The Brandable Insider: Google is Your Friend

Last week we talked about making money on the buy. We saw the value of doing our due diligence and research before purchasing a brandable domain. Now let’s look at one of those research and valuation tools up close. Of course with any domain, you’ll want it ranking in Google’s search engine which you could learn more from someone similar to ClickSlice, they have some interesting articles on the future of local seo. I use Google as my preferred tool to get some quick, general insights. You may have your own process but here’s what I do.
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The Brandable Insider: Are You Making Money on the Buy?

A common wisdom in business circles is that profit is ensured if we buy right. That means acquiring assets at undervalued prices. This is a basic principle in everything from stocks (which you can buy hier) to used cars. It’s an especially common saying in real estate. It’s all about tracking the market trends, finding out what has the most potential, and investing at the right time. So how does this apply to the virtual real estate of domains? Well, domaining is a little different from other investments. How? They’re more speculative. Drew Rosener once said on Domain Sherpa: ‘most of the domains we own, won’t sell in our lifetime.’ In this instance Drew was referring to end users sales but you get the point.
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The Brandable Insider: How to Pick a Good 5L

Last week we talked about keyword synergy. Now you’re thinking…..hmmm what about those short names he was touting the week before? Okay, okay, I get it. It’s time for some detail on the short brandables. So I’ll write about 5Ls this week. To prepare I messaged a friend who owns several thousand 5Ls and asked: What makes a five letter domain a good brandable? The message came back with a single word: “pronounce-ability.” Well I guess my friend is long on wisdom but short on words (just like her domains). Meanwhile, I’ve got a whole page to fill so here’s my take on what makes a 5L domain valuable and sell-able.
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The Brandable Insider: The Synergy of Keywords

A major component of two word, brandable domains is the quality and relevance of their keywords. Terms like social, smart, media, cloud, health, tech and travel are all in high demand by both domainers and end users alike. But there’s another important, and often overlooked, aspect to a quality brandable. And that’s synergy. I’m talking about the interaction, cooperation and combined effect of all the letters, words and sounds in the name.
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The Brandable Insider: Does Your Portfolio Need Resizing?

This past February our pal, Domain Shane, interviewed several of the “biggest and most successful” domain investors to get their thoughts on the domain industry for 2016. Shane was kind enough to compile their answers and present them to the public in his blog. After reviewing these interviews a couple of times I noticed that one word came up in almost every interview. Particularly when these domain investors were asked what kind of domains they thought would be good investments this year. Read More

The Brandable Insider: Those CHIPs, This Dip and 5L Blip

Many expected five letter dot-coms (5L) to be the next big thing in the surging Chinese domain market. Folks on NamePros were counting down the days till the buyout. The assumption was that 5Ls, especially those with repeating letters and patterns, would rise exponentially in value once every 5L was regged. Unfortunately the 5L play was interrupted by a major, ongoing decline in the CHIP market. As a result, some domainers now see most 5Ls as being worth less than reg fee. Why then did Namebio report sales on more than sixty, 5L dot-coms this past week?
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The Brandable Insider: Is Less Really More?

Today, once and for all I’m going to answer the big question that’s been keeping domainers up at night for almost a decade. This a question often asked by new domainers and in today’s blog I’m going to give you the absolute, final and definitive answer to the long standing question: is it better to have a domain name in the singular or the plural? Is less really more? The unequivocal answer is: It just depends
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The Brandable Insider: Your Name Could Be a Brand!

Personal names, especially those of females, have been used as brands for a hundred years. Notable companies like Chanel, Boeing, Sara Lee and Wendy’s set the example a long time ago. In modern times Silicon Valley style entrepreneurs are following in their footsteps. Specifically I’m thinking of tech companies like McAfee, Bose and Dell. Further examples would be the urban moving app at, the transportation and logistics company at and the telecommunications firm at Read More

The Brandable Insider: Are You Ready to Catch the Second Wave?

Every surfer knows that waves come onto the beach in sets. Usually in twos and threes. The first wave is messy and often breaks weird so surfers avoid it. Instead they prefer the second wave which is smoother and more powerful. Catching trends in brandables is sometimes the same way.

Ride the Trend
Overzealous newbies hand-reg hundreds of domains trying to get ahead of the trend. The problem is the trend isn’t always clear as marketing strategies for upcoming niches are not fully developed. Let’s take the coming Green Rush and Dot-Bong era as an example. When cannabis sales go nationwide in 5-10 years, and everybody and their grandma is looking to buy weed online canada, will the preferred term be weed or grass? Marijuana or bud? MJ or 420? Ganja or hemp? We’ve all seen those marijuana related listings on Go Daddy in the featured section, especially with the trend of cannabis getting bigger and becoming popular with pro-marijuana sites filling the internet with their helpful marijuana is beneficial to us to report here and there. They get no buyers at outrageous fixed prices and no bids on their high reserve auctions. Discouraged and dismayed many of these marijuana domainers just allow their hand-regged names to expire. Even though some of these sellers are struggling, other online companies are thriving, Neoteric Nutra run and online store complete with a blog which explains the benefit of all of their products as well as sells them. Make sure to visit neoteric nutra to see how they have designed their website to be effective at selling these products.
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The Brandable Insider: Domains and the Art of Color

Every week we see domain names with colors in the expiring auctions at GoDaddy and other marketplaces.  This week it was ($390), ($165) and ($155).  But what makes one ‘color’ domain more valuable than another?

Color My World

Colors influence our moods, clothing, transportation and living spaces.  According to the marketing data service, YouGov,  America’s favorite colors are: blue, green, purple, red and black (in that order). In their surveys, those five colors were the favorites for 80% of the respondents.  But when I look at domain sales reported by I see something different.  It appears that blue, black, green and white have the highest top ten, all time sales for domain names that start with colors.  Red and brown, on the other hand, have the second highest sales while colors like orange, pink and yellow seem to be even less valuable. Purple, which is supposedly America’s third favorite color, seems to be the least valuable of the entire group.  In addition I found only a handful of sales listed at Namebio that included colors like maroon and lavender so you may want to stay away from those. Read More