81 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names: HotelEngine.com, Gambling.com, Stoke.world

Back in January 2015, shortly after starting this blog, I decided it would be a good idea to publish a weekly list of recently funded startups and their domain names. You can find the very first list I published here and together with the help of Candace Cook we published almost 160 lists, covering and analyzing more than 10,000 startups and their domain names.

The series became a weekly favorite for many readers but it took many hours for us to research and compile the list and then publish it so we stopped publishing the list 4 years later, in January 2018.

Thanks to some recent updates to Crunchbase’s Pro subscription I am now able to export a list of data in minutes compared to hours it used to take to do this manually which means I am bringing this weekly series back to the blog.

Here’s this weeks list:

Organization NameDomain NameFunding Amount (in USD)Funding Type
Soto Solarsotosolar.com $110,363,094.00 Venture
Ubi Transportubitransport.com $49,794,790.00 Venture
Olivelaolivela.com $35,000,000.00 Series A
BrightInsightbrightinsight.com $25,000,000.00 Series A
SGI DNAsgidna.com $25,000,000.00 Series A
Sparxsparx.co.uk $24,260,897.00 Venture
Oneberryoneberry.com $22,000,000.00 Series A
lesBigBosslesbigboss.fr $19,874,876.00 Venture
Fyllohellofyllo.com $16,000,000.00 Seed
Hotel Enginehotelengine.com $16,000,000.00 Series A
Gambling.com Groupgambling.com $15,500,000.00 Venture
Huhu Savinghuhusaving.com $14,037,846.00 Series A
Specific Diagnosticsspecificdx.com $12,500,000.00 Venture
Culture Fresh Foodsculturefreshfoods.com $11,000,000.00 Series A
Sellicssellics.com $10,000,000.00 Series A
Cannaraycannaray.co.uk $9,575,698.00 Series A
Checkmyguestcheckmyguest.fr $7,725,416.00 Venture
Maarifa Education Holdingsmaarifaeducation.com $7,000,000.00 Venture
Minu.mxminu.mx $6,500,000.00 Seed
DigitalF5digitalf5.com $6,000,000.00 Private Equity
NeuralGalaxyneuralgalaxy.com $5,895,895.00 Angel
Quantificarequantificare.com $5,532,754.00 Series A
Veralox Therapeuticsveralox.com $5,400,000.00 Seed
Reforce Internationalreforceinternational.com $5,239,428.00 Venture
3RDFlix3rdflix.com $5,001,225.00 Seed
Vyapar Appvyaparapp.in $4,970,000.00 Series A
Flat.mxflat.mx $4,500,000.00 Pre-Seed
FPL Technologiesonescore.app $4,500,000.00 Seed
Stoke Worldstoke.world $4,500,000.00 Seed
Wayland Additivewaylandadditive.com $3,682,960.00 Series A
Cashflocashflo.io $3,300,000.00 Series A
Roublerroubler.com $3,300,000.00 Series A
Saltboxjoinsaltbox.com $3,200,000.00 Seed
Harvest Platformgrowmyharvest.com $3,100,000.00 Seed
Edgecortixedgecortix.com $3,000,000.00 Seed
In Diagnosticsindiagnostics.com $3,000,000.00 Seed
Starcave Globalstarcaveglobal.com $3,000,000.00 Venture
ProcedureFlowprocedureflow.com $2,900,000.00 Venture
HHRChina.comhhrchina.com $2,788,622.00 Series A
BLIINKbliink.io $2,756,920.00 Seed
Agicapagicap.fr $2,633,458.00 Seed
Novaremed AGnovaremed.com $2,624,478.00 Venture
AFC Wimbledonafcwimbledon.co.uk $2,458,994.00 Equity Crowdfunding
DappRadardappradar.com $2,330,000.00 Seed
Nodalviewnodalview.com $1,877,071.00 Venture
DC Power Codcpowerco.com.au $1,627,878.00 Equity Crowdfunding
Freemeltfreemelt.com $1,600,000.00 Seed
Sigrid Therapeuticssigridthx.com $1,600,000.00 Venture
Team Flashteamflash.gg $1,500,000.00 Seed
Auto YiMiautoyimi.com $1,399,364.00 Seed
SmartTax51smarttax.com $1,392,950.00 Angel
Simply Solutionssimplysolutions.com $1,231,004.00 Venture
CodersRankcodersrank.io $1,230,000.00 Seed
Huboohuboo.co.uk $1,229,972.00 Seed
Kenmei Technologieskenmei.ai $1,102,768.00 Seed
CrowdBureaucrowdbureau.com $1,100,000.00 Series A
Everest Fleeteverestfleet.com $1,100,000.00 Seed
Studio216studio216.com $1,100,000.00 Seed
LUMI'INlumi-in.fr $1,096,350.00 Venture
Myelin Foundrymyelinfoundry.com $1,001,795.00 Seed
Agaveagave.com $1,000,000.00 Venture
PlexTracplextrac.com $1,000,000.00 Seed
ESN Cleercleer.com.au $945,000.00 Equity Crowdfunding
Aero Commerceaerocommerce.com $925,065.00 Seed
Tnediccatnedicca.com $750,000.00 Seed
Desana Networkdesana.io $673,530.00 Seed
VRAIvrai.ie $634,587.00 Venture
The Algorithm Peoplethealgorithmpeople.co.uk $613,826.00 Venture
Legal Managerlegalmanagerservices.com $553,275.00 Seed
reBLENDreblend.co $550,000.00 Seed
FILIBfilib.fr $548,175.00 Seed
Dreamdata.iodreamdata.io $535,000.00 Pre-Seed
Assetz Exchangeassetzexchange.co.uk $488,640.00 Equity Crowdfunding
Endcrawlendcrawl.com $450,000.00 Seed
RealARrealar.com $120,000.00 Seed
Clavis Aurea Singaporebeetrack.io $50,000.00 Seed
Recruiteryrecruitery.co $50,000.00 Seed
Saddle Shoppesaddleshoppe.com $25,000.00 Seed
Loog Guitarsloog.nyc $23,195.00 Product Crowdfunding
Bulrush Agritechbulrushagritech.com $16,880.00 Angel
SockMonkey Studiossockmonkeystudios.net $12,064.00 Venture

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised their first round of Angel, Seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity, grants, pre-IPO or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

2 thoughts on “81 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names: HotelEngine.com, Gambling.com, Stoke.world”

  1. Some truly awful domains in there. It would seem start-ups may not be as interested in their online addresses as once was the case?

    Best brand there IMO, based on domain alone, is HotelEngine.com.

  2. Thanks for the list.

    Glad to see the uses of TLDs becoming more diversified. In my opinion, that’s also inevitable. When good names of a TLD are used up, people then go for a different TLD. So that’s not surprising. In fact, that’s reasonable and predictable.

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