Brandable Domain Name Sales Week 22 – 2021 (June 1st through June 7th)

This week’s list contains some outliers, as it will once every month, due to the .ai expired auction concluding. If you’ve read last week’s recently funded companies post or the top unicorns and their domains post, you’ll see that .ai has a ton of momentum, and that a lot of successful companies are building businesses on this extension.

As previously stated, I’m of the opinion that, for instance “Faculty dot AI” is a brand the same way “Uber” is a brand. Obviously the .com is superior (and I will die on this hill) because it needs no modifiers, but I strongly believe that “word + extension” is a solid brand (no one says “Park has some great ccTLD domains,” they always say “”

That’s it. That’s the brand.

Quick rules recap for how I determine this list:

  • No numeric domains
  • No obvious keywords or category-defining domains ( is a KW, is a brand).
  • TLDs/ccTLDs:
    • .com, OR
    • .co, .io, .org if they are strong one-word keywords.
  • No 2L & 3L domains (as they are a breed on their own)
  • No obvious one-word dictionary domains (in any language). This means, for example, the sale of would not be included as it’s the Spanish word for Hour. (The caveat here is I don’t speak most of the world’s languages, only English, so I might miss stuff. This one is a bit ‘fast and loose’).
    • Unless a word has an alternative spelling such as “”
  • No 4-letter acronyms unless they are pronounceable and used as a brand name instead of an acronym
  • Two keyword domains can qualify. Example: would not have made this list (because it’s a keyword and not a brand).
  • Variation on words are allowed, example:

Here’s the list:


Some Thoughts: – I’m typically not a fan of double-letter-misspellings, personally. I know they have their place, but they just seem so troublesome to CONSTANTLY be explaining until you really hit some unicorn-level of success (and at that point, just buy the correct spelling). However, this is just a very… pleasing misspelling. Double A in the middle, doesn’t change the pronunciation really at all. And “raw” is a great word–especially for something in the food space. Just has a nice, healthy connotation. Bit expensive for a domainer to pick it up at $9k, decent price if end user. – Stupidly obvious, amazing SLD for .ai. Top 10 word to pair with this extension. These prices for top-tier .ai blow me away, but then I look at recently-funded-companies and the writing is extremely on the wall. AI as an extension is popular and gaining in popularity. I think we’ll look back in 5 years at “” going for $8k+ and just shake our stupid heads at how good a purchase this was. – same, basically. Slightly not as perfect (maybe… top 20 .ai SLD?) but still extremely solid. – at the risk of making my future buying-at-auction efforts, more expensive, I love a solid .org. They make AMAZING brands, and as someone that does a lot of site build-outs, I’ll throw time, money, and energy building out a strong .org all day e’ry day. Have, will continue to. Meteor is a great word. Regret not owning this, but my current acquisition strategy is only buying things I have intentions to build out within six months. This name going for $6k+… I guess other people are starting to catch on that domains make amazing brands.

That’s it for this week!

What was your favorite name on the list?

Want to hear about the best brandable domains of the week when you still have a chance to bid on them?

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