Brandable domain name sales week 12:,,

For now, it seems that there’s still plenty of cash being pumped into domain name acquisitions by both investors and end-users. The two top-grossing sales are both typo domains (for social media juggernaut Instagram and department store retail chain Kohl’s) that will most likely be used for monetization through PPC or affiliate marketing. Risky business.

Here’s this weeks list:

Domain NamePriceWhere$81,559NameJet$61,000GoDaddy$23,101DropCatch$20,000Sedo$20,000DomainMarket$19,040Sedo$17,995Sedo$16,000DomainMarket$12,500Sedo$11,000Sedo$10,055DropCatch$7,800Sedo$7,100GoDaddy$6,750SnapNames$5,851NameJet$5,701GoDaddy$5,500Sedo$5,500Sedo$5,400Sedo$5,099NameJet

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and many major marketplaces do not report their sales. Some domain name sales might not have been paid for yet.

Meanwhile, here are some domains at auction that we like:

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