Brandable Domain Name Sales Week 31 – 2021 (August 2nd through August 8th)

The brandable domain names that sold last week, how much they sold for, and where they sold, week thirty one.

Quick rules recap for how I determine this list:

  • No numeric domains
  • No obvious keywords or category-defining domains ( is a KW, is a brand).
  • TLDs/ccTLDs:
    • .com, OR
    • .co, .io, .org if they are strong one-word keywords.
  • No 2L & 3L domains (as they are a breed on their own)
  • No obvious one-word dictionary domains (in any language). This means, for example, the sale of would not be included as it’s the Spanish word for Hour. (The caveat here is I don’t speak most of the world’s languages, only English, so I might miss stuff. This one is a bit ‘fast and loose’).
    • Unless a word has an alternative spelling such as “”
  • No 4-letter acronyms unless they are pronounceable and used as a brand name instead of an acronym
  • Two keyword domains can qualify. Example: would not have made this list (because it’s a keyword and not a brand).
  • Variation on words are allowed, example:

Here’s the list:


(data collected from — an amazing domain industry resource)

I was on the fence about whether or not to include in the list of brandables.

On the one hand, it’s an exact match term, and I wouldn’t have included a name like On the other, probably no one is buying Fast Food on the internet, so I’m assuming it’ll be the brand of something vs. a site where you can by greasy burgers and milkshakes…

What do you think? Should I have removed it, or am I right to have kept it?

My favorite name on the list, though, is

Want to hear about the best brandable domains of the week when you still have a chance to bid on them?

I’ll never sell your info and will only send one email per week. 🙂

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