Brandable domain name sales week 11:,,

There’s been plenty of discussion at the moment about whether the demand for aftermarket domain names is currently up or down. My feeling is that the demand for certain domains will increase but the pool of qualified buyers, those with a budget, will be significantly less. My own portfolio is rather small and therefore not really a representative sample size but so far I haven’t closed a single sale this month while I sold six domains in February.

Here’s this weeks list:

Domain NamePriceWhere$49,888DomainMarket$48,318Sedo$24,500Afternic$22,250GoDaddy$16,888Sedo$15,000Sedo$14,527NameJet$12,611NameJet$10,500Sedo$9,999Sedo$9,990Sedo$9,000Sedo$8,500Sedo$8,325Sedo$8,300NameJet$7,777Sedo$7,500Sedo$6,500Sedo$5,940Sedo$5,678NameJet

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and many major marketplaces do not report their sales. Some domain name sales might not have been paid for yet.

Meanwhile, here are some domains at auction that we like:

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  1. Thanks for the info about your March sales compared to February Doron. I’m watching out for data points in the current turmoil to try to see where the industry is headed.

    Your recent observation on DomainInvesting where you compare platform wide offers and inquiries at Efty between February and March is also a good data point:

    Here’s a summary of my sales for 2020:

    January – 5 sales.
    February – 5 sales.
    March – 5 sales.

    (Feb – 2 sales were on Leap Year day the 29th!)

    13 of the sales took place on the Uniregistry Market and looking at the daily leads that are recorded in my Uni console, I cannot detect any sign of a downturn.

    I am worried about a downturn. I think it will be inconsistent. Health domains for example might go up. Travel names might go down. All but two of my sales were brandables and they seem to be doing well, but unfortunately the pandemic is likely to get far worse before it gets better. So who really knows?


    A small sale completed today (26 March) on the Uni Market with instant transfer increased my 2020 YTD to:

    January – 5 sales.
    February – 5 sales.
    March – 6 sales.

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