82 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: EMQ.com, ScaleFast.com, OutboundWorks.com

Happy New Year! I didn’t post for the past two weeks as I went on vacation. The new year met my family and I on the sandy beaches of Aruba. We loved it! It’s a lovely place to visit. But, for this reason, this post will cover new startups funded during Week 51 of 2017 (December 18th – 24th).

More than 82 startups raised a sum greater than $551,659,726 in funding. The funding rounds was led by Niido, who raised $200M in venture funding. Niido by Airbnb is a brand of residential complexes that will be built as a result of a collaboration between Airbnb and a Florida-based development group. Of the 82 startups on today’s list, 54 of them chose to launch with a dot-com domain name, accounting for about 66%. Twenty (20) startups chose a ccTLd, while we have 1 dot-net, and 1 dot-org domain. As for new gTLDs, we have one domain each of the following: .bio, .care, .exchange, .marketing, .pro, and .solutions.

First up, we’ll highlight the 20-year old domain, EMQ.com. Wholesale, LLL.com domain names sell in the low to mid 5 figures; while retail they can go from mid 5 to low 6 figures. Although there is no recorded information about EMQ.com in Namebio.com, I won’t be surprised if the price paid for the domain fell somewhere in these ranges. EMQ is an app to make sending money internationally easier. Next up, we have ScaleFast.com. This verb-adjective combination makes a decent brandable. ScaleFast provides ecommerce solutions that allow businesses to grow globally. Finally, we have OutboundWorks.com, a domain that was first registered in 2017. Simply put, OutboundWorks provides outbound solutions for sales teams. 

Here is our list:

Organization NameLast Funding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
NiidoVenture$200,000,000 Niido.com.com
Tessa TherapeuticsVenture$80,000,000 TessaTherapeutics.com.com
Jiaanpei.comAngel$60,000,000 Jiaanpei.com.com
MobileXpenseVenture$24,406,000 MobilExpense.net.net
Crypto FinanceSeed$16,537,440 CryptoFinance.ch.ch
WaareeVenture$15,720,000 Waaree.com.com
DidjaVenture$12,000,000 DidjaTV.com.com
Coopland & SonVenture$11,672,965 Cooplands-Bakery.co.uk.co.uk
Socrates AISeries A$11,000,000 Socrates.ai.ai
Chomp CloudSeries A$10,000,000 Yinshiqi.com.com
ChampzeeSeries A$10,000,000 Champzee.com.com
XiaoMaiGuiAngel$6,800,000 XiaoMaiGui.com.com
EMQSeries A$6,500,000 EMQ.com.com
ScalefastVenture$6,000,000 Scalefast.com.com
FarmwiseSeed$5,700,000 Farmwise.io.io
AsimovSeed$4,700,000 Asimov.io.io
Elroy AirSeed$4,600,000 ElroyAir.com.com
AEPONYXSeed$3,451,180 Aeponyx.com.com
FiitSeed$3,295,080 Fiit.tv.tv
SpringBIGVenture$3,200,000 SpringBig.com.com
VisualfyVenture$3,110,108 Visualfy.es.es
Radar RelaySeed$3,000,000 RadarRelay.com.com
AtaataSeries A$3,000,000 Ataata.com.com
123Seguro.comSeed$3,000,000 123Seguro.com.com
ARTMSVenture$3,000,000 ARTMSProducts.com.com
BionetixVenture$3,000,000 Bionetix-International.com.com
Security Platform Inc.Series A$2,780,000 SecurityPlatform.co.kr.co.kr
Cortopia StudiosVenture$2,609,670 Cortopia.com.com
Stampede SolutionVenture$2,550,000 StampedeSolution.com.com
ConDati, Inc.Series A$2,500,000 Condati.com.com
Splitty Travel Ltd.Seed$2,400,000 SplittyTravel.com.com
HeretikSeed$2,400,000 Heretik.com.com
OutboundWorksSeed$2,250,000 OutboundWorks.com.com
Luna DNASeed$2,000,000 Lunadna.com.com
OverWatchIDSeed$2,000,000 OverwatchID.com.com
UnivarietySeries A$1,900,000 Univariety.com.com
Streem IncSeed$1,725,000 Streem.pro.pro
9stacksSeed$1,572,000 9stacks.com.com
The Nue Co.Seed$1,500,000 TheNueCo.com.com
LoginChineseVenture$1,463,580 LoginChinese.com.com
Join MarketingVenture$1,219,650 Join.Marketing.marketing
FarmcrowdySeed$1,000,000 FarmCrowdy.com.com
YourQuoteSeed$1,000,000 YourQuote.in.in
Bombay Hemp CompanyVenture$982,500 Boheco.org.org
Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee CompanyVenture$850,000 DolcezzaGelato.com.com
Tap into SafetyVenture$593,400 TapIntoSafety.com.au.com.au
CompanionLabsSeed$500,000 CompanionLabs.com.com
CorrosionRADARSeed$486,144 CorrosionRadar.com.com
TicTagSeed$365,895 Tic-Tag.com.com
Orain TechnologiesSeed$365,895 Orain.io.io
Affordable Health Services(Easy Buy Health)Seed$350,000 EasybuyHealth.com.com
ConnecPathAngel$150,000 ConnecPath.com.com
EasyEcomAngel$150,000 Easyecom.in.in
CrumbsSeed$145,000 CrumbsApp.io.io
BoataffairSeed$103,287 BoatAffair.com.com
CGHeroSeed$54,932 CGHero.com.com
LINE CorporationSeries AUndisclosedLinecorp.com.com
Wellthy Therapeutics Pvt LtdVentureUndisclosedWellthy.care.care
UnidiagSeries AUndisclosedUnidiagInc.com.com
Vivokey TechnologiesSeedUndisclosedVivokey.com.com
Kix MobileSeedUndisclosedKixFranchise.com.com
Hooke BioVentureUndisclosedHookeBio.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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