A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence Domains

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One of the biggest, current and future, trends in technology is artificial intelligence (AI).  Whether you realize it or not AI is already embedded in your daily life and it’s increasing all the time. 

Each time you contact Amazon customer service, make a banking transaction, use your smartphone, your Echo virtual assistant or a late model car, some type of artificial intelligence is at work.  Already some 47% of all companies have embedded some type of AI into their business model.

Replicating Brain Power

So what is AI and how can we incorporate AI friendly domains into our brandable portfolio?

First let’s define artificial intelligence and its various branches:

Artificial Intelligence – A catch all term that includes techniques used to teach computers to learn, reason, perceive, infer, communicate and make decisions similar to, or better than, humans.

Natural Language Processing – Taking text or speech and “reading” it to extract information and meaning.

Deep Learning – Powerful statistical technologies that classify patterns utilizing mega training data sets and layered AI neural networks.

Machine Learning – Developing computers with the ability to perform intelligent actions without explicitly being programmed.

Opportunity knocks

In the next two years corporate spending on AI is expected to double and hit $80 billion.

In just this year retail companies will invest $6 billion in AI technologies leading all other sectors including banking, manufacturing and health care.

The names of some existing companies providing AI products or services:

AI Brain, CloudMinds, DeepMind, IrisAI, NextIT, OpenAI, ViXenze, X.ai, DrawBridge, Zoox, Nauto, Logzio, CrowdFlower, RapidMiner, DataRobot, Paxata, Trifacta, DataMinr[sic], MindMeld, Numenta, Affectiva, VoyagerLabs, SiftScience, DarkTrace, Cylance, AlphaSense, SightMachine, KensoTech, Anki, Rokio, ChronoCam, OrbitalInsight, ClarifAI, Captricity and Zymergen.

You can find hundreds of other AI company names here.

Some keywords associated with AI technologies:

Sense, sight, think, mind, brain, pattern, robot, robo, bot, botics, data, science, labs, speech, train, smart, learn, intelligent, intel, human, network, reason, logic, talk, bionic, wise, genius, IQ, alert, signal, sensor, emotion and virtual.

Hopefully this quick guide has provided you with inspiration, and some tools, without insulting your (artificial) intelligence 🙂

Till next time, may all your sales be to end users!

Brandable domains in the GoDaddy Closeouts:

  • HubPa.com
  • GoFiona.com
  • Lahki.com
  • GoingCore.com
  • ChampSteel.com (19 years old)
  • SimplyRosy.com
  • Golfero.com
  • Valanz.com
  • Bestopedia.com
  • CoderTrove.com

Keith deBoer

Keith DeBoer is a domain writer, investor and host of the Brandable Insider podcast.

2 thoughts to “A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence Domains”

  1. Yes, I would agree. The .COM namespace is saturated to the point where it is really hard to find a suitable domain name for any marketing campaign or product, albeit artificial intelligence.

    On the other hand, the .AI is very attractive as it has high namespace availability and is already recognized as a general-use domain extension (gTLD) even though it is a ccTLD, and is a perfect match for machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence because it is an actual acronym.

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