Brandable domain name sales week 40:,,

It was a bit of a mellow week for brandable sales compared to previous weeks as we only have two reported five-figure sales this week. The top sale goes to NameJet where sold to the highest bidder for a cool $12,750. The domain name was first registered back in 1996 and recently expired from Network Solutions.  These type of aged, expired domains always seem to fetch a very good price. A domain name I really like is which sold at GoDaddy auctions. CVCV domains are in demand and this is a really nice one.

I sold for $1,999 via Afternic where it was listed as a Buy-It-Now.  I purchased the domain at auction for $84.47 in 2015.

Here’s this week list: (more…)

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10 companies that paid up for a premium .Co domain name

It’s no secret that my money is on .com domains. It’s the only generic top-level domain that has consistently been dominating the sales charts and even with the many new TLDs that launched during the last couple of years, I do not see this changing anytime soon. There is, however, one other extension in which I have been successfully making a moderate profit (low five-figures) during the last years and that is .Co

Before .io came around, .Co easily was the most popular alternative for .com for startups and the extension has seen huge end-user adoption since it became publicly available in 2010 thanks to a very well executed and aggressive marketing push by the registry at the time.  As a result, many premium, one-word .Co domains were snapped up for big bucks during the landrush auction in 2010 and despite competition from some new, cool kids on the block such as .io and .ai, .Co continues to report impressive sales in the aftermarket.

The most important driver for its success is the large number of startups that embraced the extension over the years and build large and successful businesses on the domains with some of them forking out a significant amount of money to acquire their .Co domain. Here are 10 of them. (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 39:,,

It was a very solid week for brandable domain names sales last week with seven names selling in the five-figure range. The top grossing sale was which sold for a cool $25,000 at Sedo. The whois is still showing Sedo’s transfer service so it’s unclear at this stage who the buyer is. The domain name has been parked with Uniregistry since at least 2013 which shows that sometimes it takes a while before the right buyer comes knocking on your door.

Another domain name that I like is – it sold for $10,000, also at Sedo and already shows a developed site for a healthcare recommendation application.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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10 invented brandable domain name sales from the Uniregistry sales report

Quite a few domain name investors are under the impression that a pure invented brandable domain name (or made up names if you like to call them that) only has a chance of selling for a high return when it’s listed on a specialized brandable marketplace such as BrandBucket or Brandroot. The thought process often is that simply because these type of domains do not get a lot of traffic from direct navigation they are less likely to sell themselves and need the reach of a specialized marketplace to find a home.

I won’t deny that said marketplace have targeted traffic and repeat buyers but from experience and years of scanning sales reports I know that invented brandable domains sell wherever you point them at and often they sell for higher prices than the average sales price of ~ $3,000 that you see at the specialized marketplace.

A good example is Uniregistry their recent sales report. Since the company doesn’t operate a centralized marketplace where buyers can search aftermarket inventory, it is safe to say that the large majority of their sales are generated by inquiries that come in trough parked and For-Sale landing pages. As I reported last week the company moves many millions of dollars in brandable domain names each year.

Below are ten randomly selected invented domains that sold trough Uniregistry in the $1 to $10k range. (more…)

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Brandable domain name sales week 38:,,

The top brandable sale last week was which sold for a cool $25,000 at The whois details are under privacy and no website resolves as of yet so it’s not clear who the buyer is but there are several companies and organizations for which this domain name would be a nice upgrade.  Another interesting sale was that of which sold for almost $10k at Namejet after the previous owner let the domain name expire. It was originally registered back in 1995 and in use by an Offshore drilling company until that company was acquired a few years ago. You often see this happening, the new owner letting a domain name that belonged to a company they acquired expire.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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91 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

BOOM! $1,019,118,360 in fresh capital was raised by 91 start-up companies in the last week. This record-breaking number is mainly caused by a $500 million series A round in Shanghai-based United Imaging Healthcare, a medical imaging equipment developer. The round values United Imaging at RMB33 billion (US$5 billion) post-money, allowing the firm to join the ever-growing list of Chinese unicorns. The company uses the hyphenated domain name since the direct match .com is developed by a US-based company selling office supplies.

More than 72% of the startups on this list launched with a .com domain name followed by the ccTLDs who claim 14% of the pie this week.

Some domain names I like on this list include those of Adtech company Ve Global which operates from the swanky 2-letter domain name. The domain name was previously owned by domain name investor Aron Meystedt as reported by Elliot Silver here but is not clear if he sold the domain name to the London-based startup.  Another killer domain is, which is in use by California-based Kudos&Co which describes itself as an entertainment company that offers a safer social sharing experience for kids. Last up there’s Kolos, a yet-to-be-built data center in Norway which will be the largest green data center in the world with 100% of its energy powered by hydropower. They managed to acquire the matching domain name which was first registered in 1998 and in use by some Ukrainian webshop for many years.

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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Here are the top 100 brandable sales from the Uniregistry Sales Report

Uniregistry Market, formerly known as DomainNameSales has been a force to be reckoned with in the domain name aftermarket for many years and thanks to the company its initiative to start releasing their sales data a couple of years ago they have been dominating our yearly top 100 list of brandable with 47% of the top 100 sales in 2015 and 49% in 2016.  We still have to wait a few months before we can publish the top 100 for 2017 but at first glance, it seems that Uniregistry’s results in the brandable niche have been a bit less impressive than the two prior years. The company did not report a single six-figure brandable sale this year while they reported six in 2015 and three sales of $100k or more in 2016.

Below you’ll find our curated list of the top 100 brandable sales in the report and if you like you can click here to download the entire spreadsheet of 2,728 sales at

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Brandable domain name sales week 37:,,

The big news this week obviously was Uniregistry reporting 3,617 domain name sales totaling more than $29,000,000 in sales as they’ve been doing now for the third summer in a row. I will be covering some of the brandable sales from that list in a separate post next week.

The most notable sales last week was which sold for $2o,000 at Sedo.  That’s quite a nice sum for a misspelling. There’s a popular site about architecture in China using the domain name

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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70 newly funded startups and their domain names:,,

$343,618,080 in funding was raised by 70 new startup companies last week. More than 67% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being the usual runner up with almost 13% of the pie.  There are two companies that launched with a new domain name extension this week, RegTek.Solutions and

The overall quality of the domain names on this week is rather poor, to say the least, but a few domain names that aren’t too bad are,, and (domain name investor Brad Mugford operates from

Here’s this weeks list: (more…)

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10 startups that launched with a premium domain name in 2017

A lot of startups struggle with the naming process when they start and an even larger number fails in acquiring a great domain name for the company that they just launched. The general sentiment among these startups is that they can always go through a rebranding if needed or upgrade their domain name when they gain healthy traction and raise more funding.  But not all startups. Every now and then we’ll see newly funded startups launch with a killer, ultra premium domain name. Right from the start.

Here are 10 of them that announced funding this year: (more…)

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