86 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names: EverBody.com, Glamera.com, Workona.com

You don’t need a great domain name to raise money for a startup. As this week’s list shows, you don’t even need a decent or average domain name. You can raise millions and launch on a $10 domain name that was hand-registered the night before. It’s often only when a startup experiences significant traction and starts growing rapidly that they start to realize the importance of owning their exact-match brand .com domain name. The downside of this approach is that the price of their desired domain name has gone up significantly or worse, the domain name is off the market forever.

Here’s your list:

Organization NameWebsiteFunding StatusTotal Funding (USD)
ZielBiozielbio.comEarly Stage Venture $25,100,000.00
CODE42.AIcode42.aiSeed $25,034,944.00
STipe Therapeuticsstipetherapeutics.comEarly Stage Venture $21,863,849.00
Ever/Bodyeverbody.comEarly Stage Venture $17,000,000.00
Juefxjuefx.comEarly Stage Venture $13,989,144.00
SkyDriveen-skydrive.amebaownd.comSeed $13,900,000.00
Recurrent.aircrai.comEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
Titan Advanced Energy Solutionstitanaes.comEarly Stage Venture $10,000,000.00
Dentericdenteric.comEarly Stage Venture $9,450,704.00
Maka Autonomous Robotsmaka-ars.com $8,900,000.00
Gorilagorilainvest.com.br $8,409,810.00
Hunan HuaTeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.huatengsci.comEarly Stage Venture $7,019,605.00
MindMedmindmed.grSeed $6,200,000.00
Workonaworkona.com $6,000,000.00
Streamlitstreamlit.ioSeed $6,000,000.00
VideaHealthvideahealth.ioSeed $5,400,000.00
Cycodecycode.comSeed $4,600,000.00
Package Freepackagefreeshop.comSeed $4,500,000.00
Knowable Universeknowable.fyiSeed $4,000,000.00
Unagi Scootersunagiscooters.comSeed $3,150,000.00
Zipmexzipmex.comSeed $3,000,000.00
First Ark Social Investmentfirstarksocialinvestment.com $2,835,557.00
Preacherpreacher.com.cnSeed $2,797,828.00
Jobpaljobpal.aiSeed $2,722,104.00
ShapeShift Gamingshapeshift.co.ilSeed $2,500,000.00
InstaDAppinstadapp.ioSeed $2,400,000.00
Yonder AGyonder.info $2,213,653.00
Soleansolean.fr $2,184,099.00
Mainframe Industriesthemainframe.comSeed $2,177,683.00
1Balance1balance.comSeed $2,000,000.00
Zencitylivezencity.comSeed $2,000,000.00
Knowledge Platformknowledgeplatform.comEarly Stage Venture $2,000,000.00
Smashfromsmash.com $1,638,074.00
SleepyCatsleepycat.inEarly Stage Venture $1,556,443.00
Authoriti Networkauthoriti.netSeed $1,500,000.00
twidtwidpay.comSeed $1,419,470.00
Beitbeit.techSeed $1,400,000.00
Geek Starjkxingqiu.comEarly Stage Venture $1,398,914.00
Kcharf Informationkcharf.comSeed $1,398,914.00
ScaleneWorks People Solutions LLPscaleneworks.comM&A $1,000,000.00
LifeGuideslifeguides.com $1,000,000.00
Grass & Co.grassandco.comSeed $927,812.00
Terraviewterraview.coEarly Stage Venture $817,909.00
Digital India Paymentsdigitalindiapayments.com $809,999.00
MESH/diversitymeshdiversity.comSeed $717,502.00
Financepeerfinancepeer.comSeed $709,141.00
Alpceralpcer.cnSeed $699,457.00
Epifyepify.nlSeed $547,705.00
Community Mentoring and Supportcommunitymas.co.uk $307,037.00
Glameraglamera.comSeed $250,000.00
Printex onlineprintx-online.comSeed $150,000.00
Fafnirfafnirlab.comSeed $125,000.00
BusiBuzzbusibuzz.comM&A $100,000.00
hidup.co.idhidup.co.idSeed $100,000.00
Ayub Yaqoob Engineeringayecogroup.com $75,000.00
Figablefigable.comSeed $55,000.00
CheepCheepcheep.vnSeed $50,000.00
Gigantec Mediagigantec.mediaSeed $50,000.00
Hodler Enterpriseshodler.enterprisesSeed $15,315.00
Feiba Business Travelflybycloud.comEarly Stage VentureUnknown
Space Trekspacetrek.cnSeedUnknown
Ringtel Marketingringtelmarketing.comSeedUnknown
ANP Atelier and Associatesatelier.co.inSeedUnknown
Your Supply Chainyour-scm.comEarly Stage VentureUnknown
7keema7keema.comEarly Stage VentureUnknown
Yassiryassir.ioEarly Stage VentureUnknown
Mobizmobiz.co.zaEarly Stage VentureUnknown

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised their first round of Angel, Seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity, grants, pre-IPO or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

4 thoughts on “86 Newly Funded Companies and their Domain Names: EverBody.com, Glamera.com, Workona.com”

  1. Good to see some innovative uses of TLDs.

    To be honest, I don’t quite understand what the “funding” means in these cases. Does it mean the amount of money a company raised from its supporters before formally launching the company for purchasing all equipments and office spaces needed for running the company?

  2. Good point with the exact match domain. Looks like SkyDrive . com and .co is owned by Microsoft, but Huge Domains has Sky-Drive . com listed for $2795. Maybe they’ll rebrand when it takes off? Ha, ha!

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