Brandable domain name sales week 42:,,

Boom. More than half of the sales on this week’s list are in the five-figure range. The top sale goes to NameJet where the expired domain went for a cool $18,000. Organic period products (aka tampons) creator ohne which is currently selling from acquired the matching domain name for $15,000 via Uniregistry which for now, forwards to the .co domain. The femtech company previously raised an undisclosed amount of funding.

Here’s this weeks list:

Domain NamePriceWhere$18,056NameJet$18,000Uniregistry$17,500Sedo$17,000Uniregistry$15,000Uniregistry$13,875Sedo$12,000Uniregistry$12,000Sedo$10,989Sedo$10,320Sedo$10,000Uniregistry$10,000Uniregistry$9,999Sedo$8,888Sedo$8,200Uniregistry$8,000Sedo$8,000Uniregistry$7,500Sedo$7,600Uniregistry$7,500Sedo

Please do keep in mind that these are the highest sales that have been reported at NameBio et al. This list is meant to help give you insights and is nowhere near complete as many sales are kept private and many major marketplaces do not report their sales. Some domain name sales might not have been paid for yet.

Meanwhile, here are some domains at auction that we like:

At NameJet:

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