between a customer’s premises and the network provider. Quite technical, I know.

Here’s this weeks list:

Organization NameLast Funding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
Base4Venture$28,698,555 Base4.co.uk.co.uk
Step PharmaSeries A$17,246,155 Step-Ph.com/.com
DittoSeed$15,000,000 DittoTrade.com.com
CandidSeries A$15,000,000 CandidCo.com.com
Campo ImagingSeries A$15,000,000 Campo-Imaging.com.com
Purple Capital PartnersVenture$12,500,000 PurplecapNG.com.com
Aerial MaritimeVenture$12,200,000 AerialMaritime.com.com
OvivaSeries A$12,000,000 Oviva.com.com
RokaeSeries A$6,000,000 Rokae.com.com
Kona DeepVenture$5,500,000 KonaDeep.com.com
MoecoSeed$5,000,000 Moeco.io.io
KaHaVenture$4,500,000 Coveiot.com.com
SupermetricsSeries A$4,162,620 Supermetrics.com.com
ConeuronSeed$4,000,000 Coneuron.com.com
LabGeniusSeed$3,660,000 LabGeni.us.us
H2ozoneVenture$3,569,550 H2OZone.com.com
DreamQuarkVenture$3,500,000 DreamQuark.com.com
Odd ConceptsVenture$3,200,000 OddConcepts.kr.kr
Crowd RealtyVenture$3,118,500 Crowd-Realty.com.com
XmanDataSeed$3,000,000 XmanData.com.com
Xenodata LabSeries A$2,230,000 Xenodata-Lab.com.com
CircleLoopSeed$2,021,040 CircleLoop.com.com
TelnessVenture$1,669,360 Telness.se.se
GIZTIXSeries A$1,650,000 Giztix.com.com
Smart ValorSeed$1,534,425 SmartValor.com.com
SourcingBotSeed$1,500,000 SourcingBot.com.com
RUNSeed$1,500,000 RunAds.com.com
AtHandAngel$1,347,350 Athand.co.uk.co.uk
Overclock LabsSeed$1,310,000 Ovrclk.com.com
Shape RoboticsSeed$799,300 ShapeRobotics.com.com
GorendezvousSeed$755,000 Gorendezvous.com.com
Perx FolkefinansieringVenture$601,900 Perx.no.no
TripstoreSeed$553,920 Tripstore.kr.kr
MobiusSeed$500,000 Mobius.Network.network
MobycySeed$500,000 Mobycy.com.com
Encounter TelehealthSeed$410,000 Encounter.Health.health
NuveproSeed$400,000 Nuvepro.com.com
FixrateVenture$361,380 Fixrate.no.no.
200crowdSeed$356,766 200Crowd.com.com
GeektasticSeed$310,316 Geektastic.com.com
Herb SciencesSeed$10,000 HerbSciences.in.in
Justmop.comSeries AUndisclosedJustmop.com.com
Chordia TherapeuticsSeries AUndisclosedChordiaTherapeutics.com.com
Mr ButtonSeries AUndisclosedMrbutton.in.in
Instinct InnovationsSeedUndisclosedInstinctinnovations.com.com
Yunji TechnologySeries AUndisclosedYunjichina.com.cn.com.cn
Joonak DeliveryVentureUndisclosedJoonaak.com.com
Great Stone GridironSeries AUndisclosedGSGsport.com.com
Arro MoneySeries AUndisclosedArroMoney.com.com
Morakot TechnologiesVentureUndisclosedMorakot.it.it
Blue WorkforceVentureUndisclosedBlueWorkforce.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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