Brandable Domain Name Sales Week 39 – 2021 (September 27th through October 3rd)

The brandable domain names that sold last week, how much they sold for, and where they sold, week thirty-nine.

Quick rules recap for how we determine this list:

  • No numeric domains
  • No obvious keywords or category-defining domains ( is a KW, is a brand).
  • TLDs/ccTLDs:
    • .com, OR
    • .co, .io, .org if they are strong one-word keywords.
  • No 2L & 3L domains (as they are a breed on their own)
  • No obvious one-word dictionary domains (in any language). This means, for example, the sale of would not be included as it’s the Spanish word for Hour. (The caveat here is I don’t speak most of the world’s languages, only English, so I might miss stuff. This one is a bit ‘fast and loose’).
    • Unless a word has an alternative spelling such as “”
  • No 4-letter acronyms unless they are pronounceable and used as a brand name instead of an acronym
  • Two keyword domains can qualify. Example: would not have made this list (because it’s a keyword and not a brand).
  • Variation on words are allowed, example:

A short list this week. Lots of sales but most of the names didn’t meet our brandable criteria.

I like As soon as I saw it I thought … coffee brand. Surprisingly enough it used to belong to an Australian livestock feed company in the early 2000’s.

Does it work better as a human or an animal feed brand – what do you think?

DomainPriceVenue$5,374 Sedo$4,975 NameJet$4,488 BuyDomains$4,388 BuyDomains$4,288 BuyDomains$3,888 BuyDomains$3,688 BuyDomains$3,500

(data collected from — an amazing domain industry resource)

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