84 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: Intersection.com, CloudSense.com, BrokerGenius.com

$981,611,640 was raised by 84 newly funded startups last week. Ecological Service Partners led the funding round by raising $250M in Venture funding.  This ecological restoration company seeks to revitalize the habitats of various animal species.  Of the 84 startups, 60 of them used a .com domain, while 18 of them chose a country-code top level domain. Thereafter, we have one .biz, one .net, two .org domains, and two new generic top level domains (a .academy and a .space).

The best domain on our list is Intersection.com, a domain first registered in 1997. Intersection secured a cool $150M in Venture funding, and is a company that “connects the physical world to the digital world in urban environments.” That is, they provide services like free wifi in cities. Next, we have CloudSense.com , which is the internet home of the British-based cloud software and service provider. Honestly, ‘Cloud Sense’ is definitely not the best ‘cloud’ domain out there, but works alright for this company. Finally, we have BrokerGenius.com, belonging to a New York based company that built a platform to help the ‘middle men’ in ticket sales. The name ‘broker genius’ is a decent brandable domain, as we’ve seen other domain names ending with ‘genius’ sell for up to $20K in the last couple of years (MoneyGenius.com)

Here’s this weeks list:

Organization NameFunding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
Ecological Service PartnersVenture$250,000,000 EcoServicePartners.com.com
IntersectionVenture$150,000,000 Intersection.com.com
Tristar TransportVenture$100,000,000 Tristar-Group.co.co
CloudSenseVenture$77,000,000 CloudSense.com.com
V3 Commodities Group HoldingsVenture$50,000,000 V3CG.com.com
Yixue EducationAngel$41,000,000 Classba.cn.cn
Huibaoche.comSeries A$39,000,000 Huibaoche.com.com
StrongBox Data SolutionsVenture$26,934,973 StrongBoxData.com.com
Oyster Point PharmaceuticalsSeries A$22,000,000 OysterPointrRX.com.com
Melanoma Research AllianceVenture$20,000,000 CureMelanoma.org.org
Broker GeniusSeries A$15,000,000 BrokerGenius.com.com
AliloSeries A$15,000,000 Alilo-World.com.com
Crux InformaticsSeries A$10,000,000 CruxInformatics.com.com
FlightdocsVenture$10,000,000 FlightDocs.com.com
AUBO RoboticsSeries A$9,000,000 AuboRobotics.com.com
YidebangSeries A$9,000,000 YideB.com.com
Tear Film InnovationsSeries A$9,000,000 TearFilm.com.com
QimingpianSeries A$7,500,000 Qimingpian.com.com
Matic InsuranceSeries A$7,000,000 MaticInsurance.com.com
Embodied IntelligenceSeed$7,000,000 Embody.ai.ai
ReNetX BioVenture$7,000,000 Renetx.com.com
EnviewSeries A$6,000,000 Enview.com.com
RollickSeed$5,600,000 Rollick.io.io
KaHaVenture$5,000,000 Coveiot.com.com
PinpianyiSeed$4,800,000 Pinpianyi.com.com
VersaSeed$4,500,000 Versa.ai.ai
intelliHR SystemsVenture$4,000,000 IntelliHR.com.au.com.au
SourceressSeed$3,500,000 Sourceress.com.com
OnlinePajakSeries A$3,500,000 Online-Pajak.com.com
BottlesxoSeed$3,400,000 Bottlesxo.com.com
Coconut CalendarSeries A$3,288,572 CoconutCalendar.com.com
RomanSeed$3,100,000 GetRoman.com.com
HorangiSeries A$3,100,000 Horangi.com.com
Sesepei.ComVenture$3,100,000 Sesepei.com.com
FarmlinkSeed$3,000,000 FarmLink.in.in
HeydaySeed$3,000,000 ThinkHeyDay.com.com
Ulandian.comSeries A$3,000,000 ilanshang.com.com
AquantSeed$2,600,000 Aquant.io.io
Peloton InnovationsSeed$2,348,980 Pelotoninnovations.com.com
PiensoSeed$2,100,000 Pienso.com.com
Rightway HealthcareSeed$2,000,000 RightwayHealthcare.com.com
Mike's Hot HoneySeries A$2,000,000 MikesHotHoney.com.com
AutentiVenture$1,753,971 Autenti.com.com
Syn VaccineVenture$1,700,000 SynVaccine.com.com
Kenzie AcademySeed$1,600,000 Kenzie.Academy.academy
Fresh Minds Services Pvt LtdSeed$1,500,000 Freshup.Space.space
Yongle TechnologiesSeed$1,500,000 YongleTechnologies.com.com
BON GamesSeed$1,400,000 BonGames.fi.fi
BoundlssSeed$1,286,050 Boundlss.com.com
MF FireSeed$1,200,000 MFFire.com.com
FinScienceSeed$1,179,150 Finscience.com.com
medGoVenture$1,179,150 Medgo.fr.fr
VersusVenture$1,100,000 GetVersus.com.com
EpiSoftSeed$1,050,000 CareZone.com.au.com.au
EmbotechSeed$1,011,430 Embotech.com.com
StickEarnSeed$1,000,000 StickEarn.com.com
CannalysisSeed$1,000,000 CannalysisLabs.com.com
Alpine Start FoodsSeed$1,000,000 AlpinestartFoods.com.com
Modern AdventureSeed$1,000,000 ModernAdventure.com.com
PhotoslurpVenture$884,363 Photoslurp.com.com
GraphextSeed$618,000 Graphext.com.com
IncludeOSVenture$606,848 includeos.org.org
MedsonwaySeed$600,000 Medsonway.com.com
Open AppSeed$550,000 OpenApp.co.co
AdvicePaySeed$500,000 AdvicePay.com.com
YaytradeVenture$474,350 Yaytrade.com.com
MyBitcoinSaverSeed$400,000 MykBitcoinSaver.com.com
Amylon TherapeuticsSeed$353,745 AmylonTX.com.com
TINYAPPSeed$188,664 Tinyapp.biz.biz
VathysSeed$120,000 Vathys.ai.ai
ZeekoSeed$117,915 Zeeko.ie.ie
Humm.lySeed$100,000 Humm.ly.ly
CommuScoreSeed$71,493 Commuscore.com.com
Investure LLCSeed$71,493 investure.com.com
Everest VenturesSeed$71,493 EverestVentures.co.za.co.za
FloraSeed$50,000 FloraLiving.com.com
FancyberAngel$1,000 Fancyber.net.net
Play ShifuSeedUndisclosedPlayShifu.com.com
Itilite TechnologiesSeedUndiscloseditilite.com.com
MyOfferSeries AUndisclosedMyoffer.cn.cn
eBlocker GmbH (Germany)VentureUndisclosedeBlocker.com.com
Big Property DataVentureUndisclosedBigPropertyData.com.com
TrendExpressSeries AUndisclosedTrendExpress.jp.jp

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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