Brandable domain name sales week 20.

It was a bit of a slow week for brandable domain name sales compared to last week but there are quite a few names on this list that I really like. which went for $6,278 at Sedo is a very cool brand and already developed into what seems to be a Turkish social site with a Pinterest inspired UX. Another two word brandable that I like from this list is which also sold at Sedo for $4,000. I like animal inspired brand names and have successfully sold a few of them in a similar price range such as, and My favourite name on the list this week is which fetched $3,175 on auction site NameJet. Although it might seem on the high side for a NameJet buy I still believe there’s plenty of room for a solid ROI as I would personally price this name in the low five figure range when offering it for sale. took $2,500 on Flippa when someone hit the BIN button and I think it’s a terrific deal for the buyer. I own a few two word brandables ending with King but none as good as this one.

Here’s this weeks list: 

Domain Name Reported Sales Price Where?
1. $11,200 Sedo
2. $7,000 Sedo
3. $7,000 Sedo
4. $6,278 Sedo
5. $5,500 Sedo
6. $5,000 Sedo
7. $5,000 Sedo
8. $4,050 DropCatch
9. $4,000 Sedo
10. $3,529 Sedo
11. $3,500 Sedo
12. $3,175 NameJet
13. $3,140 Sedo
14. $2,900 Flippa
15. $2,805 NameJet
16. $2,650 GoDaddy
17. $2,500 Sedo
18. $2,500 Flippa
19. $2,500 Sedo
20. $2,342 NameJet

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and the major market places specializing in brandable domains do not report their sales. 

If you know of any recent, verifiable brandable domain name sales please do let me know so I can include it in next week’s report.

6 thoughts on “Brandable domain name sales week 20.”

  1. Chatly is a great name but as a flip I think they overpaid. To pay over 3 grand for something that may get 10 grand if your lucky isn’t a good investment in my opinion. It does amaze me though how many LY names are selling lately.

  2. In the UK the term ‘flutter’ can be used for a speculative investment. Its more likely that whoever purchased it is looking at another meaning – i.e. motion

  3. I picked up a “king” domain recently with camperking.

    I think chatly was still a great deal – i agree.

  4. I bought several domains ending in “ly” because they sell, However, I never liked how they sound. Chatly doesn’t sound good to me, but I guess I’m in the minority.

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