77 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: InstaFreight.com, SmarterEye.com, eLocal.com

More than $408,132,561 was raised by 77 startups last week. Singapore based Fullerton Health led the round after raising $120,920,000 in Venture funding. The company is a major provider of corporate health care in the Asia Pacific region. 56 of the 77 startups on our list chose to launch with a .com domain name, while 15 startups chose to launch with a ccTLD. Two startups used .net domain names, while we have one .business, one .solutions and two .tech domains.

And we have yet another week where it was difficult to choose domain names to highlight. First up we have Instafreight.com, a Berlin based freight transport company. ‘Insta‘ is definitely quite popular in the brandable domain world as a shortener for ‘instant’. Next up, we have SmarterEye.com, a Chinese driving automation company that raised a cool $15M in funding. Although the domain would only capture maximum 4 figures in the aftermarket, it works decently for an automated driving company. Finally, we have eLocal.com, belonging to an advertising company looking to connect consumers with their local businesses. The 20-year old domain name seemed to have changed hands multiple times, but was initially registered by a web-space leasing company.

Here’s this weeks list:

Organization NameLast Funding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
Fullerton Healthcare CorporationVenture$120,920,000 Fullertonhealth.com.com
MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology CoVenture$30,000,000 MMcuav.com.com
eLocal USAVenture$25,000,000 eLocal.com.com
MavupharmaSeries A$20,000,000 MavuPharma.com.com
Reliam Inc.Venture$17,000,000 Reliam.com.com
SmarterEyeSeries A$15,000,000 SmarterEye.com.com
LieluoboAngel$15,000,000 Lieluobo.com.com
BiolinqSeries A$10,000,000 Biolinq.me.me
InstaFreightSeries A$9,419,280 InstaFreight.com.com
ChedaidaiSeries A$9,000,000 Cheddd.com.com
AkouosSeed$7,500,000 Akouos.com.com
StrencomVenture$7,059,300 Strencom.net.net
Kaiheikeji DigitalSeries A$6,800,000 Kaiheikeji.com.com
Fill Up MediaVenture$6,593,496 Fillupmedia.fr.fr
QuantibVenture$5,298,345 Quantib.com.com
EnvoySeries A$5,039,250 EnvoyWorld.com.com
OmniexSeed$5,000,000 Omniex.io.io
Aenitis TechnologiesVenture$4,709,640 Aenitis.fr.fr
BetaloVenture$4,500,000 Betalo.com.com
Apexx FinTechSeed$4,000,000 ApexxFintech.com.com
Symphonic DistributionVenture$4,000,000 SymphonicDistribution.com.com
RummyPassionVenture$3,750,000 RummyPassion.com.com
Core10Series A$3,500,000 Core10.io.io
LightIntegra Technology, Inc.Venture$3,500,000 LightIntegra.com.com
Base Pair BiotechnologiesSeries A$3,200,000 BasePairBio.com.com
Empiric HealthSeed$3,000,000 EmpiricHealth.com.com
Moyunsec.comSeries A$3,000,000 Moyunsec.com.com
CollegeDaily.cnSeries A$3,000,000 CollegeDaily.cn.cn
KyumpVenture$2,825,784 Kyump.com.com
Aurora LabsSeed$2,700,000 Auroralabs.com.com
AOS MobileVenture$2,700,000 AOSMobile.com.com
Kalypton GroupVenture$2,679,340 Kalypton.com.com
SparlanVenture$2,367,200 Sparlan.se.se
Ikbenfrits.nlSeries A$2,354,820 ikbenfrits.nl.nl
GrundiumVenture$2,354,820 Grundium.com.com
EcoChain TechnologiesSeries A$2,354,820 EcoChain.com.com
StrideUpSeed$2,142,480 StrideUp.co.co
SeaverSeed$2,119,338 SeaverHorse.com.com
Stanza LivingSeed$2,016,300 StanzaLiving.com.com
ElvesSeed$2,000,000 ElvesApp.com.com
Smooth CommerceVenture$2,000,000 SmoothCommerce.Tech.tech
befikr.inSeries A$2,000,000 Befikr.in.in
SHAPLVenture$2,000,000 Shapl.com.com
Continuum Security SLVenture$1,766,115 ContinuumSecurity.net.net
Stonehouse Water TechnologiesSeed$1,550,000 StonehouseWater.com.com
EverseenVenture$1,530,633 Everseen.com.com
Crazybee FitnessSeed$1,500,000 Crazybee.me.me
AquiNovoSeed$1,500,000 AquiNovo.com.com
EnjoiusSeed$1,400,000 Enjoius.com.com
Digix GlobalSeed$1,250,000 DGX.io.io
Progentec Biosciences inc.Venture$1,250,000 Progentec.com.com
RadioPublicSeed$1,200,000 RadioPublic.com.com
Tropos TechnologiesSeed$1,200,000 Tropostech.com.com
StevenSeed$1,065,240 GetSteven.com.com
Simply BracesSeed$1,000,000 SimplyBraces.in.in
VibeCatchSeed$706,446 VibeCatch.com.com
LuteSeed$704,800 LuteMedia.com.com
ShimmerCatVenture$355,080 Shimmercat.Business.business
VipicashSeed$265,034 Vipicash.no.no
OddittSeed$150,000 Odditt.com.com
AwareAbility TechnolgiesSeed$150,000 Awaretk.com.com
Magnolia PrimeSeed$100,000 MagnoliaPrime.com.com
Lumzag IncSeed$50,000 Lumzag.com.com
Trexo roboticsSeed$35,000 TrexoRobotics.com.com
Drawbridge HealthSeedUndisclosedDrawbridgeHealth.com.com
Turner Imaging SystemsSeedUndisclosedTurnerImagingSys.com.com
RozBuzzSeries AUndisclosedRozbuzz.com.com
LastingSeries AUndisclosedGetLasting.com.com
GenomiCare BiotechnologySeries AUndisclosedGenomicareBio.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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