88 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names: RootCloud.com, FirstAgenda.com

This post covers new startups funded during Week 2 of 2018 (Jan 8th-14th).

Eighty eight (88) newly funded startups raised more than $647,041,138. The funding rounds was led by Blackfish, a Chinese  consumer finance platform, who raised $145M in Series A funding. Of the 88 startups, 62 of them chose to use a dot-com domain name; accounting for 70 % of companies on our list. Twenty two (22) startups chose to launch with a country code top level domain (ccTLD). And finally, we have one dot-net domain name; one dot-auto; one dot-investments; and one dot-ltd.

It was quite tough to find domain names to highlight. But, we’ll press on with RootCloud.com. Root Cloud is a Beijing-based cloud computing company, who may have only acquired the domain name two months ago. Although ‘root’ is not the first word one would think to combine with ‘cloud’, this domain works for the company as they seek to provide “tree root interconnection to empower industrial clouds.” Next up, we have FirstAgenda.com, belonging to a Danish-based company looking to end inefficient meetings by creating smarter meeting software. First Agenda definitely works well for a company providing meeting software as “first on the agenda” comes to mind immediately. Honestly, I’m not even sure that any software could end pointless meetings, but at least this company is trying to make the pointless meetings efficient.

Here is our list:

Organization NameLast Funding TypeLast Funding AmountDomainTLD
Black FishSeries A$145,000,000 Blackfish.cn.cn
Braeburn PharmaceuticalsVenture$110,000,000 BraeburnPharmaceuticals.com.com
Leading PharmaVenture$40,000,000 LeadingPharma.com.com
Area9Venture$31,199,900 Area9Learning.com.com
ShipChainVenture$30,000,000 Shipchain.io.io
Area9 LyceumVenture$30,000,000 Area9Lyceum.com.com
The Alchemist Bar & RestaurantVenture$22,175,040 TheAlchemist.uk.com.uk.com
New Flow TechnologySeries A$18,000,000 VJWealth.com.com
First AgendaVenture$18,000,000 FirstAgenda.com.com
VoyageVenture$15,000,000 Voyage.auto.auto
SurestarSeries A$15,000,000 iSureStar.com.com
XiaojingtouxiSeries A$15,000,000 Xiaojingtouxi.com.com
HUAZHI IMTSeries A$15,000,000 Ehz.cn.cn
JuvenescenceSeed$12,300,000 Juvenescence.ltd.ltd
PMCAFFSeries A$11,000,000 PMcaff.com.com
F1 ONCOLOGYVenture$10,000,000 F1Oncology.com.com
4K Garden Series A$10,000,000 4KGarden.com.com
SMASHMALLOWVenture$10,000,000 Smashmallow.com.com
SmithRxSeries A$9,000,000 SmithRX.com.com
FoodMavenSeries A$8,600,000 FoodMaven.co.co
The Avocado ShowVenture$6,111,000 TheAvocadoShow.com.com
4Front HoldingsVenture$6,000,000 4FrontVentures.com.com
Walker Precision EngineeringVenture$5,545,560 WalkerPrecision.com.com
ClearLine MDVenture$5,500,000 ClearLineMD.com.com
DialSourceVenture$4,755,000 Dialsource.com.com
CalmCar Vehicle VisionSeed$4,600,000 CalmCar.com.com
Avant-garde HealthSeed$4,000,000 AvantgardeHealth.com.com
QualifioSeries A$3,665,640 Qualifio.com.com
superQuerySeed$3,000,000 Evaluex.io.io
DiscogsVenture$2,500,000 Discogs.com.com
Kinsane EntertainmentAngel$2,500,000 Kinsane.com.com
MilddeFieldSeed$2,257,500 Middlefield.co.jp.co.jp
FritzSeed$2,000,000 Fritz.ai.ai
ThingTechSeed$1,800,000 ThingTech.com.com
DMCVenture$1,750,000 DMCbio.com.com
Outside FinancialSeed$1,500,000 OutsideFinancial.com.com
TussellSeed$1,385,940 Tussell.com.com
Kikora ASVenture$1,270,900 Kikora.com.com
Fantastic, yesSeed$1,222,240 FantasticYes.com.com
EyewaSeed$1,100,000 Eyewa.com.com
UlulaSeed$1,000,000 Ulula.com.com
WorkaroundAngel$870,240 Workaround.se.se
CER TEK BIOSeed$800,000 CertekBio.com.com
RevelHMISeed$800,000 RevelHMI.com.com
RosieRealitySeed$700,000 Projectrosie.ch.ch
MyPoppinsSeed$537,838 MyPoppins.com.com
HeartpaceVenture$497,200 Heartpace.com.com
BeWoodenSeed$488,956 BeWooden.com.com
ContentKingAngel$427,847 ContentKingApp.com.com
TheglobalpasswordSeed$366,672 TheGlobalPassword.com.com
Powerhouse PhotoVenture$346,598 PowerhousePhoto.co.uk.co.uk
Tapoly on Demand InsuranceSeed$346,485 Tapoly.com.com
Zuul IoTSeed$300,000 Zuuliot.com.com
CardlySeed$230,000 Cardly.net.net
AlphaConceptsSeed$200,000 AlphaConcepts.co.co
EntcrowdSeed$187,000 EntCrowd.com.com
ThriveMapSeed$180,232 GetThriveMap.com.com
StellarEmploySeed$100,000 StellarEmploy.com.com
WelnysSeed$100,000 Welnys.com.com
SPRYFITSeed$100,000 Spryf.it.it
HealNowSeed$100,000 HealNow.io.io
Butler HospitalitySeed$100,000 ButlerHospitality.com.com
SquarePlanAngel$100,000 TheSquarePlan.com.com
Flume HealthSeed$100,000 FlumeHealth.com.com
Serface CareSeed$100,000 SerfaceCare.com.com
Shop The CreativeSeed$100,000 ShopTheCreative.com.com
KuantsSeed$78,350 Kuants.in.in
GigaTEKAngel$45,000 GTekSystem.com.com
Goji InvestmentsSeries AUndisclosedGoji.investments.investments
Reix CorporationSeries AUndisclosedReixCorp.com.com
Hippo VideoSeedUndisclosedHippoVideo.io.io
Next Wave MultimediaVentureUndisclosedNextWaveMultimedia.com.com
DFFRNT MediaVentureUndisclosedDffrntMedia.com.com
MoredianSeries AUndisclosedMoredian.com.com
PriceUp ABSeries AUndisclosedPriceup.se.se
RootCloudSeries AUndisclosedRootCloud.com.com
Shequ580Series AUndisclosedSQ580.com.com
Adapsyn BioscienceVentureUndisclosedAdapsyn.com.com
DMOS CollectiveSeries AUndisclosedDMOScollective.com.com

Funding data is based on online reporting and DNgeek cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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